Deepest State | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Deepest State | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

What is lurking in the depths of the deep state? Malicious government employees doing their jobs.

Watch Full Frontal with Samantha Bee all new Wednesdays at 10:30/ 9:30c on TBS!

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20 Responses

  1. K S says:

    I had a bad day, then I saw the new uploads from Sam Bee. You da best. ?

  2. Beluga whale says:

    I remember last week when trump supporters believed daddy trump that Obama was spying on him. But daddy trump couldn’t provide the truth on the deadline?

  3. MalevolentDivinity says:

    Deep state.
    The term people use because even they know “Illuminati” is crazy talk.

  4. spiders spider says:


    (I love how angry Bee gets about 2010. As everyone should be! VOTE IN YOUR LOCAL ELECTIONS.)

  5. Chian says:

    Props to the graphics department for the mini-Pepe on the Trumpanzee!

  6. Tom Boss says:

    While the left has proof for the military industrial complex and it’s workings, the spying, the manipulation of election law and some evidence for manipulations, now the right is talking about the deep state and says it’s leaning left?! Do they know how capitalism and power works? If the left had something to decide wouldn’t the US be more like Europe, (social safety, mass killings, working hours, public healthcare, working train system, strong public media,…)?

  7. Cody Davies says:

    I thought the “deep state” was referring to political forces like the Koch Bros and other corporate interests and lobbyists who influence policy no matter who is in charge

  8. Drumpf says:

    The “deep state” are probably the guys who were dead wrong about the Iraq War.

    Progressives, please stand on your principles. Fearmongering about Russia, loving the warmongering intelligence community are not things we should be fighting Trump with.

    Healthcare, fair taxes, minimum wage, climate change….these are what we care about!

  9. PeaceGuyForEarth says:

    Sorry Sam Bee, how is Glenn Greenwald suddenly equivalent to neonazis? The permanent surveillance “deep state” exists, but it certainly is not working against Trump, but instead to extend it’s power over civilians, authorize illegal drone strikes, fund propaganda abroad like Free Radio Europe, and fund shady rebel groups. All that has happened is that the rightwing neonazi “alt-right” have taken the term in order to defend their supreme leader Trump J Don.

  10. Brian Garrow says:

    The Trump administration will go down as the gold standard of bumblefuckery.

  11. Tristan Neal says:

    Why would the Trump people suggest a deep state? I mean I get that they can use it as a scapegoat for their problems, but doesn’t it make the Trump administration compromised and… weak?

  12. Bailey Steen says:

    “The Deep State exists, just not in America”……………. she says as Edward Snowden resides in another country after exposing THE NSA COLLECT’S EVERYONE’S METADATA, INCLUDING SOME OF THE EMPLOYEES’ EX GIRLFRIENDS (Love-Int) BECAUSE THEY CAN, ILLEGALLY, BREAKING THE FORTH AMENDMENT.

  13. Midnight Blue says:

    You don’t need a deep state to undermine our beloved president, all he has to do is TWEET!

  14. RG Gonzalez says:

    Your so witty I could kiss you a thousand times!

  15. Randall Goguen says:

    CIA = Deep state if anyone does.

  16. ArthurAllblack says:

    Will those Deep State Letterman jackets be on sale soon, cause I really want one!

  17. MISTERComaToes says:

    That Deep State letterman’s jacket is fantastic… I want one!

  18. TheAlbinoskunk says:

    How fucki g great is this show. The monologues keep getting better and better

  19. Mason Sellman says:

    This lady brings up race or gender at every given opportunity. Hillary Clinton didn’t lose because she’s a woman. She lost because she is crooked.

  20. kingwindie says:

    Republican propaganda is desperately trying to cause a civil war

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