Deputy killed, 2 officers injured after being ambushed in California, sheriff says

Deputy killed, 2 officers injured after being ambushed in California, sheriff says

A Santa Cruz County deputy was shot and killed on Saturday afternoon, Sheriff Jim Hart said in a press conference Saturday evening.

The sheriff’s office received a report at 1:30 p.m. of a suspicious van with guns and bomb-making devices inside. The vehicle was parked near a turnout near Jamison Creek Road, right outside Ben Lomond.

Full story here:

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66 Responses

  1. wally vee says:

    Improvised explosions? Sounds like a setup. Wow. Condolences.

  2. Chris Martinez says:

    This is the wrong way to go about sending a message.

  3. Dam Gar says:

    United we stand, divided we fall!

    • Lonnie Beal says:

      Obozo, MSM and the rest of the demonrats have done the job of dividing.

    • Carl James says:

      dont unite wwith police who get paid from your pocket to shit on your constitution

    • BlackNonBinaryDisabledLesbian InAWheelchair says:

      @Carl James everhone needs jobs, everyone needs to make a living. Bet if you were paid to deforest the amazon your dumbass would jump on board.

  4. Silky Slim says:

    Every time I turn around something crazy is happening over and over again.. this might be the end of times, grandma wasn’t tripping.

  5. Rana M Sandlin says:

    My condolences to the family of the victims

  6. Sergio Parra says:

    I know when someone calls 911 and say some one with a gun ,the whole department comes through with weapons out ready to shoot. why not on this call ?

  7. Biggaone says:

    It is going to be very interesting to see where this investigation leads.

  8. Samuel Zogbo says:

    I can see revolution going on in America very soon!!

  9. Wim Peter Van den Bergh says:

    MADNESS !!!

  10. the real BLACK FACE says:

    Thank God I’m not in America

  11. Fitawrari Fitness says:

    Sounds like the shooter is the one who called and lead them into a trap!

  12. steven price says:

    the problem is no one is superman or faster then a speeding bullet

  13. Daniel Bonner says:

    It’s an undeclared war isn’t it ??🧨

  14. sean Paul says:

    Godbless his young child and rest of family…much love from uk..

  15. Arash Kamangir says:

    “What happened to George Floyd: horrible
    What happened to these officers: horrible”
    -any sane person

    Please don’t be insane

    • James Remus says:

      WolfThorn what a sad foolish statement. 🤨

    • James Remus says:

      Mir Bahil failing to see your point. Does that mean he deserved to die?

    • Dark Matter says:

      Floyd was arrested 19 times. In other words, 19 times he was racially discriminated and abused by police, right? 19 times he was falsley arrested….. 19. Society is ignorant and blind. I didn’t see any protests when the UPS driver who was hijacked by 2 black men died at the hands of police because the 2 men decided to go on a robbing spree then proceeded to shoot at police and civilians trying to get home after work during rush hour traffic. No protest cause the real victims was Hispanic and the other a white innocent bystander in his car. No protest because the criminals were black.
      They are fucking Hypocrites.

      “Whatchu mean they?”

      The black community is they.

      No cops = no black community. Facts

    • James Remus says:

      Most people are sane. The squeaky wheel gets the most attention. Ignore the foolery 😉

    • Dark Matter says:

      @PowerMad sounds just like Everytime a criminal gets killed… Stay ignorant, contradictive and media you blind fool.👍 You’re doing an awesome job for society with that logic.

  16. Mark Shelton says:

    Its going to be a interesting 4th of July

  17. Anonymous Lifestyle says:

    It’s disgusting how ppl like to pretend cops are machines created by the government to oppress the citizens, they’re human beings like you and me!
    It’s just a job, anyone can be a cop and scrutinized for the actions of another😒

  18. Giuseppe Gnazzo says:

    In the words of Seinfeld that’s a shame.

  19. A M says:

    Stop being influenced by negativity All lives matter

  20. Clear Sailing says:

    Anybody else here from Ben Lomond or Santa Cruz mountains? 😓

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