Dear Kobe

Dear Kobe

Thanks for the memories Mamba.

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20 Responses

  1. Matthew Gonzalez says:

    It’s depressing seeing how good Kobe was 6 years ago

  2. Hz says:

    kobe the GOAT . Philly fans actually nice; that’s a first

  3. SportsAsToldByAGirl says:

    Respect to #philly

  4. daryll belarmino says:

    KB24 not 20

  5. Miha Škrinjar says:

    and the kid saying this is 16 years old probably. fail

  6. NinVibeSound says:

    Thank you, Philly!

  7. Gaurav Mishra says:

    Who the fuck dislikes this video..

  8. ken swift says:

    What Champions are made of…
    20 Years in the league.
    17-Time All-Star
    5 Championships, (3 in a row)
    3rd leading scorer of all-time
    an 81- point game

  9. DynamicAllstarDuo says:

    1-18!! We on the come up !

  10. Sean Leon says:

    Class act from Philadelphia!
    Respect to that!

  11. Ricardo Vinicius says:

    Just WOW…

  12. scorpas says:

    Damn, I’m getting goosebumps watching those videos, and just later on
    realizing that they come not from feeling cold.

  13. Soheil Faghihi says:

    whats the name of this song?

  14. CrushOfSiel says:

    I hated him for MANY years, only because he completely destroyed my team
    for all those years. It’s very sad to see him go though.

  15. Avs minhas says:

    Philly fans are not booeing him because he is a legend and he has done more
    than just basketball, he did not play it for a team he played it for the
    sport and that’s why he was so successful

  16. Jay Khan says:

    well over rated player compared to Jordan.

  17. Peter "THE GOD" Pineapple says:

    The only thing Philly has to grasp on to- all those who left it behind with
    a smile…

  18. Stevo Canuck says:

    Even if you’re not a fan of basketball this can affect you in someways…
    like it puts things and life into perspective:

    1. Time is literally FLYING &
    2. We’re getting older (I use to see him dominate the game when i was still
    in grade 8) …. Now i’m almost 20 ..

  19. Obi- Juan Kentucky says:

    FUCK HIM!!!! didn’t do Shit for the NBA but talk Shit and act like he would
    be the next Jordan. Rapist bitch!!!

  20. John Meep says:

    filthy street ni@#er!