DeRay McKesson Helps Stephen Address His Privilege

DeRay McKesson Helps Stephen Address His Privilege

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson gives Stephen a primer in dismantling white privilege.

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20 Responses

  1. Shawn Stephens says:

    Oh how far you’ve fallen Stephen Colbert lmao

  2. chuck1prillaman says:

    The phrase should have been “Black Lives Matter As Well” That was and is
    the problem: Black lives are considered less valuable than other races. My
    newspaper in Richmond regularly reports murders of black men, women and
    even children on page 3 or 4 in the metro section. An attractive white
    college girl missing or murdered will be reported on the front page and
    covered repeatedly by local news. The hierarchy of value is Rich>Middle
    Class> Poor. Attractive>unattractive. White>Asian>Latino>Black.
    Children>Young Women>Young Men>Middle aged>Old. incidentally, Well
    educated>Poorly educated and Assimilated Black>Culturally Black. Police
    behavior, Media priorities, Judicial outcomes are all affected by this
    unspoken, and largely unacknowledged hierarchy.

  3. Kaz Miller says:

    “Stephen Colbert Cucks Himself Live on TV”

  4. Magic Chowder says:

    All lives don’t matter???? Shut the fuck up you hypocrite

  5. Goose Burger says:

    “Woke” is just another word for paying his bills

  6. FIREDRAGON158 says:

    More white people are killed by cops than black people.

  7. DvdRC9702 says:

    “Check Your Privilege” was funny as a meme until people actually believed
    it. Now it just makes me sad.

  8. Gus Simoms says:

    I feel like these movements just create more racism ive never met a person
    who literally hates black people because of there color. I have met people
    who dont like people because of there actions theres a huge difference quit
    making racism out of nothing.

  9. Robbie Hill says:

    If a black kid is born with 2 parents with solid jobs, a good family
    structure, and a safe home, he will have the same chance of success as a
    white kid in the same scenario. If their work ethic is the same, if they
    have good friends who stay out of trouble, they will both do well in life.
    There is no white privilege, you just have to make good choices.

  10. John Smith says:

    Lol White privilege isn’t real you fucking morons. Colbert worked hard for
    many years to be where he is today. He didn’t fall into drugs or wanted to
    fuck bitches all day. He earned everything.

  11. Bernie Sanders says:


  12. Mason TerHorst says:

    Soo.. Colbert, at a young age, lost his father and his two brothers to a
    plane crash. He grows up being raised by his single mom, works much harder
    than most comedians and entertainers I know if, finally earns the show of
    his dreams! …aaaand he doesn’t deserve it because he couldn’t have done
    it if he were black(even though some of the biggest names in comedy today
    are black) and he needs to admit that he didn’t really earn it in front of
    the audience at the show he worked his whole career to make. Makes sense,
    if he didn’t want it to be this way, he shouldn’t have chosen to be born

  13. chimpdongs says:

    Steven would be less of a cuckold if he just dropped to his knees and
    starting sucking Deray off. I mean honestly, first its shilling that fraud
    Anita and now pandering to BLM?

    No wonder his ratings are dropping.

  14. Burn Ea says:


  15. FlameG102 says:

    I hate this privilege bullshit. all i ever hear about these days, and
    always from black people. Why dont we start talking about Black privilege?
    Like the privilege to pull the race card at any situation to your
    advantage? the privilege to deny black on white racism? the privilege to
    get help from affirmative action and unbalanced help from social programs
    just for being black? the privilege to get to call everybody “nigguh”
    without question, but call a white man racist if he does the same? the
    privilege to have people ignore when a criminal is shot white commiti9ng a
    crime, and instead spin it as police brutality against a poor helpless
    angel who dindu nuffin?

    when can we start talking about that kind of

  16. jramir2 says:

    Geez so uncomfortable, i can only imagine what it was like when people were
    told they couldn’t eat at certain restaurants. I guess we’ll really
    understand the difference if an arm group of black men are treated as the
    arm group of white men that took the government building. And if there is
    no bloodshed i will believe there really is no systematic racism anymore.

  17. Carlos Martir says:


  18. Mo BS says:

    Wow, a speaking Gorilla

  19. Captain Canada says:

    Blows my mind that people actually believe fighting racism with more racism
    is going to help anything.

  20. mrmong says:

    why are American niggers so uppity? they had there chance to make their own
    country or return to Africa but they choose to complain and whine all the
    time instead of actually doing anything.