Dear YouTube, You Need To Watch This.

Dear YouTube, You Need To Watch This.

I came back for Videos like this. Honest. Raw. Real. I really hope you take the time out to listen to the whole video. Don’t skim. Don’t skip. If you’re willing to watch. Take time out and listen. I think you’ll relate more than you know. 🙂

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20 Responses

  1. DOSEofFOUSEY says:

    I genuinely feel like this is the best and most important video I have ever uploaded to YouTube. Thank you to those who listened.

  2. Lynelle Chavez says:

    Being bullied… ignore them… don’t think of bad things to do to myself, stay strong, be a better person of me.. BE ME! I’m who I am and no one can change me thank fousey I love you! Thanks for always inspiring me and keeping my head high

  3. Triple Threat says:

    I want to kill my self a little less now.

  4. Jeff Richardson says:

    Fucking pussy

  5. samy dry says:

    THIS CHANNEL IS JUST ABOUT YOU FAM SHUT UP I ain’t your therapist! !!!

  6. Rob Rosa says:

    Fousey needs Jihad in his life…

  7. Mama Rug says:

    I watched every second of this video and I agree with every word that you said ??
    I truly think you are a great person in and out :))
    and what happened to you in life it’s a lesson for a lot of
    people to be learned from and this video is going to help a lot of people deal with their problem differently in better way for sure so thank you and we really appreciate you coming back ????

  8. Justin Hurd says:

    I just put this video as the website to my Instagram so people can see this, this is so important man…

  9. Salvador Espinosa says:

    I just want to find out who fucked his bitch ???

  10. BAD BLOOD says:

    This man will find Jesus……

  11. Queen A says:

    He’s talking about his ex girlfriend

  12. cristian andres says:

    You forgot to say don’t sweat the small stuff

  13. Lola Happy says:

    2% of you will read this and you’re amazing now to the important part. I know what Fousey is going through now the 4K people who disliked this video are DUMB IDIOTS you have no sympathy you can’t see what this is it’s full on PAIN! If anyone takes the time to read this your the best and if somehow Fousey sees this ily and I know what your going through.

  14. zill MOH says:

    I have been through alote too man. People may think it’s a joke but homework actually kills, jokes aside

  15. Tommy Riffe says:

    I think the couch is better then the floor

  16. Alec Sherwood says:

    This dude could make a huge living off of motivational speaking, but he gets depressed to often and sometimes I feel like he doesn’t believe what he says

  17. Mike Barrios says:

    This is honestly the wake up call that I needed ??

  18. HayesByeGrey says:

    Who is he talking about? His ex (the one through the tour) or Simmi?

  19. Jason Escoton 360 says:

    Love your speech about loving yourself

  20. Guadalupe Marchisio says:

    WAOOO this message really touched me ?

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