Dear Evan Hansen is the Worst Movie Musical I’ve Ever Seen

Dear Evan Hansen is the Worst Movie Musical I’ve Ever Seen

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Schaff will sing no requiem tonight.

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39 Responses

  1. Thomas Piccoli says:

    This is the most I’ve seen him mad at a movie since Mulan

    • A Nameless YouTuber says:

      @You look pretty submissive and breedable right now I have a similar story. Ever since I saw a “special” upload of it on YouTube, I absolutely adored it. And I still consider it my favorite of the four stage musicals I’ve seen. So when I heard that they were making a movie, it immediately became my most anticipated movie of the year. I didn’t even mind the fact that Ben Platt was reprising his role. Hell, I legit still don’t get it when I hear people say that he looks older than Ben Platt’s real age in the movie, but that might be a subjective thing. To me, he just looked like your typical case of a twenty-something playing a high schooler. Things were going good. And when I found out that my town’s theater wasn’t showing it, I was bummed. But during this month, everything started to fall apart. And no, it’s not because a lot of people were saying that it was bad. I’m not six you know. Besides, there’s plenty of movies I enjoy that a lot of people don’t. With this year for example, a lot of people were saying that the new SpongeBob movie was so so, but I loved it. A lot of people were also saying that the new Space Jam was bad, but I loved it unironically. The real thing that started to worry me was learning about some information about the movie. The best way to describe it was like that scene from SpongeBob.
      Dear Evan Hansen movie news: We removed plot important songs,
      Me: Agh!
      Dear Evan Hansen movie news: Removed other important plot elements,
      Me: Aagh!
      Dear Evan Hansen movie news: And check out these unintentionally funny out of context scenes.
      Me: AAAAAAAAH!
      Yeah. I don’t think these movie is worth a forty minute drive to somewhere else anymore. My Dear Evan Hansen phase got replaced with a Bo Burnham: Inside phase anyways. I’ll still watch it at some point……eventually. I still hope it’s good, but I don’t have sky high expectations anymore. And now I consider Sing 2 my most anticipated movie of the year. I’m probably the only 18+ person who thinks that, but I don’t care. The original film helped get me into music at all. In all honesty, should we really be surprised that a music related movie made by Universal isn’t well-liked? You do know what the U in UMG stands for?

    • Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey says:

      And rightfully so.

    • Failure 44 says:

      Wait were you guys talking about the live action Mulan? Ohhhhh right yeah that’s terrible

    • Luigi Nastro says:

      Rightly so.

  2. Ron the Ron says:

    If there ever was a movie where age appropriate casting mattered it’s the movie in which the only protagonist’s redeeming quality is that he’s young and doesn’t fully understand how immensely fucked up his actions are, that was the only thing keeping Evan from coming off as a complete sociopath

    • Lisa Simpson says:

      Eighth grade pulled this off fr the actress was actually her characters age

    • Thedorkyartist says:

      @Victoria Pulcifer I know! I have anxiety, potential depression, and suffered suicidal thought like Evan. I also had a dad who left me alone for a majority of the day until covid hit. Though, I can’t relate to the whole making friends thing because I’m autistic and have a hard time relating to others. But I did focus on grades. But I don’t think race and gender don’t have to do with anything. Also, think of this, Evan was happy to finally get some attention and felt like he was breaking out of his shell. I understand why he did it and I feel sorry for him, but he definitely shouldn’t have done that, it was wrong. He should’ve found those things in less destructive ways. Like, making online friends, or um, I don’t know. I wouldn’t say talk to people, because that would be hard for Evan. But maybe that was something he could have focused on with his therapist. And hey, at least he tried to solve it and comes clean when he realized he needed to stop. I don’t think he’s a sociopath, just someone who didn’t slam on the breaks when he had the chance. Also, he didn’t start with the intent of taking advantage of the grieving family, he wanted to give them closure, but went too far. Sorry for my stupid rambling, I just like looking at things with many perspectives, you know?

    • Play Thora says:

      Damn.. Point delivered with accuracy. I was looking at the trailer movie and wondering how the fuck is he going to redeem himself.

    • Samaria Sylvester says:

      I guess no ones seen Pretty Little Liars, where Troyan Bellesario filmed the pilot at age 24?

      I’d like to see you make a movie 🎥 instead of sitting on your behind critiquing other people’s art. What have you created this week, instead of a crappy YouTube comment.

  3. hurricanejay17 says:

    Wasn’t the original broadway soundtrack enough to “immortalize” Platt’s performance? Let’s be real, Platt’s musical performance slaps, Words Fail is such a difficult song to sing and Waving Through a Window is iconic. It deserves the praise it got. This movie just made his great musical performance seem worse.

    • Macaroni and Cliches says:

      @RD Stevens also partly that proshots are less expensive but still rarely utilized

    • Bratzie says:

      If anything, this film tarnished his career

    • hurricanejay17 says:

      @RD Stevens I’m all for movie musicals being made bc Broadway is much harder for the average person to access. They’re just hard to do right for so many reasons.

    • RD Stevens says:

      ​@hurricanejay17 Oh yeah I know there are good reasons for doing movie musicals. I love movie musicals.
      But DEH is globally recognized, won six Tonys, and again, the DEH soundtrack is of Ben Platt’s performance. That in itself is immortalizing, so why make the movie?
      ‘Easy Money’, Ego, and the concern that the story won’t stand the test of time because of my above point.

      They should have done a proshot, but then they have less of an excuse to shove in some star power. and so we end up with this.

  4. Snaketailthecat says:

    God DEH is one of my favorite musicals of all time, and the fact that this movie absolutely massacres everything I loved about it angers me. Cutting Good For You and Does Anybody Have A Map? is basically a crime because it cuts out vital character moments and Evan getting rightfully called out for his actions.
    Though I love the book a lot more than the musical or the movie. I always felt like we never got to learn exactly why Connor was the way he was, and the book fixes that in my opinion. Hell in the book there’s a scene where after Evan admits what he’s done he just lies in the middle of the road waiting for a car to come, and from Connor’s perspective we see him try to tell Evan to not just lay down and die. The book just tells us so much more about Connor than the musical or the movie ever did which I felt was an issue in the both. Hell we even learn Connor had a boyfriend named Miguel that he was trying to talk to before he took his own life, and I am throughly pissed that Miguel wasn’t a character in the musical or the movie, but those are just my personal grips.

    • Skyler Daniels says:

      I disagree somewhat: the ultimate tragedy in the musical is that we’ll never actually know Connor. He was quiet and secluded and didn’t really leave much behind, and even though Evan royally fucked up in inventing a new Connor, we’ll never actually know how close his version was to real life. Connor is gone forever and his loved ones are left just to speculate on this person that none of them fully knew. It breaks my heart

    • Darkie Poo says:

      a personal “grip” is way different than a “gripe”

  5. Veronica Langley says:

    The “unrelated” picture of Ben Platt over where you mention Evan’s ego needing to be knocked down a peg sent me

  6. Jin says:

    The play: Evans actions are actually fucked up and he needs to be reminded of this so overall you feel sympathetic for his character despite what’s going on, learning he will understand his mistake and try to fix it later

    The movie: Um, Evan is literally neurodivergent and a minor??

  7. evandobrando says:

    This is probably the angriest I’ve ever seen Schaff get over a movie, and he’s 100% correct. He showed more emotion than platt did, to be honest.

    • Erimikyu says:

      Yeah even during his more angry reviews like Mulan 2020. He was never THAT angry with them.

    • Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey says:

      No same. Like I was mad at the casting but Schaff was on a whole different universe.

    • Samaria Sylvester says:

      I think his Tony Awards will suggest otherwise. His performance in this movie is the closest thing to musical talent you’ll ever come close to.

      You Talentless punk.

  8. Sophia says:

    The key difference between having a 20-something year old play a teenager on the stage vs the screen is that, on stage, you’re MUCH farther away and simply can’t tell as obviously how old an actor is. PLUS, most shows are gonna want to have an actor with a consistent voice to perform for months, not a teen going thru voice changes, so it makes SENSE. But on screen??? You could’ve literally casted an actual 16-year old, or at least an 18/19 year old.

    • Via The Internet says:

      @Dog God I think that casting Red as an adult wouldn’t work, since it would make her behavior appear more selfish and immature rather than the natural behavior of a young girl

    • Ash Z says:

      It’s not just the age but how young the performer actually appears. Kaitlyn Denver (Zoe Murphy) is in her early twenties but she looks like a believable teenager while Ben Platt absolutely does not

    • Samaria Sylvester says:

      Ben BLESSED us with reprising his role. It’s basically his show. No one else deserved to fill his shoes.

    • spooky ho says:

      Literally, Andrew Barth Feldman would’ve been amazing as Evan because HE LITERALLY PLAYED HIM 😭 And he’s actually about Evans age

    • Via The Internet says:

      @Samaria Sylvester he’s simply too old for it 😭 sorry not sorry. I thought his original performance was great, but wasnt suited for the movie. They shouldve hired someone younger, or at least someone who could make a believable teenager

  9. Anna Bunovsky says:

    I’ve always had mixed feelings toward DEH as a musical- Like it definitely had some bangers on the soundtrack that I enjoyed listening to, and I could see the appeal because there aren’t many musicals that center so much of their theming on mental health (the only others I can think of off the top of my head are Fun Home and Next To Normal, both of which I think are superior works), and one focused entirely the mental health of teenagers felt particularly novel back in the show’s heyday; But Evan’s actions just sort of crossed a line for me, and I always felt like its depiction of social media was overly sanitized & trying way too hard to be #inspirational. I definitely always thought the highlight of the show was the anguish the Murphy’s were going through and Heidi’s struggles as a single, working mother that felt very real. At this point, I feel like DEH is this generation’s Rent: It made a big splash, got a lot of acclaim for its attempts to tackle heavy subject matters at first, then as time went on the backlash grew for flawed depictions of said issues and the gradual realization of “oh shit- these main characters are actually kind of awful”, and now a bewilderingly bad movie adaptation has smothered what elements did work about it as a stage show while also insisting on bringing back original cast members who are now way too old for the roles they originated, and said movie is leaving a permanent stain on the musical’s reputation, partly because its just a bad adaptation, and partly because its further exposing problems that were already there.

  10. Makayla Erickson says:

    I think what’s especially horrendous about this movie is that the musical was originally all about how a TEENAGER copes with his mental illness and social anxiety. It’s supposed to be a critique/analysis on mental health in adolescents and how sometimes teenagers make stupid choices because it’s a constant battle between them and their brain. By making Evan look and feel significantly older, that whole message is lost. It’s not some teenager with crippling social anxiety making these decisions, it’s an adult who is in full control of his decisions- which is what makes the movie so, so, so much worse.

    • Samaria Sylvester says:

      The cast of River dale, Pretty Little Liars, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Majority of the shows about teens we watch have adults in their late twenties playing.

      KJ Appa isn’t a convincing 17 year-old because his biceps are huge. Ben Platt isn’t convincing be cause his face looks older? K, fine. But you can’t convince me you were taken out of the movie because the actor’s appearance wasn’t “realistic”. Nothing about Hollywood is realistic and that’s why we love it.

      Your argument is stupid.

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