Just wanted to get this off my chest. Thanks for bein a dope community.

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39 Responses

  1. Romanuel TheGamer says:

    I have those thoughts this is a very sad inspirational video in showed me to live my life to the fullest🌠

  2. Evan Aziz says:

    awww cory ur making me soooo sad dont say that ur gonna die i need u after xxxtentation died and sorry for ur loss 🙁

  3. Bluemoonwolf Fire9862 says:

    Cory this video reminds me of my dead cat and before she died she had been close for the last few days she was alive it was like she was saying her last goodbyes to me and now my other cat has been very close to me when she died. 😰

  4. Jizella B. says:

    Cory a family member never passes away… You may not see them but just know that they are one of your many guardian angels now and that they still love you. No one will leave their family… They will always be by your side. That’s what I tell myself everyday since my granny pased. Please know we pray for you, your, family, and for each other. 🙏 🙏🙏 I love you my brother…

  5. Drake_Daequan D_D says:

    I’m sorry Cory… life is hard, but WE ARE HERE FOR YOU I promise. Life gets better I hope you remember that. ❤️

  6. Xylena Loves Anime says:

    My grandfather died of cancer as well. He was so close to me. Cory I’m crying. Don’t be so sad! Your so awesome and cool! All you do matters! You make the world a better place! You cheer people up when their down. And Cory… I really love you!

  7. Jaylen Glover says:

    I feel you Cory. I had 2 of my grandmothers that died of sickness and i couldn’t feel happy at the moment…… was a year ago and when i heard i just couldnt feel nothing but sadness. and they knew me since i was growing up. she’d buy me some chips and some beverages (this was when i was 10) But i just know that they’re in a better place watching over me. also i loved the vids you make and it makes me laugh the raps before you play a game of while your playing a game while record is sick them hot bars tho.

  8. Mistic Slayer says:

    Cory, i know the feeling of losing your loved ones, i lost my grandpa before my 4th birthday. I never remembered anything with my pa. All sad stuff away what is this beat? at 5:07. Hope you can recover from this, and hope your family is safe.

  9. isabelle Gonzalez •3• says:

    Why would someone dislike this video? Cory is sending out a really good message and he needs support through this time. Cory, I’m sorry for your loss and may your wonderful aunt rest in God’s kingdom.

  10. Gmb7 7 says:

    Cory this might make you a little happyr i started my chanel and i already hav 7. Also I’ve ben subed sinc 1k

  11. Abzzy says:

    Even when he makes a very sad video.

    He’s still funny.

  12. ULaugh WiJoke says:

    Sorry for your lost Cory, I lost my aunt and I honestly feel the same way. But know that Samurai loves you stay strong & take the time you need. ❤️😕

  13. SharknadoTo DaMax says:

    1 like = 1 prayer for Cory’s Aunt

  14. oop says:

    2018 has been the trashiest year yet.

  15. Wavy J says:

    Gosh i can feel your pain when i was 6 my grandfather died i hope you overcome this situation prayers to your family🙏

  16. F1ood says:

    1:19 if you believe in heaven and god then, you will get more moments with your aunt

  17. Unicorns 4 Life says:

    1 like = 10 prayers for his aunt

  18. Goddesslexii says:

    R.I.P🙏🏽 prayers go out for you and your family

  19. Trinity_ D says:

    I know how that feels Cory. My grandpa died of old age 3 weeks ago. Atleast you’re gonna see her in heaven

  20. Nowon & DPool Productions says:

    You’re trending! Hope you’re still doing well!

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