Derrick Rose one-arm shooting during pregame routine! #shorts

Derrick Rose one-arm shooting during pregame routine! #shorts

I was on the court for D. Rose pregame workout before the Celtics vs. Knicks game on ESPN and it was amazing!

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37 Responses

  1. Jett_Fuzion says:

    D rose is the only player I want to win a ring 🏆🥇

  2. Otto Jablonka says:

    I’ve been getting your shorts a lot in my recommendations recently and I’m normally not really a basketball fan but your content made me wanna watch NBA matches.

  3. Reid Skeen says:

    Still miss his athleticism but he is still a great player

    • SouthernBoy says:

      @Reid Skeen basically what we are seeing is a all time great talent whose athleticism left him way earlier than most greats. Imagine if Kobe tore his Achilles in 03’ he’d still be great but not the great we remember. Most guys would be out the league, but rose loves the game so he changed his game and is putting together a stellar career

    • Reid Skeen says:

      @SouthernBoy 👌

    • Venil Jackson says:

      Real rap Prime D Rose had teams shook in there boots and if you was on the opposing team an had the duty of guardinh him smh it was definitely along night

    • Khaleb Joseph says:

      @Chief Zeek real shit

    • “You Only Die Once” Audio Novel says:

      I forgot and had to go back and watch clips

  4. Jonathan Prevail says:

    *If you want to binge watch Derrick Rose in his MVP season look up: “Derrick Rose (50 MINS) Layup Compilation / Highlights (2010-2011 MVP PRIME ROSE EDITION)”. There’s some highlights that you don’t usually see on YouTube. Thumbs up this comment so people can see this.*

  5. Bruce Wayne says:

    I didn’t know that one could joke about an NBA player scoring 40 FTs in a row…

  6. Dorkk says:

    If rose keeps playing like he is now for the rest of his career, guaranteed HOF. Not just because he was the youngest mvp, but because he clawed his way back from a potential Career ending injury into one of the best 6th mans in the league. Also his playoff performance was outstanding last year, coming from a hawks fan

  7. Kevin Galicki says:

    Most people don’t understand how talented professionals are, even tho D-rose wasn’t a shooter he will go 100 for 100 during practice

  8. M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ! says:

    Yo Omar. I saw him warmup once against the heat last year and he might’ve missed like 5 threes the entire workout. Idk why he doesn’t shoot more 3s

  9. Hoony K. says:

    The what-if’s still haunts me. D-Rose is my hero right now in the literary sense. I really admire him from the ascension after the fall

  10. Istor says:

    Imagine if he just randomly started posterizing everyone out of no where in the middle of the playoffs

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