Derren Brown: The Push I Official Trailer [HD] I Netflix

Derren Brown: The Push I Official Trailer [HD] I Netflix

Psychological Illusionist Derren Brown makes his much-anticipated US debut with the groundbreaking special The Push, which premieres on Netflix February 27. In The Push, Brown exposes the psychological secrets of obedience and social compliance. He expertly lifts the lid on the terrifying truth that, when confronted with authority, our natural instinct is to unflinchingly obey without question – to such an extent that even the most moral people can be made to commit the most horrendous acts, simply because they are told to do so.


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Derren Brown: The Push I Official Trailer [HD] I Netflix

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69 Responses

  1. Rizwarrior says:

    OMG Yes yes

  2. Fatemeh Moradi says:

    We want Hannibal Season 4 netflix!!! #SaveHannibal

  3. Connor Smith says:

    “only on netflix” …or channel four 2 years ago!

    • tom garton says:

      Connor Smith yeah I felt like I’ve seen this tf?!?!

    • Q T says:

      people are near the point of ending their Netflix accounts because of crap like this. Netflix takes old stuff and makes it look new. it also advertises the old movies it starts playing again. it takes away movies and then advertises when it brings them back. …after the movies look dated with bad cgi

    • just Smith says:

      exactly! I was so excited until I realised I’d seen this before. is he running out of ideas?

    • neworder2k says:

      I don’t get why people bash that it’s on Netflix. Yes it’s old, any real Derren Brown fan would know that. The fact that it’s on Netflix makes me excited for Derren. It will help him build a whole new audience in the states. Which means, hopefully one day he’ll come here!

    • neworder2k says:

      just Smith No, he has a whole new show coming out through Netflix. This is just for promotion. Be happy that Derren made it on Netflix. Not a lot of people get those contracts.

  4. Robert G. says:

    That is interesting and horrible.

  5. doobeedoobeedooo says:

    This is THE best magic trick/psychological manipulation ever televised.

  6. Jack Saat says:

    Really no one think this is horribly wrong… They can really destroy someone’s life with this show…. Sad to see Netflix allow this reality show junk!!!

    • James Tracy says:

      The morality of doing such an experiment was faced by Stanley Milgram as well. There are moral questions about the victim as many people were very disturbed when they were part of Stanley milgram’s experiment. But one large argument for doing this, is to raise awareness in people that they are so malleable and should stay on their guard at all times. Since Stanley Milgram set the stage already and gathered copious amounts of data, and since this is not an experiment done scientifically, it’s morality could be called into question. Personally though, I believe the good outweighs the bad. The victim will be very disturbed but many millions of people will begin to question their own obedience to Authority. I recommend reading Stanley milgram’s obedience to Authority and his experiment where he commanded others to shock another person. It too was an illusion, but the people participating didn’t know that. Many took the shocks all the way up to death. The percentage that did so shocked the psychology Community to their core. The reverberations still echo to this very day. Stanley milgram’s experiments were done in 1963.

      We aren’t the people we think we are.

    • Dave says:

      found the murican.

    • Emstarx says:

      Jack Saat The experiments Derren does are done with caution and therapy is given afterwards, this shows us insight into social influence. I understand the concerns though. Extensive screenings for mental health are done beforehand with participants

    • Sleepy Panda says:

      It’s not a reality show. Derren might be considered a ‘magician’ but he’s psychologist with various degrees. He has done countless experiments, and all participants are cared for after. If you’ve ever been to his live shows you know how respectful he is of anyone taking part and always stays in touch to make sure they’re okay.

    • fattychoccie says:

      Sleepy Panda well said!! Couldn’t agree more and you’re right. I have so much respect for Derren Brown, he’s intelligent and also really talented (have you seen his paintings?!?)

  7. Ham Sandwich says:

    emmm, pretty sure Ive seen this years ago on channel 4

  8. BlurryBigfoot says:

    Oh sweet hell I would sue whoever put me in this situation so hard they’d never know what hit them.

    • F. Kütarg says:

      Maybe in the UK. In the US there’s no WAY you can lose a case like this. The emotion distress alone would make you a millionare.

    • Ryan says:

      Americans are obsessed with suing lol

    • Random Ashe says:

      They signed up to be on the show and filled out a contract that prevents them from doing specifically this. However, they thought they were rejected and this is done stealthily later on.

    • Alex Jones says:

      All the people volunteered to be involved in an experiment a few months before, were told they were rejected but weren’t actually, then this happened later enough for them to forget it could be Derren Brown. They all wrote in to be involved in one of his shows, knowing the stuff he does.

    • Joe Rabone says:

      F. Kütarg well if you signed up for it there’s no WAY you can win

  9. Yung Potato says:

    Derren Brown = Sean from Hot Ones

  10. Idaad01 says:

    Poor guy.. this is going to ruin him mentally

  11. Ork says:

    This is old.

  12. Kamel, K says:

    Either this is fake or beyond fucked up to mess with that guy to that level. Either way I’m not watching.

    • Karl Pilkington says:

      he doesnt push him off the ledge in the end, but he shows some other contestants who do push him off at the end of the show.. This was released years ago

    • Emstarx says:

      Kamel, K You should really look up Derren brown, it’s not like that at all. Psychological screenings safe done before and after the ordeal and extensive therapy after. This is an old show and Derren is incredible. Watch the show and find out

    • Philip Guyott says:

      Thank you, at least one person here is saying what is right. This show is discussing. Sadly most of the people who have disliked this video have only done so because it is an old TV show. Make sure you give this a thumbs down on Netflix when it appears.

  13. F. Kütarg says:

    “Can we be manipulated by social pressure to commit murder?” Of course, it’s called every single war ever.

  14. harv. s says:

    Wasn’t this on channel 4 ages go? Or have I forgotten to take my pills again?

    • Ciaran Saunders says:

      harv. s Yep, remember the end when it turn out that the guy couldn’t push the man over the edge but they had manged to get a ton of other people to do it.

    • George Soros says:

      its literally on 4od that you can watch right now.. “only on netflix” “coming soon” hahaha

  15. ShadowApples says:

    now im upset I saw this on trending and thought a new Derren Brown thing was out.. I saw this on Channel Four 2 years ago :(:((

  16. Karl Pilkington says:

    He doesnt push him off the ledge, but shows a couple other contestants who push him off the ledge at the end.. This was released years ago wtf is this shit

  17. Harvey Whillock says:

    You can watch this on youtube already.

  18. J4MESOX4D says:

    Netflix must be getting desperate having to recycle Channel 4 shows from many years ago. Next week they’ll probably show ‘new’ episodes of The Crystal Maze from 1995…

  19. Kashleigh B says:

    What I need you to do is add more Person of Interest episodes instead of messing around with Derren Brown teasers on Youtube 😒

  20. Rage Rex says:

    I wouldn’t air this after the Florida shooting, Its a bad subject right now, and people just dont want to hear about want you can do to push some to your limits about death, be blessed be life enjoy life 😊🤘🤙

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