Dear White People | Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix

Dear White People | Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix

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Dear White People | Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix

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20 Responses

  1. Marcos Amparo says:

    People are complaining about this saying that “Netflix will lose its
    customers” who cares? they can cancel all they want. They’re going to be
    back once they drop Stranger Things 2 ???

  2. Dave N says:

    Where could hundreds of highly rated comments criticising this video have
    gone? It’s a (((mystery))).

  3. daniel henderson says:

    Yes Netflix!!! Let’s end the White Patriarchy and install the Black

  4. Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman says:

    Guess this goes to show youtube hates whites too, why the fuck is this 3rd
    on trending?

  5. GenreOnline says:

    This is based on a movie up until a few minutes ago I never heard of. I am
    not offended, but I am concerned because being Caucasian and half Hispanic
    and half Eastern European, I have seen ignorance on both sides of the
    spectrum. However the last two white people I have seen where black face
    were Ted Danson with Whoopi Goldberg in the 1990s and Howard Stern with
    Sherman Hemsley (spelling?) making fun of them on Howard Stern’s New Years
    Rotten Eve pay per view special from 1993. You can look these up on
    YouTube. A lot of urban culture has crossed over from black people to white
    people and white people to black, but having grown up in a melting pot like
    NYC where people of many cultures coexist for the most part peacefully, I
    think a TV series based on what appears to have been an obscure movie,
    (maybe I am wrong), is irresponsible and feels like blatant race baiting
    and no white people I know personally have ever worn blackface make up
    anywhere. This also goes against the recent Netflix series like Luke Cage
    that depicted an African American man with super powers who fights for the
    rights of the community he lives in against criminals of any persuasion and
    explored some themes of social injustice that exists in the United States.
    Social injustice effects everyone and no one is innocent. However something
    like this that looks like a variant on the Harper Valley PTA TV movie
    inspired by the song of the 1970s, seems one sided and promotes stereotypes
    without any redeemable quality rather than ask Americans to think for
    themselves. Instead of just portraying a situation that is insulting to all
    races because it characterizes people with no social redeeming qualities on
    either side and pits people against each other with acts of vandalism that
    feels exploitive at best and hateful at worst, why not depict a series
    where race is not an issue and diversity is a strength. Netflix, you will
    be responsible in part for whatever backlash this may inspire. I hope none
    of it will lead to poorer race relations or predictive programming. There
    is too much negativity and hate out there now and this only divides us all
    as a country of many cultures who are stronger together, but are weaker
    when divided by bread and circuses perpetrated by programming like this.

  6. Paul . Alexeyenko says:

    Dear black people, living off of welfare isn’t living

  7. milhouse14 says:

    Dear black people, stop committing 50 percent of all crimes. Thank you.

  8. Lord Draconia says:

    Dear black people. You have to go back.

  9. john D says:

    just cancelled my Netflix subscription!!!! feels good!

  10. JackofAllSpadess says:

    Seriously Netflix?! You racist twats!

  11. Nate Rally says:

    dear netflix your just signed up for bankruptcy

  12. GigaAkais says:

    I don’t know why white people get mad over the dumbest shit. One little
    thing and “OH I FEEL SO OPPRESSED!!” It’s just a stupid fucking Netflix
    show. Doesn’t give you the reason to throw shade at black people. It’s
    important not to give stuff like this any attention

  13. Ethan Morgan says:

    Dear Netflix, here’s a list of acceptable shows you should make: Stranger
    Things 2, Iron Fist, The Defenders and more Bob Ross. Top of the list of
    unacceptable shows: THIS.

  14. Musty Chicken says:

    Imagine if there was a dear black people.

  15. zhifago says:

    Dear blacks, stop committing over half of the murder and robbery in the USA
    despite being only 13% of its total population.

  16. Sara Ceasrine says:

    This is literally why Trump won.

  17. Allen Law says:

    Dear Netflix F********CK You

  18. starkiller871 says:

    Did you just assume my race? I’ll have you know I’m 1/325th Cherokee check
    your non native privilege

  19. totty says:

    the comments show you how fucking weak white people are

  20. Zynloe The Great says:

    Dear Black People, when you commit 50% of the crime when youre 13% of the
    population there’s a reason people stereotype you as thugs.

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