Democrats One Seat Away From Senate Control

Democrats One Seat Away From Senate Control

NBC projects Mark Kelly wins re-election for Arizona Senate, putting Democrats one seat away from holding onto control. It comes as Nevada’s Senate race remains a dead heat. NBC’s Steve Kornacki breaks it down from the Big Board.
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Ballots were cast and results of the 2022 midterm elections are still trickling in. Follow the most important races as House and Senate control still hangs in balance:

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25 Responses

  1. S Red says:

    This dude is a game time commentator – how beautiful ballots move, what votes should do, their best county and how they defend attacks, hi-fi each other, etc.

    • G Davis says:

      Herschel Walker bragged that he was going to win, just like his orange god. Look what happened. I hope Dump campaigns for him. That’ll get the Dems vote out (as republicans like to call us). Go Trumpty go!!!

    • Joe Hartmann says:

      They need a naked weather girl

  2. Octonolite 0 says:

    Kornacki makes the dry business of explaining data charts certainly compelling and even somewhat soothing. His calm expertise makes the bad news go down a little easier and the good news doubly satisfying. Glad to have him on the tube.

  3. alvin medina says:

    Steve is awesome . other networks tried to do a Steve thing , Steve has the board on lock

  4. Lisa Levin says:

    Great Job Steve🎉🎉🎉🎉

  5. Jonesy says:

    Kornaki outfit is like 10 yrs old and still looks as crisp as the day he took it out the box . This man is on Tom Brady legendary status . Folks enjoy and appreciate what we’re witnessing. It’s a once in a lifetime talent how easy this man makes it look.

    • Aily Yang says:

      Gap comp needs to give this man a different outfit and colors.😢😅

    • Andy Roo says:

      He needs to go home, take a shower, take a nap, enjoy a decent meal, change his clothes and then come back to give us numbers. He has been wearing that same set of clothes since 08NOV22!!!

    • Claymore says:

      @paul herring … WTH? How do you arrive at such a complete fiction? I’m a 66 yo democrat who happens to absolutely appreciate Kornacki. You sir on the other hand are not what our democracy needs. You sound like an emotional Republican. Shame on you for being so reactionary and totally off target. And yes! Those poochy pants are distracting.

    • paul herring says:

      @Claymore Cope harder Trump chump. Steve Kornacki keeps reporting the numbers that make you crap your undies. There’ll be more of the same tonight. Then we can just sit back and laugh while you start hollering about how it was all rigged for the Dems. Meanwhile you got suckered by a bunch of fly by night junk pollsters into believing a big fat red tsunami was going to bury the Dems. Now your hero pundits over at Fox are trying to splain what happened to the wave that wasn’t while wiping the egg off their faces. I’ll be celebrating when the Senate is called blue tonight with a bottle I brought especially for this occasion. Ta Ta.

    • Adrian Montano says:

      A political nerd at his best😅

  6. Julian Ruggiero says:

    Regardless of which way the seats end up going, this midterm election has renewed my faith in humanity and the American people. I think we can finally see that a comfortable majority of people are fed up with MAGA-ism and the insanity that revolves around it. Good work, my fellow Americans!

  7. Lesly Suzelhomme says:

    I think Steve has a PHD in statistics, it’s so easy to interpret data with him, he may be a great teacher due to the facts he presents to support his statements. Good on you Mr. Kornaki.

  8. Niekko says:

    Can you hear and taste the anticipation in his voice🎉

  9. OK Boomer says:

    Imagine if they just raised that screen a half a foot then this guy would never have future back problems.


    Give this guy a raise he on top of his job

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