Death Note | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Death Note | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Intoxicated by the power of a supernatural notebook, a young man begins killing those he deems unworthy of life. Based on the famous Japanese manga. Death Note streams on Netflix August 25.

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Death Note | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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20 Responses

  1. Sena says:

    Why does L talk like Barack Obama?

  2. dk12553 says:

    Light is supposed to be the model student most popular kid in school type, not an emo kid who gets beat up trying to defend girls. It makes “changing the world with the death note” seem like a petty way to get back at his bullies.
    Light went from a genius, good looking confident guy to a weird looking social outcast who’s seemingly being convinced to commit mass murderer by his Girlfriend. Someone like that would be the sort of people you would expect to commit such crimes with a Death Note.
    The thing about Light Yagami is that no one suspects him because he’s totally the opposite of the type of person that would do those sort of things. He’s well off, has a loving family, charismatic, people love him, intelligent, etc.
    “Light Turner” seems to be almost a stereotype of the kind of kid that commits a mass shooting.

  3. TheHoruru says:

    So Kira is some greasy angsty nerd instead of a charismatic handsome guy. And L is some angry politically correct screamer instead of a calm and collected eccentric detective.

  4. ShannonIonaFaith says:

    They better include: “I’ll take a potato chip and eat it..”

  5. Keihzaru says:

    This looks so bad and cringey.
    “You are the one who flew into the sun, I am here to make you burn”, now L is a cringy emot kid who makes bad poetry.

  6. prashant kumar says:

    I watched this trailer on some other channel
    and only came here to dislike it..
    this is gonna suck

  7. ZibaQ says:

    Is this a class of how not to invest money?

  8. JokulhaupYT says:

    I’m going to take this beloved franchise… and RUIN IT! *Dramatic music and panning with sparkles*

  9. Poisonedblade says:

    Ryuk is the only character they didn’t screw up.

  10. Yan Itaborai says:

    “We’re not the good guys anymore” is such a a shitty line for light.
    Fuck this.

  11. Kal Sizzle says:


  12. Retromind says:

    This will suck donkey cock so bad. I won’t even bother watching it.

  13. Shiba Inu says:

    Is this a joke?

  14. Ritonerfpls Nerfirelia says:

    Wtf L looks way too social

  15. Deandre Kinte says:

    This was a waste of money and an insult to death note fans.

    Fuck you for even thinking this would ever work out.

  16. JustTooLit says:

    Why does Light look like a school shooter ? WTF ?

  17. Sapphire Yuki says:

    Things wrong based on Trailer:

    1) Light is too nice
    2) L’s face is exposed
    3) Since L’s face is exposed Misa doesn’t have the eyes
    4) They seem less intelligent
    5) Light gets into physical encounters
    6) Too much drama since this is a thinking based show

    I might see this only to cry and see how much they ruined one of my favorite anime shows. I’m getting DBZ Evolution vibes and that’s not good.

  18. Koh FX says:

    Producer: A story taking place in asia? With asians? HAHAHA what a joke! Why dont we white-ify the whole cast and ruin the story and turn it into a failure like the DBZ movie!

    Cast & Crew: Sir…. YOURE A GENIUS!

  19. Zay Bae says:


  20. Eddie Kadric says:

    This Summer…..

    Kevin Hart as….


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