Deer Chase

Deer Chase

This is my dog (Brutus) chasing (and being chased by) a deer. This went on for nearly 45 minutes.

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19 Responses

  1. MN-14 says:

    That is one ballsy deer

  2. Dudemar says:

    Somehow ‘popular on youtube’, with 6321 views and 39 likes.
    Cute vid anyways

  3. Hadley Pleasanton says:

    Why do you have a decompression chamber in your yard? Are you a deep-sea

    • Geoff Box says:

      +Hadley Pleasanton No, I’m not a diver, nor do I have a decompression
      chamber in my yard. Perhaps you’re referencing the propane tank?

    • Hadley Pleasanton says:

      +Geoff Box “propane tank” — Didn’t Michael Jackson sleep in one of those?
      Well, I’ve got some bad news for you, my friend: you can’t stop Father
      Time. I mean, look at what happened to Michael Jackson. It sounds like you
      need to work on coming to terms with your own mortality.

    • thebayareapimp says:

      Fucking TROLL!!

  4. Owley says:

    Yes! Horizontal Recording! Anyways, this deer was out of your dog. This
    fight could have gotten bad quickly!

  5. DS Ornstein says:

    Deer Dog.

  6. Rohit Sarwate says:

    Give that pussy another name.

  7. DCJ says:

    All I can imagine is the deer thinking in his head like,
    “when I catch you, Imma kick the @#$% outta you.”

  8. Peter Faherty says:

    I probably could’ve watched this for another 20 minutes 

  9. Zaber Ansary Extras says:

    What a goood Place to live. If i just had a good internet/Ice cream/Network
    in countrysides of our country then i’d leave this shitty city at once.

  10. Jeff Harris says:

    Yeah your dog could have died, that deer wants to kick it.

  11. Chris Gutierrez says:

    Geoff I would invite you to watch a video on YouTube of deer crushing dogs.
    Maybe there won’t be a next time for “play”.

  12. kiodx says:

    bambee gonna eat you alive

  13. Connor Likes says:

    unfortunately life is not like a disney movie. this deer wanted to kick
    the dog but thankfully the dog did not get hurt

  14. Josh Russell says:

    New York?

  15. MrWiseinheart says:

    I wonder if you get any other wild animals that come by your place? 

  16. Derp DeDerp says:

    These animals are vicious .