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20 Responses

  1. Darren Greene says:


  2. Stage Ready says:

    I Like It ! ?

  3. Denise Clay says:

    Great job ladies and the host too!!!

  4. Krissy JesusChild says:

    Awesome!! Kandi & Demetria, love you ladies!!

  5. Alonta'e Harvey says:

    love it. most fav part when roger bob and todd came

  6. simeko jackson says:

    Really like the song and video !!!!!!

  7. Madison says:

    I like it. The clip on RHOA didn’t do it justice

  8. Dejanae Travis says:


  9. Angel Preston says:

    Yaaazzz…..Demetria nd Kandi you ladies slayed this song nd video!! Loved

  10. Debra “kutee” Battle says:

    I like this one. I wish they would have use Andy and not this Andy

  11. King Misfit says:

    Finally some real R/B love it

  12. Phyllis Brown says:

    I like it…Kandi looked great (pregnant and all)…Demetria did
    too…kudos ladies!

  13. Kayla Mcclenan says:

    yaaaas, finally, some good shit! Kandi girl you give so much FACE and Soul,
    I forgot you was pregnant, Demetria, girl your vocals are legit!!

  14. Lashasta Williams says:

    This video is the bomb and I love the story in the video.

  15. prettyinpurp says:

    This is great!! Demetria is so good! of course Kandi is as well! the video
    well done! whoop whoop!

  16. Lesley Harris says:

    nice video

  17. BrenionaireDonJuan says:

    the song is actually cool, I’m feeling it they looking good in the video
    too, str8 old school 90’s feel, good job

  18. Simone Mackey says:

    I love it! Demetria & Kandi are a good collab

  19. MzlovingMe Edwards says:

    I Love It… Great Collabo!!!

  20. Courtney Austin says:

    …and another HIT for Kandi! Demetria congratulations! You work so well