Debunking Your TERRIBLE Minecraft Escape Rooms

Debunking Your TERRIBLE Minecraft Escape Rooms

First Link –
Escape Rooms Played (KenDB References): 2, 103, 5, 62, 100, 6, 112, 87

Last Video ––BGW30

My Lovely Discord Server –

Thumbnail by Corealis# 6620 (Very Lovely Person)

Machiavellian Bach [Remix] –
Onslaught –
Our Story Begins –
Extraction Action –
Strange Things –
Wii Remix –
Bots Building Bots Remix –
To Hell And Back –
Unseen Horrors –
Sneaky Snitch Remix –
Glitch Runner –
Code Red Initiated –
Adam Smasher –
Fairyville –
Heated Stones –
L’s Theme Remix –
The Rebel Path –
Shona –
Music of the Spheres –
V –
Moonwish –

This video is not Dream SMP, or Minecraft manhu- AGH noNONO NOOOOAUGHH *Dies by Anti-Cringe-Description Police*

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33 Responses

  1. Twifies says:

    The final puzzle box was so so awesome and well designed. I knew hardly anything and it blew my mind over and over

  2. Shapeswitch_Mood says:

    People thinks an Escape Room should be INESCAPABLE.
    By that, they spam Wardens, bedrock and gives you either nothing or too much.

    The art of an Escape room is a series of puzzles that help you think outside the box. We are not in an Inescapable Prison Video, like the good old days.

  3. Stiggandr1 says:

    You could start a whole series just on solving user puzzels. Don’t underestimate the interest this would generate. People would probably love seeing you break their puzzles, and of course a series like this would prompt more puzzle creators to make even higher quality puzzles.

    Even if it’s just a bunch of 5 minute videos for each puzzle, I bet people would love it.

    You’ve really tapped into something special here, you may very well be able to catalyze a scattered community into a very energized and focused trend.

  4. Samuel says:

    But have you considered exiting to main menu? You see exiting to main menu gives you a whole new perspective where you’re no longer in the same world as the escape room and thus have escaped.

  5. KL and a 2-dimensional hypercuboid says:

    But then I had a very good idea, I used F5, you see, using F5 gave me a whole new perspective where I was able to see an alternative to F5, otherwise known as alt F4. (ignore the first number) Using this will give you alot of diamonds.

  6. warner tesla says:

    Wow that last one was so difficult that not even you were able to complete it by yourself.

  7. NotchArrow says:

    Everyone is saying the premier hasn’t started yet while I’m watching it from a whole new perspective using F5

  8. Xander says:

    “Throw away items when told” shows that the creator is unable to use command blocks.

    • OLEGSHA says:

      Eh- not everyone likes when command blocks are part of the puzzle. There are several maps that use command blocks like that, and I must say, they are usually more frustrating to play because it’s harder to tell what’s going on.

  9. TealCore Hedgehog says:

    If possible, would TOTALLY love to see you do an “escape room” like Stereoscopic if anyone ever plans a map like that again.

  10. OLEGSHA says:

    Fun fact: most maps were played on stream first. You can stream recordings on Ken’s second channel (Kenadian the Catboy) or in KenDB – I have a link to every appearance of every map in its description there.

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