Demi Lovato Overdose 911 Call | TMZ

Demi Lovato Overdose 911 Call | TMZ

Demi Lovato’s friends wanted to keep her OD on the DL … asking paramedics to come to her house without sirens.


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105 Responses

  1. Ulisses Peralta says:


  2. atm tazz says:

    She still aint let comethazine get some top🤕😭


    goes to show all that money in the world, and yet you’re still not happy sad

  4. Kimberly Bee says:

    This is crazy she was doing so good , I feel so sorry for her

    • gg Stam says:

      kenan davis okey keep saying what you’re saying… But just because I don’t like reading stupid and wrong things like that, addiction is not a choice. But you have an opinion which I do not agree with but I will respect it. I could keep going about how what you say it’s wrong but as I said before, I know I can’t change your mind so I am not going to try.

    • gg Stam says:

      Tranceformation just because homeless people overdose doesn’t mean that we should not show sympathy to anyone. And not just because she is famous but because everyone with These kind of problems deserve all the help that they can get.

    • Charles Veryspecial says:

      Kimberly Bee u r soooo 😍😍😍😍

    • Dustin Mullins says:

      Why? She did this to herself

  5. Carolina Ibarra says:

    The people that were with her are not her friends.

  6. AbsolutMal says:

    I bet she said that she didn’t want sirens because she didn’t want this to get out to the public.

  7. GMoney says:

    Junkies gonna junkie

    • dgbsea 4 says:

      ur so emotionally invested. shouldn’t let that get to u

    • Caitlin Sharp says:

      dgbsea 4 I work at a clinic for opioid addiction so I actually am educated on the topic and know a thing or two about addiction. It’s not emotion, it’s medical facts and education. If you are not interested in having any understanding of the disease or the opioid epidemic that’s occurring in the US, then move on and go do something better rather than bash her for something you can’t even understand.

    • Joe Mannix says:

      People eat people gonna shit.

    • West brook the goat says:

      Caitlin Sharp she’s a junkie

    • GMoney says:

      Caitlin Sharp
      No one cares 😂

  8. CizzfamJamya _ says:

    This is so sad , Alexa play “This is Me” by Demi Lovato

  9. peter carl says:

    whole gang full of drug addicts lol

  10. Damien Hardin says:

    Demi was doing that Disney brand meth

  11. mama Wolf says:

    *TMZ IS SO MESSY AND ORGANIZED AT THE SAME DAMN TIME* 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏼‍♀️🙈 *like wow* 😂😂😂

  12. ScarlettP says:

    Celebrities always hear about tragic news of how of how other celebrities die from drugs and yet they still do it

  13. YoursTruly TrulyYours says:

    Junki Lovato 🤔🤔🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. Maranatha Truth says:

    You could not pay me to be famous. Its demonic.

  15. SunnYz says:

    It’s so funny yall defending her but when its lil peep yall scold the shit out of him for doing drugs, I am so done

  16. comicbook cazt says:

    Weed doesnt do this to people

    • T U R K - 1 8 2 says:

      Nazir Queen of Swords that usually only happens when people abuse the plant & smoke WAY too much, and do so for a very long period of time. Most regular smokers dont get side effects like that, you really have to be going overboard to get that way, like smoking first thing in the morning then all day long. I get side effects a little bit like that but it’s only because I smoke all day, but I’m ok with that because I’ve used it to get off the huge amounts of opiates my Dr had me on after a bad car wreck

    • T U R K - 1 8 2 says:

      Callie Callie J. All drugs are bad?Really? What about the drugs that save people’s lives like the medication for people with hiv that stop the progression of the virus? Drugs save lives everyday.

    • Ok ok ok says:

      I depends on personality, if you are dummy you will be dummy, doesn’t matter you smoke weed or not. If you are cool you will be fine with or without weed. Fact

    • West brook the goat says:

      pink . poze it’s not a drug tho I feel normal & been sober for a month now 🙂

    • West brook the goat says:

      Callie Callie J. Weeds safer than alcohol:)

  17. kur bona says:

    “From Camp Rock to Crack Rock” – Anonymous😂


    *Luke Rockhold , what did u do to her hahaha*

  19. T says:

    I feel no sympathy for drug addicts. YOU picked up the needle and stuck it in your arm no one told you to do it. YOU did it to yourself.

    • Khoddiey Clark says:

      I agree with this, but she made the choice to do the drugs, no one made her.

    • smol beans says:

      Same. It was all her choice! I dont get why so many people are supporting her..

    • DarthRey Dulla says:

      T yeah she is a grown ass woman. She knows what she was doing

    • Reann says:

      smol beans Ppl are supporting her because she’s been sober for 6 years then she relapsed in April and her new friends probably influenced her to do drugs again, we are supporting her because we don’t want to see her in the dark place she was in before

    • smol beans says:

      Reann SHE HAD THE CHOICE TO NOT RELAPSE. And she chose to take pills and stab herself with a needle.

  20. Hunter says:

    Demi needs to get rid of these “Friends” who cheer her to do drugs/alcohol!!
    She was doing GOOD for 6 years!! what kind of “friend” sabotages another like that??!! smh
    Demi DESERVES better!!

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