Delta IV NROL-47 Live Launch Broadcast (Jan. 12, 2018)

Delta IV NROL-47 Live Launch Broadcast (Jan. 12, 2018)

Tune in live to watch the United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket launch the NROL-47 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office.

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22 Responses

  1. Garbage Octopus says:


  2. Frog Man says:

    Oh well

  3. Frog Man says:

    6.9k view and it hit top 3 trending

  4. BaidedFaid says:

    Great job ula

  5. Rrr Ggg says:

    1:45:18 The set it on fire!! LOL!!!1!! πŸ˜‰

    • Raptor22 says:

      They tend to do that. It’s not really something to freak out about. Then again, the way how you had a 1 thrown in all of those exclamation points kind of makes you look like a troll.

  6. Raptor22 says:

    How long was that thing on the pad? At 5:00 yesterday they said that it was T-minus 4 minutes.

  7. r mac says:

    Go ahead tell the world about it!

  8. Yassine says:

    Great work πŸ’ͺ

  9. dasoulfoodbuffet says:

    SpaceX wannabe’s.

    You’ll never be as cool.

  10. Shea Lavington says:

    Good Stuff starts : @1:40:48

  11. Pieter says:

    *Black knight satellite???*

  12. Pieter says:

    This is so boring compared to SpaceX’s launches

  13. Ya Boy Eddie says:

    Where’s the landing at? Come on it should be a priority by now. (I get spacex only does it)

  14. Arkadiem says:

    I’m a fan and supporter of any launch into space, great job ULA.
    Although yes, SpaceX did raise the bar with what they’re doing now.

  15. Toph City says:


  16. CirceXYZ says:

    Exciting! Technology is King

  17. Benz says:

    What’s this for?

  18. nirrec says:

    They’re launching a rocket into space ffs…. no matter who does it, or how they do it it’s feckin cool! Doing this should never be treated the same as catching a flight… it’s rocket science and it’s amazing!!!

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