Death Valley Flood Destroyed Our Road…Is This The End?

Death Valley Flood Destroyed Our Road…Is This The End?

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Hey guys, this week was a hard one up here at Cerro Gordo. A “1,000 year flood” hit Death Valley right by us and completely washed out our road. Short term, it made it impossible to get up or down the road. Long term, this will mean we cannot get the trucks up the road needed to continue progress on the American Hotel and many other projects. This is an absolutely devastating blow in the series of devastating blows that seems to come with living up here.

The future of many projects is completely up in the air right now and may push the timeline into the winter, which would mean at least 6-8 months of no progress. BUT we’re doing everything we can to push through.

More photos:

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28 Responses

  1. Ghost Town Living says:

    Thank you all so much for all the continued support on this project! If you didn’t catch last week’s video when we brought up the tank, you can check that out here:

    • Grizzly Addams says:

      Why I only use portals.

    • thartsel1283 says:

      You’re so amazing Brent! This is yet just another obstacle, to the glory of the town completed. You will overcome this as well. But always take care of you. If you need a vacation come on down to Florida we’ll put you up. Love watching your channel. And Cerro Gordo is on my bucket list!

    • Douglas Hall says:

      My friend yes I watched when Heavy D come up and helped with the water and all the other times that he was there. I think he would be the one to contact to help you with your road, lane and as I suggested previously digging a trench alongside your drive, road, Lane to help the flow of the water when the rain comes. And solidifying the road much better if possible.

    • Jonathan Avis says:

      I’m afraid yeah. This is the end! Sorry bud. Onto the next challenge now

  2. Tyler Trembley says:

    Just like the burnt ashes of American hotel, the road will be revived! Love the preservation of history you’ve been able to maintain Brent! Keep it going. Incredibly inspiring

    • ScrotusMaximus says:


    • Brian Kendall says:

      #brothersalign #hereforyoualways #brokeep #BLESSED #LOVETHYNEIGHBOR #guardianangels

    • j sherwood says:

      hell yeah brother i agree!! i am catholic so i am praying for the hotel to get finished!!

    • MrChologno says:

      @Ghost Town Living There is a saying from where I’m from Uruguay, “every time it rained, it stopped” Keep your hopes up!

    • wannabecarguy says:

      @Ghost Town Living as a business owner I can say. You have to get in the ring get knocked out then get up and do it again. You’re not doing it for yourself, you’re doing for all of us. Good luck. I drove by last year.

  3. Andrew Landis says:

    Let not forget; after Brent works 12+ hours a day repairing the road he takes the time to edit and upload so we can come along on the journey. Thanks Brent!

    • metalmanJ says:

      He’s definitely not doing the editing himself anymore, but that’s to be expected. Editing is a time-consuming process, and Brent definitely has other things he needs to focus his time on at the moment. But shooting the footage for this video I’m sure took more than plenty of time and effort so your overall point stands. So amazing the amount of energy and determination he has. God speed.

    • Kelly Powell says:

      Thanks for everything.. Your claim is best for people to copy.

    • Glenn Wall says:

      @TheAnnoyingBoss Thank the frogs they never had our equipment or the planet would be dead….grandad said ” Thank God we didn’t have chainsaws back in my day or you’d be living in a desert, it was bad with axes and saws clear felling and clearing imagine if they’d had bulldozers and chainsaws there would be nothing left.

    • TheAnnoyingBoss says:

      Think about how hard it would’ve been to have a flash flood back when they were digging this mine with horses and wagons. How far we’ve come

    • Marc Shields says:

      Yea he looks like he needs a 40 hour nap

  4. Stephen Miller says:

    The Sierras and surrounding mountains do seem to “ Get into your soul “ somehow. I’m 62 now and my first trip up was with friends when I was only 16 back in 1976. I’ve been up to Cerro Gordo a few times and last trip was back in 2009 and we got a chance to meet Robert as he was caretaker at that time and he was saying how much snow that the town had received earlier that year. My Buddy Dan & I were camped at Portagee Joe’s camp at base of Whitney portal road & we had ridden our Dual sport Motorcycles up from camp . Weather was cool , but spring seemed to be just around corner . Very next morning we took off for a ride up the opposite side of valley from your towns view and headed up Horseshoe Meadows road only to be blindsided by one Hell of a snowstorm once up at summit almost at campgrounds. Needless to say that was a memorable ride on fresh snow in freezing cold weather all the way back down to my Toy -hauler trailer at camp . Dan’s mom’s home made clam chowder sure tasted great that afternoon as we sat warm & drying out watching snow fall . I try to get up there at least once a year into the Owens Valley for just those types of adventures. From what I have seen this is just the beginnings of your life long love affair with that whole area👍 Wishing you well & may your ventures be memorable and safe 🤞👍👍

  5. Relevant Information says:

    Remember : You can’t fully enjoy the highs… without experiencing the lows. You’re doing amazing work Brent & friends! 👍

  6. D B says:

    i’ve been watching for a while when you were alone to adding animals, restoring buildings and building new friendships, just remember you’re not alone anymore, you have so many people who are willing to help you, can’t wait to see the fixed road

  7. FarAway Frog says:

    If a bunch of people with wagons and mules can do it so can you Brent! You got this! Sending yall love and hoping everyone stays safe.

    • XtremeChiliPepper says:

      @rsuninv well, how about it means a very long time, regardless of what the common term is. My point is they haven’t, and NO ONE in American history, has ever had such rain and flooding …….. ever. Clear?

    • rsuninv says:

      @XtremeChiliPepper that’s actually not what that means. I really wish they’d stop using casual 1,000 year language. It’s not useful.

    • Marc B says:

      @XtremeChiliPepper What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    • XtremeChiliPepper says:

      @JA Smith If you haven’t seen the news, it was a once every 1,000 year rain/flooding event. Nobody out there has ever had to deal with situations like this. You’re talking about thousands and thousands of tons of sediment being washed away in less than 24 hours.

  8. Elijah.L.71 says:

    Brent, I’ve been with you since the beginning. There is no one, I mean NO ONE, more deserving of triumphs than you, and undeserving of pitfalls than you. You are incredibly headstrong, as others have said, you are an inspiration to many. I can see the pain in your eyes, the frustration, the tiredness, but I also see the fire and immense love for the beauty that is Cerro Gordo! Never give up, my friend. Your online community is behind you, as well as all the friends who have equally fallen in love with Cerro Gordon.

  9. Augustin Cloutier says:

    Hey Brent I hope you can keep your project going!! You’re such an inspiration for me and your videos often allow me to get my motivation back up as I am also working on a long term dream project (off grid 4 seasons solar powered houseboat). Keep it up man, you’re not alone!!

  10. handsdown77 says:

    A wise man once said, “hard times create strong men..” keep at it man. Your story is truly inspiring! The impact that you and your town are making now is far greater than the one you would have made in the Austin apartment! I wish you the best!

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