DECKED OUT 2 Begins NOW! – Hermitcraft 9: #22

DECKED OUT 2 Begins NOW! – Hermitcraft 9: #22

It Begins Today! My largest project ever in Minecraft. Decked Out 2!
Join me as I go over many of the new game design changes.

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35 Responses

  1. GoodTimesWithScar says:

    So excited about this Tango! Going to be amazing!

  2. xisumavoid says:

    I’m beyond hyped for this!

  3. pafnutiytheartist says:

    This is one of the most ambitious projects in Minecraft I’ve seen. It includes social aspects , redstone, aesthetic building and doing everything in survival is mildly insane. It’s everything cool about Minecraft in one build

  4. paja tata says:

    You said that when somone’s clank reaches a high value, the ewokers start riding through the dungeon. What if there were a few strays riding through the dungeon along with ewokers. Thay have slowness arrows, this can make the way out much more challenging.

    • John Cole says:

      Dispensers with splash potions of slowness might be a safer version of this idea. That way the ravagers cant get hurt but would still be a problem, this might also play more into hazard mechanics.

    • Nathanael Jackson says:

      @spacephantomranger that could work

    • spacephantomranger says:

      maybe just some sniper positions open up near critical areas instead of riding rails?

    • STAsi0 23 says:

      @ChiefArug plus I don’t think they will be able to hit player so quickly while on minecart, and I don’t think they would be able to hit player through stairs gap

  5. Jmacman120 says:

    At this point, the Minecraft team should just reach out and work with Tango to develop a Minecraft rouguelite based on Decked Out

  6. Comic-Guin says:

    The feeling when Tango first described Decked Out 1 was “there’s no way someone could pull this off in Minecraft at all let alone in survival” but then I saw him do it. So I’m just super hyped to see him pull off an even crazier feat

    • Exayevie says:

      Decked Out is the reason I watch Hermitcraft. I only discovered it in season seven, but my viewership remained sporadic until Tango caught my attention with that… insanity.

    • Uniwolf gamer says:

      After seeing all the amazing things Hermits have completed, this doesn’t faze me :] I’m more than happy to ride this journey with them with no doubts for them whatsoever.

    • liquidSuspect says:

      right?? I didn’t think it was going to be possible to make it to all that without command blocks but my mans tango was like “barely an inconvenience”

  7. Chilly Filla says:

    You could call Hazard something like: “Karma”, or “Chaos”. You could even integrat:e a minor storyline to the game. Being a “good person” and maybe sacrificing coins or doing a task for a NPC as well as a card could improve the players karma/chaos.

    • Trum Trum says:

      Nah, I don’t like it

    • TorchMechanics says:

      I like chaos better. Also in one of his recent streams he talked about something similar where there were two factions that you could do thing for and get benifits from. It’s really cool and I would suggest watching it on Tango Tek 2

    • SirCaptainGoose says:

      I think “consequence” fits this vibe too. Get out quick, or suffer the “consequences”

    • ComparatorClock says:

      @Dr_Sloth21 yes, tis very flavorful

      (wait, is ’tis’ too antiquated to be correct english? lol)

  8. Emojiface says:

    Decked Out was one of if not the coolest things I have ever seen in Minecraft, it was just so cool and so complex to me, I’m hyped for Decked Out 2

  9. Jada Bower says:

    It might be cool to have a system kinda similar to Phantom Abyss, where you always get a level one compass when you fist go in, and you have to find it in that level. But after you find that one you can either chose to leave or go deeper. If you go deeper you have a chance at losing the artifact you had, but you can get better artifacts the farther down you go. It could add an extra level of fun I think. Whatever you decide to do will be absolutely amazing though I’m sure. 🙂

  10. TheShinySableye says:

    I had an idea for the frozen river in the middle where you said you’d put a hermit in. It doesn’t have to be there necessarily but anywhere would be cool. There’s a frozen lake using frost walker and armor stands, and if you have a certain item or artifact it’ll thaw the ice (presumably using a piston to expose light to melt it) and it’ll uncover a chest or some other reward

    • Ravenvoid 34 says:

      That would be absolutely amazing!

    • Thomas Tarler says:

      Re: inferno – he could make it so that only a small number of random lakes melt and there’s a time limit. So you have to hope you’re close enough to find it in time. I imagine that this effect could interact with interact with other cards so by late game you could guarantee a close by lake with the right set of cards.

    • jcofortco says:

      Cool, tho as Frozen Inferno noted re: the randomness. Maybe it opens up and a piston fires some weapon at your noggin. “Do I get…. Noooo! No treas-…”

    • Frozen Inferno says:

      Yoo that’s genius, prob gonna be a card effect tho and also tango’s been going on the randomness route this season

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