DEAR NEW YORK JETS.. (and every other NFL team)

DEAR NEW YORK JETS.. (and every other NFL team)

After seeing how the New York Jets kicker and other kickers around the NFL struggled, I decided to make a case for myself..




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66 Responses

  1. Deestroying says:

    If you watch the whole video, you can hear my whole album playing in the background ?

  2. JDoggTheKingYT says:

    Everyone start sending the vides to a lot of Nfl Pros and teams maybe we can get them to look at Deestrotying

  3. Manuel De La Torre says:

    You made 83% of the kicks not bad but one is too many in the league but I got faith you’ll make it one day my g just keep grinding!!

  4. Twizted Hope says:

    Who else would watch every football game in history if dee made a nfl team

  5. RedRoverPanda says:

    How we get this on trending ? My mans need a team ASAP

  6. Zecho says:

    If u think deestorying will get signed like this comment

  7. Ghostly Gamer says:

    Hey Deestroying, I cant wait to see you playing for the NFL. Your journey has only began and I you have inspired people like me to keep working and never give up our dreams.

  8. z Money says:

    2:22 the cloud to the left is a field goal?

  9. SpiralTea says:

    deestroying, you gon fufill yo dream bro, keep working hard

  10. Nando Mendoza says:

    nfl this guy works his butt off everyday stop sleeping on him put some respect on his name

    1 like = his chances of getting in the NFL

  11. Cooper Opsal says:

    Colts need you we got 90 year old kicker????
    Are kicker missed like 3 field goals that cost us the game!!!

  12. Abdul Habra says:

    I just hope an Nfl team sees his talent. He just needs a chance

  13. Dankcyy says:

    I’m sharing this on Twitter to EVERY NFL team

  14. Mr James Greer says:

    Yeo when he kick don’t it sound like a gun in a parkin garage???

  15. Dev Saha says:

    Bro Dee with full pads banging out like that you almost certain to get noticed??

    • J Z says:

      @JP you can’t be serious. These are kickoffs and not FG attempts. Every one of these kicks would hit his center or get knocked down at the line if these were in game attempts. I was a kicker too. That is why I find the comments laughable. IF this guy was ANYWHERE near a NFL level kicker he would get a tryout. NFL teams want to WIN!

    • JP says:

      J Z No those kicks had plenty of height on them. Also, it’s only natural to drive them a bit more from these long distances. They are clearly field goal attempts nothing more, nothing less. I think he has a shot, but he definitely needs an opportunity first.

    • DonkeyFartKing YT says:

      @J Z who r u ? How would you know are u a kicker no stop u don’t know shit and stop acting like you do

    • J Z says:

      @JP agree to disagree. NFL teams are in it to win it. IF he was good enough he would get a tryout and a team would be more than happy to pay him a million Plus if good enough. But if Matthew Wright, the UCF kicker the last 4 years (you know the guy who was the starter and Freshmen roomate of De La Haye) couldn’t make the Steelers final roster this year, then De La Haye is DEFINITELY not getting a look. That guy was a BEAST the last 2 years , a big factor of UCF only losing 1 game over the last 2 years.

    • Real boxing Fan1 says:

      It amazes me the stupidity of ppl. Clearly this guy isn’t good enough to even make it in the CFL and you got kids riding this dudes nuts lmao there was a female soccer player making 70yard veils goal should she get a nfl contact to ?

  16. Kevin Langue says:

    Whatever team picks up Deestroying, I’m rooting for.

  17. Bless Gillette says:

    You’re girl is keeper high key wifey (don’t cheat my guy) ?

  18. GARRETT KINES says:

    Love the vids u should set up a go pro by the goal post so we can see them going in from a better angle

  19. Hunter Lawrence says:

    Dude that 70 yard kick your goated bro keep up the grind stay ten toes down you got the #nfl #givethismanachance #goated

  20. Dylan Michael says:

    We should make a hashtag go viral on Twitter and tag the jets so they will see.

    Make this blue so he can see.

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