DeMar DeRozan & Nick Young Team UP! DeMar Throws Ball AT REF In HEATED Drew League Game!

DeMar DeRozan & Nick Young Team UP! DeMar Throws Ball AT REF In HEATED Drew League Game!

DeMar DeRozan and Nick Young teammed up today at the Drew League in a heated game with a bunch of bullshit calls which resulted in DeMar getting mad at the ref at throwing the ball at him.
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20 Responses

  1. The Flash says:


    time watching this

  2. Mf18 2020 says:

    You came for 5:50 and 10:40 and 11:52 its all in 360p πŸ‘

  3. who? mike jones says:

    this comment is for da cats who use actual 2k moves in real life when they play ball

  4. Kevin Dale says:

    11:55 is what u came for, thank me later!

  5. Nguyen Squad says:

    Demar look like he in a cavs jersey

  6. Robert Farmer says:

    This video hella dark?

  7. Hakeem Rodgers says:

    nigga was mad as shit

  8. Scizor says:

    i can already hear him kekekekekekekeke

  9. Eric Liu says:

    nigga what the fuck 360p get yo 2013 ass outta here

  10. Justin Megadudecat says:

    Watch Demar get fined 10k

  11. Prestige NBA says:

    Derozan is a thug lol dude is straight disrespectful…I only wish he was like this in the playoffs tho

  12. Turgutcan Akkaya says:

    0:26 behind derozan that woman is hot damnnn

  13. drake james says:

    I bet Osn is going too react too this

  14. Adrian Lujambio says:

    lmao number 11 on white team still needs to be unlocked, my mans is so black hahaha

  15. Dylan Anderson says:

    He gonna get signed by the blue jays throwin like that πŸ˜‚

  16. Teal Mamba says:

    Love how they take this more serious than their NBA games. Demar is even keel in the NBA but everytime I see him here he’s emotional and going off on players and refs, and Nick Young plays defense in the drew league only lol

  17. ExpBows says:

    The Drew League Where LeBron’s opponents are in semi Cleveland jerseys

  18. Praise B says:

    anyone hear about Joel getting fined for saying fuck on insta? I swear this league getting soft ash

  19. reezy W says:

    yall must’ve forgot my nigga use to gang bangπŸ˜‚

  20. DeChosen1 says:

    This aint new hes been doing this at drew leauge he got that killa mentality aint taking no L’s in l.a because of a ref yall acting like he shot someoneπŸ˜‚ “this guy so disrespectfull hes a crip he a thug”

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