Debbie Downer Wedding Reception – SNL

Debbie Downer Wedding Reception – SNL

Debbie Downer (Rachel Dratch) attends a wedding in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

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74 Responses

  1. Zero Shadow says:

    Feline AIDS: It’s the number one killer of domestic cars
    “Meow Meow Meow”

  2. B C says:

    Debbie Downer Wearing that mask. The perfect character to bring back with Coronavirus on everyone’s mind.

  3. Bill Choy says:

    Oh, that Debbie Downer. Always the life of the party. Welcome back.

  4. 80Roo says:

    I just searched for Debbie downer skits and saw this was posted 4 mins ago. I thought my app was malfunctioning but it’s real 🥺

  5. HW L says:

    It’s official…. I CANT HAVE CHILDREN 🥴

  6. ElTurbinado says:

    debbie downer’s awesome but that disney one set the bar way too high lol

  7. bamboozle berry says:

    “Speaking of voting, how do you guys feel about Trump?”
    *zooms in on Keenan*

    • Igor Ilgov says:

      @Kidd I don’t see any equal treatment of Trump and Hillary in SNL sketches before the election, while before Alec started clearly mockingly parodying Trump in the debates vs Hillary they had Hammond and Taran just parody Trump almost on par with Hillary, sometimes going overboard with comparing his supporters to black hating nazis, but when the debates started they clearly went all in in support for Hillary and mocking Trump in hopes of him losing, famously stating in the last debate sketch that he has absolutely no chance of winning, jokes aside.

    • Violeta Bianca says:

      Skipless stop crying

    • Ben Johnson says:

      Skipless ❄️

    • Skipless says:

      @Kidd Umm, yeah they make fun of everyone, it’s what they are supposed to do. But don’t even try to say that the attention they give/gave Trump is anywhere near the attention they give/gave everyone else. Every Weekend Update is now 70% Trump bashing. And this is happening while the cheating Dems are trying to keep Bernie away and senile Biden is now the front runner. But the top story is still Orange man bad… Their bias is showing. No worries tho, this only cements Trump 2020.

    • Ron Learn says:

      Try watching something besides Fox ‘News’, umkay Skippy. Your brain will thank you.

  8. Tosh T says:

    I was expecting the obvious joke. “Congratulations guys but you do know that 45% of marriages in the U.S. ends in divorce.”

  9. Thomas Casillo says:

    Of course they’d bring that character back.

  10. Clarence Lee says:

    Everytime i see Rachel as Debbie Downer i can hear her saying “by the way… it’s official. I can’t have children”

  11. Bill Choy says:

    Debbie Downer, the hero we need, but don’t deserve.

  12. Renato Costa says:

    Didn’t see this coming but it’s still impressing to see that Debbie Downer is one of SNL’s well receipted characters ever known

  13. TheRealCSD says:

    I got super excited but in honesty this sketch could have been better

  14. Psycho Mind says:

    “Now why would you delve” That was the best line of the skit lol.

  15. B E says:

    “I was almost MeToo’d.”

    “Oh, that’s terrible! What happened?”

    *”Why would you DELVE.”*

    • L Rob says:

      @Mr. Chan 🙄 Are we still doing this? Welcome to Earth. Sharing our favorite moments in a movie or video clip is essentially a human bonding ritual. Person A quotes their favorite part of the video, and person B chimes in like 😆 …yeah, that was my favorite part as well! Thus, a connection is made.

    • T. E. Burgos says:

      @L Rob Obviously, Mr. Chan is a Debbie Downer in real life.

    • L Rob says:

      @T. E. Burgos Exactly. 😆
      The ‘derp, did we watch the same video?’ guys have gotten way more annoying than the quoters at this point. I thought it was normal human behavior. Even offline, don’t people quote their favorite movie lines with their friends to share something that they mutually enjoyed? 🤷 I don’t get what’s wrong with it. Whatevs.

    • ElTurbinado says:

      L Rob but fortunately, you’re not annoying

    • Mister Unperfect says:

      B E BRING HER BACK 4 ANOTHER segment via 2020’s corona beer virus thats sweeping our nation!

  16. Dickum N Lickum the V: Emperor Of YouTube. says:

    Aww! She didn’t break character and choke back a giggle once–the trademark of a Debbie Downer sketch.

  17. Jeebus says:

    Oh Aidy….always cast as the pro-Trump lady.
    She’s just so perfect in those “Karen” wigs, I guess.

  18. Elizabeth B says:

    It’s honestly not the same when no one breaks 😂

  19. Rocca Flocca says:

    I love Rachel Dratch, too… Bring her back full time.

  20. Memo Grajedas Amazing Channel says:

    This was very just okay and someone needs to tell the writers to go DARKER.

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