Dear YouTube… who wants $100,000?

Dear YouTube… who wants $100,000?

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Athletes/Celebrities/Creators DM me on Instagram @LoganPaul if you want to run. July 27th we race 😉

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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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57 Responses

  1. JamesrogersYT _ says:

    What about Billy wingrove from f2 he’s really fast

  2. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    In the beginning of 2017 Logan promised that he will participate in the 2020 tokyo olympics. Well since that wont work out now, this is okay too i guess

  3. cody willmott says:

    not gonna lie your quick and all but TBJZL would lay you out

  4. Salar says:

    2017: Diss Tracks
    2018: Boxing
    2019: Racing

  5. You expect a name? says:

    Your lucky that six nine is in jail I mean six nine + ak 47 is = flash

  6. Siddarth Shreedhar says:

    Damn boy…your confidence level is off the charts!!!

    • Zachary Zachary says:

      Win with high confidence
      Lose with high confidence

      Either ways im satisfied with the outcomes for both

    • Running Random says:

      Yeah, pretty high confidence. But Mo Farah is a YouTuber so… no. He is for sure not the fastest youtuber

  7. Marianno Ibietta says:

    Destroyer is gonna win his a pro football player

  8. Harper 23 says:

    Why was this video actually fire ?? ?

  9. MUSA says:

    Usain Bolt has a YT channel
    Logan Paul: “hE aINt a YuOtuBer”

  10. Anna I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO says:

    m looking forward for tobi to win the race. He’s actually really fast

  11. Infinite Power says:

    *You know Usain Bolt has a YouTube channel?*

  12. Raghvendra Baghel says:

    Usain Bolt should start a youtube channel and challenge Logan

    That’d be funny

  13. Killer Ali says:

    Logan: I’m the fastest youtuber
    KSI: Hold my Gfuel

  14. alfred pn says:

    Usain bolt is going to creat a YouTube channel!!!
    Good luck logan

  15. Brandon's Glover says:

    I like the confidence but deestroying is hella fast

  16. The Vanquisher Gaming says:

    Logan Paul: I bet Im the fastest YouTuber.

    Usain Bolt: Gotta make a YouTube Channel fast……

  17. Clashon77 says:

    Logan:I’m the fastest YouTuber out here

    Tanner Fox:Let me bring my scooter

    Lol it’s just a joke

  18. 1,000 Subscribers Without any videos! says:

    2017: Diss Tracks
    2018: Boxing
    2019: Racing

  19. Mohammed Suleyvani says:

    Yo Logan much respect to u but Tobi from the sidemen or billy from the f2 the are fast like if you agree

  20. DEVANSH DESAI says:

    Next time my teacher asks me HOW’S yr confidence

    I’m gonna tell her
    Just like logan ??❣??????

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