Demonstrations continue across the United States over the death of George Floyd | USA TODAY

Demonstrations continue across the United States over the death of George Floyd | USA TODAY

Demonstrations over the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis, MN on Monday, continue to spread across the nation. USA TODAY is providing some live video from those demonstrations in certain cities.

This livestream may contain adult language and violent imagery and may not be suitable for all audiences.

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“The situation in Minnesota is no longer in any way about the murder of George Floyd. It is about attacking civil society, instilling fear and disrupting our great cites,” Gov. Tim Walz said in an earlier press conference.

The mayors of the Twin Cities echoed the governor’s claim that a majority of protesters were from outside Minnesota but did not immediately provide details.

Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, died Monday after a white Minneapolis police officer kept his knee pressed into his neck for more than eight minutes. Across the country, protesters took to the streets for a fourth day to express their anger of his death.

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62 Responses

  1. Keto•tic says:

    3:41:41 C A R D I O

  2. Who spilled My beans says:

    I think we shouldn’t bring children to protest, that little baby walking so fast with his mom looked so scared. He should be at home sleeping,

    • Kyle Mulverhill says:

      @L C so true my friend

    • Kyle Mulverhill says:

      @Uzzyonline what white priviledge? Sorry to inform ya but i didnt get my white check this month…my ancestors died fighting for the rights and the abolishment of slavery…this aint about black or white and our actions decide who we are not our skin color

    • Reyvaldo Soetiman says:

      @McNugget Fan i dont agree mate young generation will be ready when the times comes
      Let them be a children that just know to be happy dont ruin their childhood
      Not good for their mentality if you do it right now
      Plus the circle of evil must be cut

    • zheng jun says:

      good idea

    • Max Lopez says:

      That child will be the one who will bring racism to its knees in the usa, its more dangerous for that child to see a police officer kill a beautiful human and nothing done about it & there is no time to use our polluted hearts but to use a brains world needs love trump is a hater and heart polluter

  3. Guess GY says:

    What’s a beautiful sight to behold

  4. Cr8ive Amboy77 says:

    There should be indignation but c’mon people, the bad cops and Elite are taunting and luring u into an ambush! We are like lab mice.

  5. MaOtWe says:

    If this were happening in any other country, the United States would probably be calling for regime change by now or would have invaded the country on these scenes if the president of that country had threatened to hit it’s citizens with “ominous weapons” and vicious dogs in throwing some crap like WMD like iraq hypocrite USA. countries around the globe should at least put some sanctions on US

    • Eric says:

      @Ben Owens You Westerners calling Easterners ignorant… How laughable. Tell me what language are we speaking now? I speak your language. I understand your culture deeply. I understand your society and systems deeply. Do you speak any East Asian languages? Do you understand East Asian culture deeply? Do you know any East Asian history? And here you are calling us ignorant. We know you better than you know us!

    • Ms. Lehkel says:

      @Eric according to the US census, you are white. Welcome to white privilege in America! Cheers!🥠🥡🍻🥂🍹

    • zheng jun says:

      @S G you can not play dumb

    • zheng jun says:

      @Ben Owens if you want to know more,go to hongkong and ask hongkong people,you do not known the political manipulation?

    • zheng jun says:

      @Yang Zhou 你叫不醒装睡的人

  6. chj Magic says:


  7. LOGAN YT says:

    Covid19 : Mukbang !

  8. Attila Nagy says:

    Humanity is ripe for extinction.

  9. Joel Villarreal says:

    People need to know about police provocatuers that pose as protesters and provoke violence to entice violent protesting and you know what happens next

  10. Günther Schepke says:

    The USA government should be sanctioned for its treatment to its own citizens.

    • Zombie Trumpocalypse The Sequel says:

      @Mason, What happened In cuba? The PIGs are nothing more than army of occupation; meant to insure white privilege. The Holy Trinity has ordered all PIGs, State PIGs, and national guard; be executed on sight.

    • Zombie Trumpocalypse The Sequel says:

      ​@Mason, What happened In cuba? Once all racist-PIGs are dead. There will be no one to stop us from burning this entire piece of shit country, Americaca, to the ground.

    • Hannah Dikibo says:

      Mason, What happened In cuba? Not just one person but multiple this has happened a lot

    • Hannah Dikibo says:

      Mason, What happened In cuba? But he’s sending people to kill protesters and we all know he’s a racist man

    • Danny P says:


  11. kwan wing choy says:

    Be careful and bring along with an 🌂

  12. GONGYU WEI says:


    • zheng jun says:

      @Mike Wilson 欢迎来搞,记者同志

    • zheng jun says:

      @Claudia Rejane 被西方媒体洗脑的可怜狗。你选的特朗普又怎么样?他们想强奸你们这些贱民不是照样强奸,你是被统治的,不要想着你是主人。自我安慰。警察杀死了黑人,为什么政府没有顺应民意?照样派军队镇压你们

    • Chiang Cheng Kooi says:

      Democracy but only two party to choose.

    • Chiang Cheng Kooi says:

      The God must be angry because US accuse China for creating the virus.

    • Zhao W says:

      wolfalb exactly, only witness. But in the end nothing will change. U have to go back to work to be exploited. So what u have is real bullets, lies from elite family controlled politicians, and freedom to shout out before being arrested. In the end those innocent will still be sacrificed day by day, years after years. I don’t think thing will be fundamentally changed/improved for another two decades

  13. Billyham Richard says:

    “Mum, I can’t breathe”….Free U.S

    • Lorelei King says:

      ​@TrenTacos Lol, the standard (and incorrect) biology professor BS followed by sir. I bet you don’t even know there’s trans men, too. You might have even taken a shit next to one in a public bathroom without the foggiest idea.
      Let me lay some education on you. There are 23 pairs of Chromosomes None of those are perfect. They can be one thing and show up as something else. For example, There are cisgender men with XX and cisgender women with XY, There are people who have X, XXX, XXY, XYY, and so on. Not one of these sets determines a persons actual physical characteristics on its own. They may have a heavy pressure on the outcome, but they aren’t set in stone. Try actually going and getting an education or reading even the most basic, up to date doctoral publications on the matter and you’ll see just how stupid you sound.
      I may have been born male, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a woman. Sex and Gender are different. Typically a male assumes the role of a man, but not always. Sex is what genitals you have. Gender is closer to what role you play in society.
      Now go back to school and actually pay attention. You might learn something about yourself.

    • Lorelei King says:

      Lol, Here we go again, spreading BS about how we’re free and the armed forces do this and that. The whole “I’m better than you becus I served my country because I followed the orders passed down through the chain of command by a deranged lunatic” Mentaility is bullshit. Imagine a world where we didn’t need people telling us how to live our lives, or how our morals are supposed to be. Check yourself. Your idiocy is showing.

    • Lorelei King says:

      @WhenLifeGetsDepressing Until those legal statutes actually are enforced equally and apply to everyone, no.

    • TrenTacos says:

      @Lorelei King you’re right. I did follow orders from a deranged lunatic. Both deployments were under the Obama administration. But all of that aside, you need to chill dude. I could care less if you like to dress up like a woman. It’s your right and I respect that. You’re not causing me or anyone else any harm by doing that but a black man just died once again at the hands of police. I think we have bigger things to worry about that your sexual orientation. Step off your podium, the spot light is not yours, despite what you may think.

    • TrenTacos says:

      @Majik 2.0 I’m so gay! Look at how gay I am! Never mind a man was just killed again. Look at my gayness! I’m the real victim here! Look at meeeee!!!

  14. Generation X says:

    6:23 My man over here dancing and hippity hoppiting on top of that there dumbster shirtless singing 123 I got to get it and that’s fo sho

  15. corone2018 says:

    WHY this needs to be done why ? Because nothing else has ever worked that why , why can police hurt people why? Why do they get the right to hit & shoot people with slugs ,mase , flashbangs, tear gas , battons why do they abuse the powers given to them why are the people scared of them why don’t they serve and protect as they supposed to why do they have no remorse for human life WHY Why is the question why after all this negative treatment , why should we hide why should we vow down to the law and obey when the law breaks their own laws they set why is why we burn this city down because the why is why we are here today , today is why we ask ourself why not should this city burn down when the people who run this cities don’t care or give a shit if we burn ………Get your national guards Get your cops to inflame the situation more by infiltrating the protestors with your puppets to make us all look bad just so you can inflict pain on us WHY? Black life’s matter all life’s matter!! Say it proud say it loud !!

  16. PETECAROLAN says:

    I live in Australia. Ive visited th USA and I have seen first hand how coloured people are mistreated and how the Police outwardly display arrogance militia style. Your government needs to take a long hard look at itself and cull the bad culture in the Police force.

    • joseph mak says:

      their MIGHTY mr president Trump always use the name “human right” to attack other countries and to send troops to destroy the other countries, but he never respects the basic human right in his own “great country” ……. what a SHAME !!

    • Wt F says:

      Yeah and your country treats your aboriginal people so well ,you got room to talk .

    • 100cv cv says:

      George Floyd is a PORNSTAR just so you know. And he choked out a women and beat her up.

    • Carl Johnson says:

      No one cares where you live.

    • Alan Childs says:

      television has trained everyone into thinking police brutality is ok.

  17. Steve Trano says:

    Rod Sterling presents….wheres al Sharptoni in all this ..

  18. Supri Bodong says:

    We are still waiting how the human rights is run in the US 😂😂😂

  19. Simon Riley says:

    I imagine what will happen to the officer who murdered george floyd when he goes to jail Black people will wait for him in jail

  20. oo ff says:

    Genuine Question: has a civil protest ever solved anything ever? I’m not good at history.

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