Debate Fallout: A Closer Look

Debate Fallout: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at how Trump supporters think he performed in the first presidential debate.
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Debate Fallout: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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19 Responses

  1. TheSammiPuppy says:

    Sean Hannity looks like a microwaved Nathan Lane, but with none of the

  2. Robert Lyons says:

    I’m starting to think Seth Myers doesn’t like Trump

  3. Taylor Beckett says:

    That pisses me off.

    Trump lost that debate. Hear me out. Yes the first like 20 minutes he was
    doing good, he presented himself better than the primaries… but he lost,
    he lost. He rambled about random things and made two yuge slip ups “That’s
    called business” and “That makes me smart”

    I don’t even like Hillary but I say she won.

    Hannity and Gegrich are idiots. Saying she was “mean” well wtf have you
    been doing this whole election cycle with Donald?? God they are so stuck
    up, they are so loyal to their party that they miss it. Hillary definitely
    could’ve done better but she won those debates. God. Even when Trump had a
    good angle on her like with TPP, he gave the most idiotic reasons. He
    could’ve hammered her with TPP but instead went like a 3rd grader and
    claims she copied him.

  4. Bobbybobob says:

    If people never watched Trump speak, but instead just read his words, he
    would get zero votes. Zero.

  5. syco says:

    Seth is nailing it night after night!

    “It”, of course, being Trump

  6. lolipedofin says:

    I almost felt sorry looking at the Donald in the debate. Hillary had him by
    the nutsack, and she sure went to town with it.

  7. Lee H says:

    Just eat the raisin cookie!!! We must stop the raisin avalanche!

  8. KnivesOfTheRound says:

    Some say Hannity is still waiting for the call.

  9. Ma Rk says:

    I think his comment ‘That makes smart’ for not paying federal tax should
    make one the dumbest comments in the history of debates and is potentially
    the start of his final decline.

  10. afrose71 says:

    Trump continues to defend Russia. More proof of his investment and loans
    from Putin & co. — which his tax filings would prove.

  11. Flintstoned says:

    5:41 So is Trump saying Chris Christie hacked the DNC?

  12. MrCrockaG says:

    Damn Seth is doing a better job making fun of this debate than Colbert! I
    never thought I’d say that.

  13. Julia C. says:

    me in the first two min of the debate: wow Trump looks more respectful

    rest of the debate: OMG STOP LYING,YELLING, AND SUCKING

  14. KingOfMadCows says:

    Are you lonely in your belief of Donald Trump’s claims?

    Call Sean Hannity now. He’ll corroborate Trump’s stories all night long.

    Opposition to the Iraq War. Oh yeah. Thousands of Muslims cheering on the
    streets after 9/11. Mmmm. Mexico sending rapists and murderers. Hot.

    He’s waiting.

    $3.99 for the first minute, $5.99 each additional minute.

  15. Geralt of Arabia says:

    I have a dog. He’s 1 year old. He barks. He is so good at barking

  16. Anna Marie says:

    ??? trump is hilarious, americans i cannot believe he is a real
    presidential candidate

  17. Raoul Fleckman says:

    Not paying income tax is cheating, not smart. He’s always been a guy that
    plays fast and loose with the rules and now half the country wants him to
    be Pres.. This means that half the country is Ok with cheating on your
    taxes. Half the country is Ok with the President of the United States
    brawling with a stand-up comedienne, commenting on peoples appearance and
    shitting on our military. Half of the country is openly bigoted and willing
    to vote in the most biased way imaginable. Half the country thinks climate
    change is a political maneuver and evolution is one of several
    possibilities. We are fucked no matter who wins.

  18. Chris Corcoran says:

    It is absolutely bizarre that Hillary Clinton is held to such a high
    standard and the bar for Donald Trump is so very low.

  19. Thomas Smith says:

    Trump said he won the Time poll. I just opened Time’s website, and it says
    he lost the debate.