Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper Comfort Will Smith After Oscars Slap

Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper Comfort Will Smith After Oscars Slap

Will Smith had Denzel Washington to thank for giving him words of wisdom following his win for Best Actor at the 2022 Oscars and his jaw-dropping moment onstage where he slapped comedian Chris Rock across the face after he made a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. Will shared what Denzel said to him in his acceptance speech, saying: “He said, ‘At your highest moment, be careful. That’s when the devil comes for you.'” Tyler Perry and Bradley Cooper also consoled Will in the slap aftermath.

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Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper Comfort Will Smith After Oscars Slap


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42 Responses

  1. bad influencer inc says:

    Will slapped and humiliated Chris, he’s not the only one having a family

    • RoseofSharon says:

      @SG Chris may not have known she had a medical condition . I don’t see nothing wrong being compared to G.I. Jane , she is an awesome Shero character, a Soldier, Nurse and protector . I don’t see anything wrong with GI Jane nice shave head, why jump to the negative why not look at the positive when you hear the joke. I have Alopecia areata and a Bald head. It would be a compliment to me if he called me G.I. Jane in a joke. I guess it all depends on where your heart is at🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Jin Xing says:

      I want to hug Chris #iamwithchrisrock

    • Saloni Verma says:


    • Gil Sal says:

      @Richard Weinsteiger yes Chris is a comedian but he also done plenty of acting and made some good films.

    • Gil Sal says:

      @JC2020 after all that mess, from a while ago. I don’t understand why Doesn’t he leave her. I saw the conversation and it felt so one sided on her end while will just had to take the punches. The kids are adults and don’t need to be shelter. Will needs his peace in mind, before he does something worse. He’s lucky that Chris had decided to not press charges on him, but they’re may not be a next time if he continues doing stuff like this.

  2. B Cole says:

    What a sad world we live in when a person can assault someone else and suffer no repercussions

  3. John Baker says:

    Honestly my respect for Chris Rock shot up. He handled that better than most people would have and just rolled with the punches (pun intended)

    • Shavette Johnson says:

      And my respect for him shot down and my respect for Will shot up.

    • Daebak says:

      @Jason Brusch I am fan of will Smith but how is he gonna assault another man over a fairly mild joke by a comedian when he allows other men to rail his wife? He’s not protecting his wife’s honor when she has no honor to begin with. Showing aggression and asserting your “dominance” over someone smaller/weaker doesn’t make you a man that’s tge behavior of an insecure manchild/boy.

    • Daebak says:

      @Peace Minded why is wives and kids left out of it but husbands are free game?

    • Andreas Haavik says:

      @Peace Minded Agree to disagree then.

    • Peace Minded says:

      @Andreas Haavik as long as you understand his over the top response was deeper than one comment at one moment. Life is seldom black and white, grey and nuanced.

  4. Dr. B. says:

    Assault on national TV by Smith and he gets to sit through the whole show (rather than being escorted out immediately by Oscars) and even delivers a speech in self gratification!!!

    • About Time says:

      You are absolutely right. All of the people in that building were in fear of the power Smith wielded. To make a move on him was a career ending decision.

  5. James barbato says:

    Only in Hollywood can you witnessed a crime and then a few minutes later get a standing ovation.
    Now you know why Harvey was able to do what he did for years

    • Tiestokygo Ericprydz says:

      @Emia Kum no

    • Jack Spring says:

      That’s Hollyweird for you. In fact Smith was laughing his ass off at Chris’ joke until he saw his wife wasn’t amused.

    • TheTruthWillSetYouFree ButFirstItWillPizzYouOff says:


    • margareth michelina says:

      Imagine if The Rock or John Cena or any other WWE Wrestlers made that joke, I don’t think Will Smith dare to do that

    • Rita Rosa says:

      that s the thing that stands out the most for me. bunch of hypocrites. the “joke” was of bad taste but there was a physicak aggression on stage and they don’t immediately stop the show and support Chris??

  6. Isaac Urias says:

    Honestly I felt bad for Chris but I admire him even more being professional keeping it going

    • milky says:

      @Ryan lex a bad joke lasts a moment, a bad attitude is always remembered

    • meachy says:

      @Christopher D Six years ago? I wasn’t talking about that one. Earlier in the show Regina Bell did a bit claiming Will was single, because Jada would allow him to be. They started the show off wrong with that.

    • Converge says:

      @Mandy Magbanua Chris Rock was tangling after he was hit but stayed stiff. He handled it very well

    • Mandy Magbanua says:

      Jada does’nt deserve anything,she doesn’t even deserve Will Smith.Jada can do better than Will Smith.

    • Lazy Daisy says:

      @Shavette Johnson what a dumb comment 😂 It’s not a comedy show because he said something offensive? Dumb!!!! Have you ever seen comedy? Most of it is offensive. We’re supposed to check with everyone and make sure their little feelings didn’t get hurt? Get over it. This is by far the silliest and most unaware comment I’ve ever seen. It’s not comedy if it’s offensive 😂😂😂😂

  7. Celine White says:

    As much as I don’t like Chris jokes but I have mad respect on the way he handled the situation

  8. abstract art says:

    Chris has my respect for his professionalism not the abuser, his joke was out of place but so was violence

    • Wolfie says:

      the joke wasn’t even that bad

    • Strategic1 says:

      Comedians joke about pedophelia, murder, and drug addiction. It wasn’t bad taste as one of the points of comedy is too take terrible things and laugh instead of cry.

    • M. H. Meliau says:

      It’s really not human to make fun of someone’s illness. That’s a shame and an insult.

    • nEosapienZ says:

      @SHOTOTHESAVAGE I know exactly what I wouldn’t have done. You’re full of it. If you sympathize with him, just say it and leave the rest of your rationalizing out of it. No excuse for what he did, and no excuse for the Academy not removing him.


      Chris should get no respect either. You dont joke about someone elses family. It was supposed to be Wills night. Joke about Will, not his wife. So he just as in the wrong. And its funny how we all know Jada has Alopecia…but Chris didn’t? No, doesnt add up. He knew and Jada has been public about since 2018. Stop excusing him. Also, leave the dumbass narrative of being the bigger person behind. People are disrespected in so many ways and this is what we’re told. Fuck that, you disrespect my spouse and Im going to make you pay hell for it; and for all the people saying that they would handle it differently, shut up. Cause you dont know what you would have done in that position. You werent there and it wasnt your spouse being attcked. Chris got exactly what he deserved. Dont forget, it isnt his first time he made fun of Jada.

  9. Jean M says:

    Comforting & consoling, blaming the devil for his violence, blaming love for his craziness-NO.💁🏻‍♀️

  10. Kevin c/o sidelines says:

    Will has earned a lot of respect from his past performances, we all know that much. But his burst of rage was in extremely poor taste and the academy and his fellow actors should not condone, or diminish what happened. If it were someone less than a highly likable class A superstar, the expulsion would have been immediate. This should not be tolerated and punitive, and/or legal actions are well deserved. Chris took it like a Much bigger man.. “a literal punchline for years to come”.

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