Demi Lovato Covers Adele’s “Hello” | Seattle’s Fall Ball

Demi Lovato Covers Adele’s “Hello” | Seattle’s Fall Ball

Demi’s flawless cover of Adele’s newest single “Hello” during Seattle’s Fall Ball on November 14, 2015. SO GOOD.

I do not own any of the music involved. No copyright intended. All credit goes to Adele, Demi Lovato, and all writers and producers involved.

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20 Responses

  1. Morgan H says:

    This is good, but I think Adele is still better.

  2. Joana Silva says:

    Demi consegue tornar qualquer musica mais incrível do que já era!!!

  3. Sad Banana says:

    what a horrible cover of a beautiful song by a slut that is a project of

  4. Doge says:

    fuk dat bitch i miss sonny

  5. iam Sam says:


  6. Marije Zuurveld says:


  7. VamptasticVamp says:

    She has a great voice but her music company, song and music writers, PR is
    doing a bad job. I mean can you actually sing me a Demi Levato song? I mean
    if your not a devoted fan. See? …Nothing. It’s the same with Rita Ora.

  8. David Silva says:

    Aquele momento que você começa a gostar da música. #QueenD

  9. Evan Okeefe says:


  10. Marina P. says:


  11. Vampyre Time says:

    She has such a great voice and her body is so sick.

  12. Diego e cibelle vilhena says:

    gostosa com esses braços meio gordinho gostosa

  13. ilovejbxkatrillion says:

    ??????my queen

  14. Tiffany Blair says:

    Holy crap. That was amazing!

  15. Shikkia White says:

    Yasssss she did that!!!!!! You better sing it!!!!! ????????? I
    lovveee Demi Lovato!!!!!! Can’t wait till #FutureNowTour

  16. Gustavo Augusto says:

    q voz é essaaaa ?????

  17. Terrell West says:

    Its a no for me ✋?

  18. Baad Rule (LABORIOUS) says:

    The Truth Is: I Only Clicked On This Video To See The VIEWS & Ratings! & I
    Couldn’t Be Bothered Go Play This Video Even Though I Like Demi! Everyone
    Artists Wgo Sings This Song Scream Their Loudest Until Thier Face Cracks
    Into Wrinkles! Adele can Stand Still & Bust All Notes! But No Covers Can
    Compete With ADELE! No Other Songs Can Beat Any All Of Adele Albums! This
    Is The First Time I Love Adele Because I Realised Musicians Like Beyonce
    Are Shit & Music In General Is Fading Away. I Wasnt A Fan Back In 2011
    Because She Wanted To Give Up On Singing & I Thought After Her Vocal
    Surgery There Wont Be Adele! However Now She Lost Weight, Created A New
    Album, Came Back Stronger & Is Worlds Most Loved! #NumbersDontLie!

  19. Sketch 352 says:

    Absolutely adore the way Adele sings and Demi has done such a fantastic
    song that I think she edges her slightly when you compare their live
    performances. This song though doesn’t require much in terms of vocals.
    Great track but complete childplay compared to Stone Cold.

  20. TheFlashstickman says:

    dang! she’s good. sounds allot like Adele