Derby County vs Manchester United | Key Moments | Fifth Round | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

Derby County vs Manchester United | Key Moments | Fifth Round | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

A brace from Odion Ighalo helped put Manchester United in the quarter-finals of the Emirates FA Cup, where they will come up against Norwich City.

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73 Responses

  1. Babatunde Akatunji says:


  2. TheWall MAN says:

    Its amazing to see the impact of Ighalo✊🏿❤🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  3. DoNid official says:


  4. EoinWood says:

    Liverpool fan here but Romero is so underrated! Guy is a beast of a backup goalkeeper

  5. a a says:

    Great to see Ighalo and Fernandes settling in nicely

  6. Haziq says:

    Hard to see Wazza at the other side..

    • 사쿠라Tyler says:

      It must be heart breaking for him too. Tbh as a fan of mere 10 years for half the time rooney was a huge part of Manchester United, he contributed a lot towards the prime of the last time Manchester United was competent for the EPL trophy and yeah. Heart breaking.

    • Samarth Advani says:

      @사쿠라Tyler I wish so badly that United would be his last club <3 Or at least Everton...breaks my heart to see him play for these clubs

    • Shouvik Roy says:

      at/on the other side? 🤔

  7. Surya Lesmana says:

    2 start
    3 goal

  8. Wong Dr says:

    Ighalo is 1 goal away from equalling Falcao’s man utd goal record. Legend !

  9. Jamie says:

    It’s actually quiet nice watching a match without the commentary…

  10. Ananda Bayu Saputra says:

    Ighalo is abandoned monster which was rediscovered by United especially OLE.

  11. Gursimar Singh says:

    00:14 Scripting in FIFA 20 be like!!

  12. MajorrBison says:

    Third goal the type of goal everyone wants to score, break the net lol

  13. Mike G says:

    Sweet goal celebration that – nice to see someone’s dream coming true.

  14. Adrian Rygge says:

    Im not looking forward to the day that mata leaves..

  15. JollyGamer says:

    That save from Romero at the start I feel was clinical in United’s continued push for the opener. Personally think if Rooney burried it then United would’ve gotten nervous about the game and bottled it, as it is tho a strong performance from both teams showing which is the clearly better side. It also helps Phil Jones wasn’t playing

  16. Pedro Infante says:

    Perhaps is time to give Romero a chance with de geas last blunders

  17. Gershom Tan says:

    Ighalo already had more goals than lingard and pereira combined since the start of the season. Legend

  18. Danny Flint says:

    Wait… no 3 minute introduction? No music? No commentary?… just straight to the point???
    This has my like

  19. 2pac Samsara says:

    Anyhow you shuffle the letters, there’s always a GOAL in IGHALO 🇳🇬🔋🙏🏽

  20. Johnpaul Columbus says:

    Paul Scholes : Ighalo isn’t man United class

    Ighalo : Paul please hold my beer

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