Denzel Washington Reveals the Aftermath of Will Smith’s Slap at the Oscars to T.D. Jakes

Denzel Washington Reveals the Aftermath of Will Smith’s Slap at the Oscars to T.D. Jakes

During the 2022 International Leadership Summit, T.D. Jakes hosted a Master Class session with Denzel Washington. During their Master Class, they briefly discussed Denzel Washington’s role in the immediate aftermath of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Award.

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Denzel Washington is a groundbreaking actor, director, and producer. His unforgettable performances have garnered him two Academy Awards, three Golden Globes, a Tony Award, and countless others. He received his first Oscar for the historical war drama “Glory” and his second for the crime thriller “Training Day.” This year, he’s nominated yet again for “The Tragedy of Macbeth.” He won a Tony for his performance in August Wilson’s “Fences.”

After starting his career in New York theater, he rose to fame when he landed a star-making role on the T.V. series “St. Elsewhere.” Recently, he produced “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” for Netflix and directed “A Journal for Jordan.” As the recipient of both the AFI Life Achievement Award and the Golden Globes’ Cecil B. DeMille Award, he cemented his legacy in Hollywood and beyond.

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37 Responses

  1. Outy Man says:

    Will Smith is not an empty vessel, which is possessed by either good or evil at any given moment. He is an accountable individual who makes his own choices, and did.

    • Kevin Carrigan says:

      @Grape White Owls okay so riddle me this.

      I commit action X. I think action X is good, therefore i go around saying god forced me to do action x.
      You think action x is bad, therefore you go around saying the devil made me do it.

      The rational and honest person blames ME for the action, regardless if they think X is good or bad.

    • Nick says:

      @William Gullett plenty of people have those ideals and yet they still carry out wrong doings, don’t let your faith be an excuse for your own wrong doing. If so God is unfairly sending people to hell.

    • William Gullett says:

      @Pike We are empty vessels without and prior to saving faith in Jesus. Ok?

    • SuperQdaddy says:

      its not his first rodeo…suck it up

  2. Micha 6:8 says:

    T.D. Jakes knows exactly what happened, spiritually speaking.
    People don’t make you, they reveal you

  3. King Brutus XXVI says:

    Wanda Sykes (one of the Oscar’s hosts) said in an interview on “Ellen” that Chris came to her after the show and apologized for the whole incident since it took away from the three hosts (not to mention all the people nominated) moment to shine. Now if THAT doesn’t tell you what kind of person Chris Rock is nothing will. I already loved him but my respect for him went up 999%.

    • Piano Black says:

      @Jane D Chris disrespected Jada. Do you judge Chris for that action?

      Apparently not…if you disrespect a mans wife and then get slapped for it.

      You created the situation..

    • M C says:

      @Maricar Tinio and here you didn’t have to make a ridiculously absurd comment, but yet you did…

    • Keiara Parks says:

      @Tammy Benay TV he cheated on his wife with multiple women and is divorced because of it. People have good days and bad days doesn’t make them good or bad people.

    • maddy H says:

      So what if Chris Apologized to Wanda. Chris has repeatedly torn done black women for years and never apologized for it. I don’t feel like he’s a good person whatsoever

  4. World Traveler says:

    Lets not blame the devil, Denzel. My mom would always tell me: “It wasn’t the devil. It was your own choice.” We completely have to be accountable for our own actions.

    • DeAngela Washington says:

      Yes it was his choice but he allowed the devil to use him. You can let God use you or the devil. “The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy”. How does the devil do that….? By using people, when someone give into the agenda of the devil. Denzel is a wise man. For he is able to see not just things in the natural but also understands the spirit too. We should all pray and ask God for His understand, wisdom and discernment.

    • kingsaco says:

      An old man told me “the best way to analyze a person is by what he/she does in situations with circumstances.”

    • gnmrsmuir says:


    • Kevin Carrigan says:

      @Hugo H. i know…….like a coward. I love denzel, will, and chris. But its cowardly to tell the public is was the devils fault instead of blaming will smith himself.

    • debbie h says:

      @Vance Myers yes, and so are people. It’s a choice and we all will be held accountable for our choices. We can make deliberate choices to do evil or deliberate choices to do righteousness. The Devil is here to motivate evil just like Jesus motivates All things of God. It comes down to who will we listen to. We can’t blame the devil for putting us into hell. We put OURSELVES there, not the Devil.

  5. 20k challenge with 0 video says:

    “infidelity is one thing, but JOKES is where I draw the line”
    -Will Smith, 2022

  6. Bob Barnes says:

    If Will committed murder we wouldn’t just say “the devil made him do it” and move on. We’d put him in prison. He assaulted Chris Rock in front of the world and he should be held accountable.


    Look at how you’re struggling,just say the truth and be free .what Will did was wrong

    • loeysgalaxy says:

      ikr, im really disappointed he won’t say it was wrong. a comedian said that the people at the oscar’s were glad it happened because they feel they’re too important to be made fun of.

  8. Zig Zag says:

    I can’t stand when people use “The Devil” as a scapegoat instead of using accountability.

  9. exas4791 says:

    The issue is neither committing mistakes which everyone does, nor forgiveness which everybody needs.

    The issue is that there must be accountability for mistakes i.e. consequences.

    Otherwise, even anybody with less power or privilege will wrongly think that they can go up on any stage, attack anybody, and be recorded in video forever, adding to the humiliation of the victim and his loved ones in perpetuity.

    • LordRikudou Zero says:

      @Thomas Foolery thanks for that comment. Doesn’t take a sharingan to see that; I wish common sense was actually common 🙂

    • Mark Armstrong says:

      @Dan Bailey Perhaps not THAT extreme, yet we can all agree that’s it’s potentially one EXTRA expensive smack that couldn’t been avoided of folk used 2 cents worth of brain.

    • Cat Val says:

      @CurlInterrupted l dont know if you could go as far as murder, but when you do something against someones (will) like really humiliate them, and make them feel lesser than, by actually going into their personal space of safety and then actually hitting them. Then talking to them like they are a dog at that, in a since it can be like a killing. (A killing of the spirit). I just cant understand how someone who probably wouldnt allow that to happen to them can say its okay to hurt someone else and humiliate them over a silly joke where the person was told that they were loved, like Chris did her. And the fact that it was done in front of me gives me the opportunity to express my feelings.

    • Mister T.O says:

      @Noneya Business If you call it so. What people want is the “consequences” that a normal human would face if they did that is what we expect. He should be arrested whether Chris pressed charges or not. That’s what would happen if a normal human did that. Lady Justice wears a blindfold for a reason. (copied)

    • Mister T.O says:

      @Beldine Akum CHris Rock still has up to 6 months to press charges. Let Will Smith come out on say what you just typed and I guarantee you that he would get more problems to whatever problems this slap has done to his career.

  10. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Chris was the one who showed true character here. The rest are just making excuses for Will Smith.

    • maxine williams says:

      @MV – DB U certainly don’t know me to judge me. I’m far from a violent person. That is something I don’t condone at all BUT if u can’t see that Chris went too far with his joke then u r blind or just a plain hypocrite and I’m done!

    • Jeff Wheeler says:

      @maxine williams Oh, you mean if I had laughed at the joke and then got upset after my wife gave me a look? If it was me and I was GENUINELY upset, I can tell you what I would not have done. I definitely would not have gotten physical over it. If anything, talk about it afterwards. Do you think Jesus would have hit someone in that situation?

    • MV - DB says:

      @maxine williams I can guarantee you that VOILENCE would have NOT been my reaction.
      By you even asking that question shows that you condone violence as a proper response to words you do not like.
      Be careful what you support, one day someone might not like your or your families words.
      SOOOO sad.

    • maxine williams says:

      I wonder what your reaction would had u been in Will’s position?

    • David Aspinall says:


      Saying it was the devil, absolves Will of blame and makes him the victim.

      That’s just disgusting

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