Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her Relapse

Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her Relapse

Demi Lovato opened up to Ellen about what led to her relapse and overdose in 2018. Plus, she debuted a clip from the music video for her empowering new single, “I Love Me.”


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65 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    I pray and hope that Demi will never relapse again, she is such an inspiration

    • Arione Criner says:

      the avg relapse is 5 if you’re still alive

    • Bailey Johnson says:

      ScarlettP aswell

    • Andi Gomez says:

      She might tho, and that’s okay. I think that’s the point, we all struggle with something, everybody’s got a trouble, and we don’t always stay on a clear path, we stumble and get lost, but if we find our way back, then maybe that’s all that matters.

    • Lost Mythologies says:

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      Thank you 🙏

  2. Ashley June says:

    I’ve been struggling with my sobriety for a year now and this was exactly what I needed to hear to get out of my head and realize that I can do this. Thank you Demi for being you and showing the truth to addiction and creating more open conversation. This is what people like me need, to not feel like such a failure and to be able to reach out to people when I need without fear of the stigma that often surrounds addicts.

  3. Gina says:

    she really does look so much happier and more confident and herself. I’m happy she is still with us using her platform to spread the message

  4. Steven La says:

    “and i asked for help, and i didn’t receive the help”

    quite a statement right here

  5. Dickxya Rai says:

    I’m so glad that she’s not with her previous selfish team

  6. Kingbear24 says:

    I wish Mac Miller can be on here talking about the same thing , r.i.p

  7. 420 says:

    i really like how ellen goes into the topic very respectfully & doesn’t try to get to the point asap, as any other interviewer probably would have .

  8. Matthew Solis says:

    I love how she says “you take the responsibility”. Kids and adults have the trouble. Once you accept the fact you have a problem..then comes the understanding of how to fix the problem.

    • can you be my nightingale? says:

      She’s grown so much ❤

    • Steve Thea says:

      @Kira Grima-Williams McValue box was 19.95 last year, now $22.95
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      Soft serve price keeps going up too.

    • Janelle says:

      Lewey The Frog I mean I don’t think she blamed her team. She was just saying her team leaving her kind of just got to the best of her emotions and the way she dealt with those emotions weren’t the best. I think Demi is mature enough to realize that what she did was nobody else’s fault but her own. The important thing now tho is that she seems to be in a better place and she’s happy

  9. Alysa Batzios says:

    Ellen’s show is like a safe space.

  10. Madachi nguyen says:

    She is such an inspiration honestly. She takes full responsibility to what she did to herself. That takes so much and i believe only a handful of people are strong enough to do that. Sure other factors played part in it, but taking the full responsibility also means that she can now hopefully have peace with herself. And she is so so soo strong for talking about this on a big platform because im sure its super hard to talk about this (and while staying strong). A lot of people dont understand how hard it is to rehabilitate. People dont look at what plays behind the decisions that others make. How she worded it was so well thought out and im happy for her for inspiring people who are going through the same

  11. May May says:

    “Depression is like drowning in a pool and people telling you to breathe” stay blessed x

    “Or when your colourblind, people try and tell how colourful the world is” 🦋

  12. care bear says:

    I don’t think people understand how much of an influence she has on all of her young fans, especially those who are going through the same thing. It’s sad seeing all the jokes about her overdose and weight. Being this open and transparent about something so dark and ultimately taking her own responsibility is amazing. Everyone who overcomes it is incredibly brave and strong for doing so. Demi using her voice without shame shows she trully is a beautiful person inside out.

    • Air 22 says:

      @Bria Barrows I don’t know how u feel because depression is different for everybody but still makes us inside feel hurt. That people can’t see

    • Lorenz Meyer says:

      hm but the young fans dont have milions of $, this is what scares me

  13. Crystal Rainn says:

    We’ve all grown up with this girl. Her smile has always been so grand and beautiful. I’m so glad she’s here to speak her story; it’s inspiring really; I hope to one day follow in her footsteps of solid sobriety. ♥️

  14. Alana Musical says:

    I know this is serious but when she pointed at the camera my heart literally dropped…

  15. Shay 25 says:

    I love how Demi talks about her addiction. Alot of people think addicts are junkies on the street. They are the PTA moms, your neighbor, coworkers, best friend etc… More awareness needs to be brought on this subject. Thank you Demi for sharing your story we love you ❤❤

  16. gorgeouss79 says:

    I love how Ellen allowed her to speak her truth and not interrupt her.

  17. gabycal ! says:

    She’s so gorgeous. Her smile is literally radiant.

  18. Z G says:

    Wait, her “team” of paid professionals to help and assist a famous pop stars were asked for help and said she was being selfish?

  19. Ana Cláudia Mascarenhas says:

    I can’t even imagine how she managed to talk about this without dropping a single tear. She’s truly amazing and strong. I really hope she stays sober and in a good path!

  20. Christopher Alex says:

    When Demi pointed to the camera saying: You at home.. I felt like : Yes, she is speaking to me! I’m not crying, you are crying!😭😍 She is such an angel! She desirves BEST of THE BEST!💪🏼 P.S.: Her speach, got me like: DEMI FOR PRESIDENT!💪🏼👑❤✌🏻🤩

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