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49 Responses

  1. Eric J Blevins says:

    Deji did everything he needed to do. He paced himself. He picked his opponent apart. He kept his defense up while still pressing forward most of the time. I’m happy for him man.

    • Vaughn Sangalang says:

      @iamrodane nah alex fought like vinnie

    • Klajdi Sinanaj says:

      @iamrodane fousey was defending his hands were clearly up and he improved its just that he was too stiff for deji who was flowing in that ring

    • Melven. says:

      I read picked his cotton for a sec 💀 💀

    • Boss Gaming says:

      @cali LOL shut it will ya.. he’s 1-3 right now good on deji, he needed this win and fousey was perfect opponent.

    • Bailey Smith says:

      and as much as Fousey wasnt incredible, it wasnt an easy fight for Deji. Fousey wasnt going to let Deji get away with dropping his guard or getting tired, so seeing Deji maintain form and stamina was exactly what we needed

  2. Alex says:

    Deji did exactly what he needed to, stayed calm, didn’t just throw bombs trying to get out as quickly as possible. When he was losing stamina he just went into a defensive position, to stop himself from becoming too exhausted and bring his stamina back up.

  3. dishonest vocal coach says:

    He’s not lying. Ksi looked so impatient and eager. While deji was much more patient and calm and more focused and concerned about the end goal. Winning. But ksi on the other hand seemed like he was their just to punch ppl and get knockouts.

    • minimite says:

      @Sidemen gang jj had to knock them out.. but didn’t and missed most his punches

    • james says:

      Because he wasn’t facing good opponents

    • Bob Jamaica says:

      Deji had a very slow opponent let’s be real here… Fousey was so fucking slow there’s no way Deji could have lost. KSI has 2 idiots that ran off… he knew from the first punch they aren’t about it. Very difficult to judge them both when Deji had a very slow opponent compared to JJ who had 2 younger guys to fight in 1 night. KSI said he’s gonna make it quick and he done just that.

  4. Ben McReynolds says:

    JJ really needs to stay back, stay patient and control his range, pick them apart when you know you are levels above your opponent. Stay balanced, shift, throw that sharp hook that he was showing in training but in the fight he was throwing way overhand punches again. He should mix in uppercuts, keep his punches tighter and crisper by really turning his punches over instead of just swinging them and hitting with the glove in weird angles. I know he can do better. It’s a shame that “pro boxer” was such a embarrassing fight.. I was so frustrated… I just gotta say Salt papi is the man. He’s my favorite YouTuber boxer he’s legitimately so skilled.

    • Creaktus says:

      Yea he did that on Pineda but you can clearly see Pineda is running away every single time, he’s the first one to runaway 150m in the ring. While Fousey is taking that punches with such a bad defense, Deji still looked more skilled than KSI would still say KSI punches is not looking sharp in this Event.

    • Yunekochan says:

      if u know so much why dont you try fighting him?

    • Shade says:

      well you gotta think he knew that the opponents were 0 threat whatsoever so he wanted the KO

  5. Genera1 Mayhem says:

    What were your thoughts on the ref jumping in straight away after kenny got rocked meaning he didn’t allow sensei to follow up. I think if he’d let it continue kenny would’ve gone to the canvas.

    • king cj says:

      That’s was very horrible and obviously cheating

    • Bob Jamaica says:

      @ItsMeRi1ey doesn’t even matter, Sensei was landing everything the entire fight, Kenny stayed behind the jab he didn’t even throw a 1-2 … Sensei was coming with overhands at least while Kenny just backed off and tried to control distance without any attack and average defence as he did get hit the most in that fight.

    • Bob Jamaica says:

      Yea that ref fucked up… quickest standing 8 I’ve ever seen… dude got his head snapped back but was standing idk why the need to count that? He got hit once and count straight away???

    • Trocadero soda says:

      @Dat Active Guy i dont know how to respond to that….. like okey? Maybe he needs to watch it again and break down the rounds to be specific and not say oh I feel like he edged it? Agree it doesnt mean u win 10-8 but it means it cant be 10-10 just by winning rest of round like Kenny did, THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE ASK YOUR COACH YEAH, ffs

    • Trocadero soda says:

      @Kemari Balfour it does if the opponent dont knocks down the opponent as well? You can win rest of round to get it to 10-9 instead of 10-8 but not 10-10 as one judge scored it?

  6. Carly Nugent says:

    So glad for Deji and jj they worked so hard for that and it paid off glad the brothers took home a W

  7. SwiftDreamer says:

    The Tank DOMINATED. It made waiting for Deji’s win that much more fulfilling. I almost cried

  8. Michael Peterson says:

    Notice for KSI fans, stop defending JJ so heavily
    If he fought a good opponent JJ would’ve realised his faults too
    His swings were wild and wide
    But his opponents sucked ass so badly that the power alone was overwhelming enough for them
    If he fought someone who can handle JJs power he’d have a hard time

    • jackinthebox gamer says:

      @Burrito Supreme dude luiz was ducking his head into jj of fucking course he was gonna get hit at the back of the head. And yes he has technique watch the fights

    • Clueless says:

      @deza source: trust me bro

    • tk says:

      @Acony majority of them are yes not every single comment is from a ksi a fan. look at it with non bias

    • Burrito Supreme says:

      @jackinthebox gamer technique?! You mean hitting the dude behind the head more than once. You think he stop that shit after Logan but nah

    • lil barkie says:

      I also think if jj had a stronger opponent he would be more careful with the swings. I think he just wanted to win on KO because he knew they were no danger for him

  9. Mane Mane says:

    Honestly JJ’s biggest weakness is his habit of bragging prior to fights to hype himself up(I know it is part of his dog mentality). If he had not guaranteed knockouts verbally, he could have fought his opponents in more controlled manner.

  10. Dell 23 says:

    We couldn’t see what Ksi actually had cus his opponents were running away from him, so people would be disappointed from jj but you can’t really blame him

    • Operation 333 says:

      So what does that tell you about the kind of opponents he’s fighting. Nothing to brag about for sure once he wins.

    • Alex Lindsay says:

      @Nyeem Hard to do that when they’re spinning around and running. You can’t even really hit them if they’re facing the other way, especially if they’re already trying to bait a call. Ref should have been more strict about that and put a stop to that shit immediately. We’ll probably see better footwork and control when he fights someone that isn’t terrified of him.

    • Nyeem says:

      If you watched the video, vidal clearly mentioned he needed to use proper footwork and ring generalship to handle fighters who run or on the back feet.

      All KSI had to do was use his brain…but he can’t. He should of pressured the fighters intelligently using his footwork and punches to coast and trap his opponents either along the ropes or in the corner of the ring. There he could land his combination effectively and pin em.

    • TBUPNEXT Truths says:

      @BagSun don’t matter he won 😂

    • Step round there what's good what's good says:

      @Dell 23 bro did u even watch the video? 1:09

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