Deep from the Heart: Hurricane Relief Concert with Former Presidents

Deep from the Heart: Hurricane Relief Concert with Former Presidents

Live on Oct 21 at 7:00pm Central Time. Featuring performances by ALABAMA, Lyle Lovett, Robert Earl Keen, Lee Greenwood, Sam Moore Cassadee Pope, Yolanda Adams, Stephanie Quayle, The Gatlins – Larry, Rudy, Steve, and LaDonna Gatlin Johns

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20 Responses

  1. Debbie G says:

    Thank you so much for streaming it!

  2. Sauron yepez says:

    i love you Mother Monster

  3. sistahonthemove johns says:

    Yolonda Adams though!! Good God

  4. David Ticona Saravia says:

    Lady Gaga 1:49:48

  5. Armando Rendon says:

    Hands down, Lady Gaga was the best performance ❣!!!

  6. 陳宥程 says:

    Lady Gaga so brave so beautiful ,that is how I so love her.

  7. litt oil says:

    sam moore best song… battle hymn of the republic…. nice rendition

  8. Artur UwUr says:

    Gaga 😍👌♥

  9. Terry32141 says:

    What a beautiful version of Million Reasons!!!

  10. Koroshiya says:

    So impressed with Carter, he’s in such good shape, physically and mentally, at 93.

  11. Bane Knight says:

    GAGA! 😍

  12. Christopher Plante says:

    GAGA. WOW!!!!!!!

  13. Paratthakon Injad says:

    Love you Gaga !!

  14. Vanessa GA says:

    This woman gives me chillz, she is so so powerful , thank you Gaga. From a super classic, conservative lady. 😉

  15. Dennis says:

    Lady Gaga how can u be so generous smart and talented at the same time. Amazing vocals and words

  16. padacia says:

    One woman, her voice and a piano. Lady Gaga is phenomenal.

  17. Andrew Hsieh says:

    5 living legitimate presidents lend a hand, while the amateur plays golf and tweets like a bully. #OneAmericaAppeal

  18. James says:

    Why is Lady Gaga’s name not included in the description? She was without a doubt the best performance!

  19. 李哲宇 says:

    Gaga amazing

  20. DivasAndKnouckouts44 says:

    Gaga is stunning

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