Deku VS Asta (My Hero Academia VS Black Clover) | DEATH BATTLE!

Deku VS Asta (My Hero Academia VS Black Clover) | DEATH BATTLE!

My Hero Academia’s Quirk-less hero goes up against Black Clover’s magic-less mage in an underdog battle for the ages!

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40 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    The people who’ve been reading both the manga knew who was going to win this. Nonetheless, I appreciate Death Battle for making the fight look closer than it actually would’ve been.

    • Adonis Tenebrai says:

      @ErYiose Not really? Asta has such high reaction speed with Ki that he could react to someone teleporting. He had Light speed at pretty much the beginning of his series and that was before getting any from of powerup that massively boost his stats. Teleportation would only make Deku somewhat worth going on defensive against, because without it he’s getting blitzed. But realistically Asta has far better durability, reaction speeds, and strength feats to go off of that would lead to him only needing one good hit to put Deku down.

    • Saiba says:

      @ErYiose it would instantly be negated

    • InfinaBlade says:

      @Mega 14343 gear shift when colliding with opponents can send that opponent in the same direction that the user is going in. The second user literally told Deku this. So Asta speed advantage would be null and void.

    • Saiba says:

      @YouAlreadyKNOWWhoItIs they arent law but deku isnt winning not even close.

    • NerdMiGerd says:

      @Zoro is Lost I hate that. Isn’t the whole reason he’s a popular shounen protagonist because he *isn’t* as strong and put together as other shounen protags?

  2. Xeno Goku says:

    This was overkill man 💀💀
    Also like the fact Deku said you want my best here it is just like All might did against Might Guy

  3. dragon1130 says:

    “Take that Detroit” has got to be the best victory line I’ve ever heard.

  4. Coach Lombardi says:

    While I’m sad that another favorite character has kicked the bucket, I still love this fight. It made me even give Black Clover a watch later.

  5. Blackreti says:

    I’m glad Asta won, but I am gonna mention a few things. It’s not like Asta was 1v1’ing Dante and Lucifero, he got help in both instances. For Dante he was helped by Yami, who is still canonically stronger than him, and with Lucifero Asta was getting help from everyone and was getting ragdolled around the whole time. Lucifero even straight up said that he was the “easiest one to kill”.

    Asta still definitely beats Deku ten times over, but just wanted to add that context.

  6. King Henry III says:

    I loved how they reacted to each others different powers.
    “Aren’t swords supposed to be sharp?”
    “How are you not using magic?!!!!!”
    Also this fight was basically the nerdy jock vs the dumbass jock

    • Haxe ハクセー says:

      Speaking of Asta swords, only the first sword cant cut sharply, it can cause grazes and all that but is used more as a blunt weapon or shield at times, the rest of the swords, specially the katana he got from yami, can cut really sharply, specially given the property he gave to the 4th one where it will cut what Asta wants exclusively, not to mention Zetten that he is getting used to now, while deku powers are stupid, he doesnt have the same quick thinking on his own mid battle as Asta has, given how Asta also can read the ki of Deku and predict him or locate him no matter where he goes

    • Kensly Carpel says:

      @Joseph O’Connor My guy, he’s not. First of all, he isn’t an outcast in the way Naruto is, pretty much the entire Leaf village either hated, didn’t like, or steered clear of Naruto, meanwhile Asta has a community that loves and tolerates him, that community being his church and the entirety of Hage, unlike Naruto, he never has to worry about being alone. Asta’s only an outcast in his lack of magic, but then that would make him more comparable to Rock Lee than Naruto.

      Then there’s the mysterious power they both have. Naruto’s power isn’t really “mysterious” per say, to be mysterious, the power must be something relatively unknown to both the world of the series and us as the audience. Naruto gets his power from Kurama, and everyone knows it, it’s the reason they hate him so much, even he knows it, in order for Naruto’s pain to make sense to us, the source of his power can’t be overly mysterious as that’s the very source of his pain. With Asta, only the audience are aware of the devil, it only becomes something the characters are aware of well past the 100 episode mark with Zagred when they see the similarity he has to Asta when transformed.

      And finally, wanting to be friends with everyone. Asta does not want to be friends with everyone, he can be nice to you, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be your friend. When Naruto encounters an enemy he can sympathize with, the exchange will virtually go like “I understand your pain, but you shouldn’t be doing this”, while Asta in the same situation would say “I couldn’t care less why you did it, you made innocents suffer and now you gotta pay the consequences” like when he confronted Rades, Neige, and Patri, both acceptable ways to approach the same situation, with one being compassionate, and the other pragmatic, but obviously not the same.

    • EMO56 says:

      Bakugo is always very angry and is confrontational while asta is a kind hearted person who can be your worst nightmare if you push him to the point he actually wants to hurt you. Asta is more like goku with a better understanding of romance relationships and minus the “I want to fight the strongest person no matter the cost” personally.

    • WulfKnightArtorias says:

      @MrReyes 500 are you talking about the edge or flat of the blade? The edge is the normally the sharp side while the flat of the blade is well.. flat.

    • ThunderSmashFury says:

      Never call these twinks jocks ever again

  7. Vindex 730 says:

    I mean, asta not actually being able to fully utilize his abilities and -still- winning is just a testament to his training of push-ups, sit ups, and running… wait… why does this training regiment sound familiar…?

    Edit: Asta was trained by Saitama, this outcome just makes sense.

    • y2kv1 says:

      @Gamer Central the explanation they gave was that he wasn’t fast or strong enough, it’s like how Superman would easily stomp Scarlet Witch, doesn’t matter how many powers you have when you get blitzed before using any.

    • Gamer Central says:

      @y2kv1 but no quirks were used

    • y2kv1 says:

      @Gamer Central the animation and result are separately done, animation is just for your entertainment, the calculations and comparisons used current manga version

    • Kuufytaro says:

      @sarge,s recap is it inherently wrong to like opm?(I am asking this as someone who likes mha, black clover and opm)

    • NaisuRiceu says:

      @Gamer Central I thino Deku used Gear Shift on a building and Fa Jin in the final clash

  8. Anthony Thomas Jr. says:

    These two rookies really showed their unlimited powers. Cuz “Never Giving Up” is their magic and strength. PLUS ULTRA!

  9. Hydrix says:

    I honestly loved this death battle, never thought about this but it was so sick. And i kind of guessed asta would win, love asta to death

  10. Naomi King says:

    Asta’s and Deku commentary was funny 🤣 ASF! The voice actors did a great job 💯👍👏 and even though I’m a fan of both characters, Deku wasn’t going stand a chance against my boy Asta’s he tried his best but he lost the battle (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

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