DEMOLITION: Official HD Trailer

DEMOLITION: Official HD Trailer

Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal), a successful investment banker, struggles after losing his wife in a tragic car crash. Despite pressure from his father in law Phil (Chris Cooper) to pull it together, Davis continues to unravel. What starts as a complaint letter to a vending machine company turns into a series of letters revealing startling personal admissions. Davis’ letters catch the attention of customer service rep Karen (Naomi Watts) and, amidst emotional and financial burdens of her own, the two form an unlikely connection. With the help of Karen and her son Chris (Judah Lewis), Davis starts to rebuild, beginning with the demolition of the life he once knew.

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20 Responses

  1. Juliette Yanna says:

    Jake is my favourite actor I SO CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HIM IN THIS MOVIE

  2. 15heartz says:

    is he gay?

  3. Ed Mame says:

    This is Walter Matthau as a hipster!


    thanks for showing the whole movie in the dam trailer fox.

  5. crazycat1301 says:

    What is the song that plays at the beginning of this trailer?

  6. Jacob Elliott says:


  7. Joshalots says:

    Hey it’s his October Sky father.

  8. Saschi w says:

    Jake, what shall I say… You are just amazing. A true inspiration

  9. Abhew Kharisma says:

    I love short movie like this!

  10. SupplySide Jesus says:

    Looks fucking gay.

    I love it.

    – Best Executive 3026

  11. JR H says:

    This guys deserve a Oscar before Leonardo.

  12. jackson woth says:

    first i feel boring stupid then the last 5 seconds i wanna watch this movie

  13. Ethan Perez says:

    I love Jake but what is it with Jake’s wife dying in his past two movies?

  14. Rex Kristoffer says:

    Might be good if it doesn’t get too corny.

  15. DYE9 says:

    Heart-Crazy on you. Love this song.

  16. Johan _ says:


  17. Ryan Gibson says:

    For some reason i feel like the message of this movie is taking things
    apart and putting them back together..

  18. Black Bear says:

    I have a friend who worked on this movie. Jake’s character kills his wife.
    He’s basically a psychopath with split personality disorder.


    What the FUK is this a comedy a drama some gibbby stuff
    I don’t know how to …………….

  20. God says:

    So is no one going to thank me for making Jake Gyllenhaal?