Death Investigations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Death Investigations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

America’s system for conducting death investigations is a mess. John Oliver explains why we should all be a little more concerned about fixing it.

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98 Responses

  1. hippiechickite says:

    So basically CSI and NCIS studio sets are better than the real thing ?

    • BruceandJimini says:

      I used to be an autopsy technician for a pretty well equipped medical examiner’s office. Yes. NCIS and CSI have beautiful facilities ?

    • Chastity Marks says:

      I guess that there are many medical examiners weeping in envy when they see those “fake” facilities.

    • Stephanie Logan says:

      I’m willing to bet the catering truck is better equipped.

    • Stephanie Logan says:

      +Baard Ove Kopperud ewww…chop shops!
      Honey baked long pig, not chops.
      Gonna invite a friend for dinner..his name is Hannibal.
      We have fun plans for next years census! He’s bringing fava beans, and I’ve got a fantastic chianti!

    • Luvenia Vaughan says:

      +Stephanie Logan, even an ice cream truck would be better.

  2. AFishBicycle says:

    Loch Ness monster would do it for tree fiddy.

  3. Tori Bayliss says:

    What about raising the restrictions to become a coroner like requiring a medical degree?

    • Peter Taylor says:

      I’m puzzled as to why a coroner would need a medical degree. Maybe it means something different in the US? In the UK coroners are essentially specialised judges, so a law degree would make more sense.

    • Information says:

      +Lucian Jenny How about a homeless man with not training becoming your doctor?

    • Smiling Dog says:

      +Lucian Jenny That reminded me of post-fight Randy Marsh

    • iPhoneeditor says:

      Not enough people with medical degrees and there is no incentive for people with medical degrees to pursue this career field when they can make big $ as a physician or work in better conditions in a research field that fascinates them. Perhaps a bachelors degree and proof that you underwent human anatomy and physiology courses at the bare minimum would be a start.

    • Cordula The Platypus says:

      that’s how it works in Germany yeah

  4. Amber Recinos says:

    John: “Look to the right, look to the left…both of those people are coroners”
    Me : looks right, looks left. No one’s there
    Me: I bet these ghosts would do a good job

    • moonlily1 says:

      +Jeff Sian You can’t dismiss the possibility that she will employ eyeballs and testicles as toys, batting them around and such.

    • Stephanie Logan says:

      LOL, I bet your real name is Smart Ass.
      Smart J. Ass…go ahead, guess the middle name ?

    • Stephanie Logan says:

      +moonlily1 oh, don’t know about that…every cat has committed a feline felony of some sort…giving a small bird a pass because she was too lazy at that moment…giving you an inexplicable hard stare…hissing and/or swatting at you for going over fur-stroking limit of *two* times (how dare you go for a third! GASP!).
      Our cat Odin is a serial birderer. Many small flying things have perished by his paws…but he just wants to play with them.
      Except there was one time, he had a small rat and a mid-sized bird that he was playing with under a desk. I got curious when he kept going back under there for a few minutes at a time, several times a day. When I looked, i had to laugh, he had them laid out side by side…i told my husband “looks like Odin has gotten himself a couple of action figures”
      Cats are looney.

    • Stephanie Logan says:

      +Jeff Sian ah, but can she identify what type of weapons were used?
      Not on your arm, we all know those were the dog! Always the dog!
      Also, the dog is the only suspect in every crime.

    • Stephanie Logan says:

      +moonlily1 lol, I can ot wait to read that to my husband! Let’s just say he learned the hard way to wear pajama bottoms when the cats decide to grace our peasanty existence with their presence. And presents. Yep, rough day, that was.

  5. SecretVVeapon says:

    wow. I feel like I’m more qualified to be a coroner just because I played through L.A. Noire.

    • SecretVVeapon says:

      +bobmonkey420 Hahahaha XD that got me

    • CloudsGirl7 says:

      Great, now you made me want to go through that game again.

    • SecretVVeapon says:

      +CloudsGirl7 it’s a good game!

    • Adeon Hawkwood says:

      I watched every episode of Rizzoli and Isles. I’m pretty sure I can wing the rest.

    • Stephanie Logan says:

      +Adeon Hawkwood *”looks like she fell on her toenail clippers…that’s meant to be..snippy”* slowly puts on sunglasses, turns and walks smack dab into door jamb, while “the wheels on the bus” starts to play in the background.
      Cut to a wide shot of other present snickering during the walk of true shame.

  6. Robbie Garber says:

    I have to ask: Why wasn’t Bones in that initial montage there?

  7. Audrey Koskei says:

    “I tell people all the time, I almost became a neurosurgeon” is the most iconic line.

    • Dragana Munitic says:

      “I sleep with a different woman almost every day of the week. It almost happened on Monday, almost happened on Tuesday, almost happened on Wednesday…”

    • Ray Vernon says:

      I almost became a millionaire….missed it by 6 numbers…

    • libaf says:

      “They asked me how well I understood theoretical physics, I said I had a theoretical degree in physics.” Dude’s literally Fantastic from fallout new vegas!

    • SUBHA GHOSAL says:

      +libaf you need your own comment

    • michael opp says:

      Blame should be directed to the individuals that decided to hire the incompetent contractor.

  8. Jenn Samantha Mima says:

    A single light bulb OVER MY DEAD BODY!

  9. Chadwick McCarty says:

    Last Week Tonight’s episodes should be a power-point list for our, USA, government to address & work-on fixing to actually make the USA better. Instead Shawn Parcells/Professor Lynn, will probably be Drumpf’s next Surgeon General.

    • Chadwick McCarty says:

      +Lee Butler Most things could & should be handled at the State level that I agree with, but that is why within our, USA, governing system we have the Supremacy Clause which “trumps” any State’s doings & in some cases a Federal law needs to be passed for important issues. I concede that Oliver’s presentation is slanted just like if Fox News gave a presentation about the same topic it would probably be slanted in another direction entirely. I find value in it being discussed &/or presented since that offers a better opportunity in it being learned about, addressed & fixed, if one believes it needs to be fixed.

    • Lee Butler says:

      +Chadwick McCarty I think you guys misunderstood me. I said (I think, on mobile, can’t look) that localities make it more difficult. I agree that this is a problem and that requirements should be implemented. I also agree that these reports, though simplistic, bring much needed awareness. Of course. My issue is that people don’t seem to realize how complex the actual solution to this is. I personally don’t think the federal government should be the one handing down the requirements, but I’m not gonna discount anyone who does. This next part isn’t directed at you, but I don’t know what I said exactly that was equivalent to “local means it doesn’t matter”. I said that local makes the solution more varied and in all honesty, depending on where you are, some may not see this as an issue at all. While we may not agree with them, idk. Maybe this is just my states rights talking, but I’m not sure if I’m okay with forcing them to do so. This is a question that the video has forced me to confront, so it definitely has it’s value, but I just haven’t done that just yet. If you look beyond the “wow, isn’t this ridiculous and illogical” surface, there are questions about the extent of the different parts of federalism. I don’t want the states to basically become the micromanaging arm of the national bureaucracy, but is this issue big enough to constitute a national response (overseeing state bureaucracy) and what is that line? I know what powers the federal government has, but does enforcing a minimum requirement of state office fall into that barrel of power? I’m fairly sure it doesn’t, but I haven’t had the time to look into it just yet. What I’m trying to say is that this issue is a lot more complex than people give it credit for and OP and the others who are just mocking America or just using this topic to vilify the other side by just vaulting over all of the fundamental questions about the nature of our federalism that the other side is concerned with and boiling it down to “mah freedom and guns”.

      Edit: Damn, you can ignore a decent amount of this. I’m on mobile and I didn’t know which thread I was replying to. Sorry. I think I did answer some of your concerns tho

    • Oldeuboi says:

      It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

    • Gantiz says:

      You realize that Trump has been President since 2017, this coroner thing has been a problem since before the civil war. You might not like Trump, but there’s been a lot of politicians from both parties that have royally fucked things up for decades (or centuries) before he was elected.

    • Stephanie Logan says:

      The problem with that idea: humans.
      Humans happen.

  10. Brandon Davidson says:

    “But that’s just me speaking personally, as both correctly and objectively” is now my new favorite motto.

  11. Stanno says:

    I knew America was F ‘d up but this blew my mind

    • Chloe Butler says:

      It really isn’t. We have our fair share of problems, but I wouldn’t go as far as fucked up.

    • Jon Jones' Dealer says:

      +TJRissi you won’t find any Republicans here buddy, they’re all working. Plus, this is a leftist show. You’re right though, more jobs and less welfare than Obama every produced. All these foreigners only know what TV tells them of America. If you actually work and live here, you know it’s the greatest country on Earth…. and the strongest

    • Colleen Harrison says:

      +Widdekuu91 dude I’m not going to push the “read more” on your comment because I really don’t care about you, the question wasn’t for you, so stop trying to make yourself relevant loser. Also, the Netherlands is disgusting, you guys put women on display behind windows so men can pay for them lol, you have no respect for your women, I’m glad that little kids get to walk past women in boxes everyday that want to fuck for pennies. Go get yourself some hep C faggot.

    • TJRissi says:

      +Jon Jones’ Dealer Yea I know. This is a leftist cesspool but I enjoy watching these videos.

    • Widdekuu91 says:

      +Colleen Harrison
      I’m a woman, not a dude and your comeback is astonishingly closeminded.
      Just because we accept the choice of the women and *regulate* who they are and who they’re fucking to prevent aids and rape, doesn’t mean we’re disgusting.
      We’d rather just not have them crackaddicted giving forced BJ’s.
      We have the opportunity to provide healthcare to them, incase they dó end up with an infection (they have monthly visits from a doctor). And there are multiple safetybuttons in every room, to prevent rape from happening. Backgroundchecks, no pimps allowed, mimimal age, etcetera.
      Read up on it.

  12. palmieres says:

    50% of comments: non-US citizens outraged about the unbelievably stupid way this works in the US

    50% of comments: ” _Forever_ was a good show, dammit!”

    • michaelatw86 says:

      +Smiling Dog What specifically do you want? You want to see Chuck Schumer and Obama 13 years ago talk about how we need border wall security and now saying the literal opposite thing?

    • T C says:

      +michaelatw86 I’m confused. You posted a clip which essentially shows that some of them came around to the same way of thinking that their fellow Dem (Durbin) had in 2006. Even in 2016 many Dems have said that they would be for the same sort of fence and mending the one that exists like they did a decade ago but they wanted to address bigger issues since physical barriers don’t stamp out the issues at the border. They didn’t want an overly expensive wall. It’s not that confusing.

    • michaelatw86 says:

      +T C Nothing has changed to warrant a reason to change position. In fact, the problem is far worse so they should be more into the idea.

      I don’t appreciate people who play stupid. I know the truth and I’ll drag you up and down these forum boards if you keep responding as such.

      Pretending that this is an evolution by them is ironic and incredible. I don’t like people who are evil.

    • Smiling Dog says:

      +michaelatw86 Do you really want to get in a tit for tat about politicans lying? Really? I could start with Graham crying for Clintons impeachment for the same thing he is now defending Trump from impeachment (not blowjobs, but witness tampering)
      This is what you said you can literally verify:

      …the Democrat Party is the party that is destroying our country right now in every single way. Literally the borders of our country are being destroyed by Democrat policies – let alone the spirit of America and the social and economic structure. The GOP has not fared particularly well but cares a hell of a lot more about the United States. The left is a sea of self-hating idiots. Intelligent people are flooding out of the Democrat Party. These are objective facts. They can be literally verified.

      Show me. I hate hearing things that are opposite of what I believe, but when backed up by scientific evidence or unanimous factual agreement I have to accept those things. I think you dont know what literally means to be honest. Its one of those words that gets thrown around way too much. I see opinion more than verifiable facts.

  13. Mr Freeman says:

    Tracy Morgan: “I ain’t dying by Walmart.”

    A call back to when he was nearly killed by a Walmart employed semi truck driver.

    • Wilfred Darr says:

      Oh damb! I completely missed the reference! Good catch! That was a few years back now!

    • Mikkel Hansen says:

      Thank you! We kept hearing “By no Mormont” 😐

    • Smiling Dog says:

      Soooo many people will “die by Walmart” though Tracy.

    • Jason Watts says:

      When he said “I ain’t dying by…” fully expected a reference to that accident, but all I remembered was that they were in a limo.. I totally forgot that it was a Walmart truck that hit them.

    • Stephanie Logan says:

      +Mikkel Hansen I’ve heard death by Mormon causes ones eyes to roll, repeatedly like ???, ??? pause ? then ????? then “ugh” ?.
      Better than dying by clown…???

  14. malphina starwin says:

    1 of my fav Neil Gaiman quotes “coroner kicks the corpse , if it don’t kick back he signs the certificate”

    • rdubnicek says:

      +Aveline K Not sure what you mean, but it shouldn’t be embarrassing, unless your parents are big time evangelicals or something. It’s a great book, not much explicit stuff in it, really, and it’s really approachable. I highly recommend it!

    • Chris P says:

      +rdubnicek Maybe she’s talking about the scene were a guy gets swallowed by a godess’s vagina during sex, or the definitely quite explicit gay sex scene between the Arab taxi driver and the ifrit fire spirit that includes a description of the… mouthfeel of the ifrit’s semen. I could see how one might find that embarrassing to share with parents

    • rdubnicek says:

      +Chris P Yeah, you might be right! It seemed that these passages were pretty brief, and not so explicit, though you’re right that lots of details were included implicitly. Like, I don’t think the word “semen” or “”vagina” are in the book, though I could be wrong! Either way, fair points.

    • philip lagerwall says:

      +Chris P I think they had that genie scene in the series if i remember correctly. Not that graphic of course. The godess scene too when i think about it, that one was graphic.

  15. Jessica Galvin says:

    The victim’s body had 37 knife wounds to the chest and stomach.
    It must be a cooking accident.

    • Steward of Autumn says:

      It’s not the knife wounds that killed him, it was the bleeding….natural death!

    • Stephanie Logan says:

      Someone was deep frying a PB & J sammich. Happens all the time.

    • Stephanie Logan says:

      +jstorm 14 wtf, did he make the mistake of asking Hannibal Lecter over for dinner?
      Then I’d call it suicide.

    • Stephanie Logan says:

      +Steward of Autumn exactly. Knife didn’t do anything, just sitting in the knife drawer, minding it’s own knife business, then suddenly finds itself being forced into someones back over 35 times…poor innocent knife.
      Knife’s only crime is having an awful mobiker..I mean, wtf kind of name is *”STAINLESS STEEL”* anyways! It’s such a common name amongst their species. Why not something more original, like Stabby McStabbers or Ima Gunna Gitcha…now those are *great* knife names.

      Betcha thought I was gonna say knife was an awful name.

    • Amberlance says:

      +Amanda Smith CAAAAAARL!!!

  16. Tank 1900 says:

    You know it’s a John Oliver story when he says “and then they contracted out to private businesses” and then everything goes horribly horribly wrong.

  17. Daniel Staples says:

    I watched every episode of I Zombie, this makes me qualified to examine bodies

    • zomg1337h4x says:

      You eat the brain to solve the case, right?

    • Daniel Staples says:

      +zomg1337h4x yup!

    • Finish303 says:

      Get on my level, I will become a ghost who can possess people or corpses. Pay? A body of my choice (including an own identity) and living expenses to a reasonable degree paid. My work method? I possess the body, leave it then tell in my by myself chosen body where it did hurt! Hey atleast: a) It’s cheap and b) more trustworthy than a nobody who gets elected! Imagine after several bodies I will have hundreds of years of experience! I will call myself Dr. Orochimaru.

    • Megan Brown says:

      Ravi is actually an awesome Medical Examiner and despite the zombies this is one of the more realistic depictions of forensic pathologists I’ve seen. Love that show!

    • Daniel Staples says:

      +Megan Brown really?!
      I’m not actually trying to be a medical examiner but I’m surprised a show about zombies has some actual facts in it!
      You learn something new everyday!

  18. Glenn Anderson says:

    Why have I learned more about the day-to-day workings of my own country from a British comedian than from just about any other source?

    • Vishwajeet Srivastava says:

      I have learned quite a lot about America from a British comedian on Sundays and a South African one on the weekdays!

  19. MissNausicaa87 says:

    This is good journalism. It’s great that you continue to call out these issues, since the typical media fails to do so.

  20. A. Binderup says:

    “They asked me how well I understood theoretical physics. I said I had a theoretical degree in physics. They said welcome aboard.”

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