Deserted Island Match Game

Deserted Island Match Game

Can we guess the Mythical crew member by seeing which food item, music album, and movie they would bring to a deserted island?  GMMore #1501

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Intro Animation by Dana Schechter
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Mic: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones

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54 Responses

  1. spencer smith says:

    Best 12 minute show on the web, good morning internet people.

  2. Itz_LucindaSwirl says:

    Link: Salamanders!

    Rhett: eggs.

  3. Juan Lopez says:

    Lol just dropped the licked spoon and passed it jajaja

    • WhitDog WhatsUp says:

      I got mad when Jordan made out with his and then left it in the jar…. but then Emily did too. Haha. ??

  4. Shelby Platt says:

    My Deserted Island Choices:
    Mom’s Spaghetti
    The Lumineers – The Lumineers
    Mary Poppins (1964)


    Time to change the prompt to 11 word stories

  6. OGMastaFlex says:

    yo imma say it, Christine’s a cutie ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  7. Rachel M. says:

    Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere is a BAWSE choice! Such a good choice.

    • Stephanie L says:

      Damn straight! 😀 Granted I’m biased as a lifelong Hanson fan haha, but I still freaking love that album so much <3

      I mean all of their albums are amazing, but when people act like they only got good AFTER MMMBop/Middle of Nowhere, I'm like... Thinking of You? Where's the Love? Weird? Yearbook? A Minute Without You? Madeleine? With You In Your Dreams? SO many amazing songs on Middle of Nowhere!

  8. Jessica Dixon says:

    I love how in MOREs like this the crew just absolutely takes over the show. R&L are lowkey no longer in control, its funny.

  9. Mahnoor Riaz says:

    Brb, gonna go change my twitter bio to “basic, but smart”

  10. Dolores Martinez says:

    why is cotton candy randy brother next to link

  11. Amy L says:

    These episodes are fun but I always want to know Rhett and Link’s answers too!

  12. John Michael Rili says:

    I have commented this on GMM, but I’mma say it again:
    Christine’s so pretty.

  13. Adri Elric says:

    Christine’s smile is the only thing I need to have a good day ♥

  14. TheSlick44y says:

    Are Jordan and Emily dating? Also if not, why not?

  15. Mrvarija says:

    This one is weird in many ways. I love it! I also love the new style of GMM, where innuendos are all over the place. Rhett also seems to really like that.

    A well balanced, nutritional stew.
    Imagine Dragons “Night Visions”.
    Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

  16. LiveAction Link says:

    Food: Pizza
    Album: “Lateralus” by Tool
    Movie: Tropic Thunder

  17. Shannon M. says:

    Food: Mom’s Thanksgiving dinner.
    Album: By Your Side by Hillsong United
    Movie: The Princess Bride

  18. Black Sheep says:

    The colors of their hairs are so diverse. Kinda mesmerizing.

  19. Dani Bee says:

    Why do I feel like Jordan is joking even when he is perfectly serious? Am I alone in this???

  20. Braden Edwards says:

    I love how funny Rhett finds Jordan lol

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