Desiigner — Fresh Outta Jail … Still Hype As Ever

Desiigner — Fresh Outta Jail … Still Hype As Ever

Desiigner is a free man after being locked up for his road rage incident … and one thing’s for sure, the pokey didn’t put him in the dumps.

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19 Responses

  1. Tyler Bigwin says:

    you know what time it is! GIT GIT GIT GRAAAAHH GITT

  2. DoingIt2Death says:

    Let’s hear him tell that to the jury when he goes on trial

  3. HYØ says:

    He has to be careful pointing that gun outside the window again.

  4. Shaun Riley says:

    What Language is he speaking????

  5. Virgil Hawkins says:

    No auto tune he really talks like that wow

  6. SoFLaZ06 says:

    that alfa romeo jacket pretty hard tho

  7. German Suarez says:

    this dude thinks hes on top of the rap game but hes not bruh

  8. Golden Child says:

    they should’ve locked this nigga up in a English class

  9. Maxx Weinstein says:

    started out understanding him but at 0:13 i lost what the fuck he was

  10. Raurlone says:


  11. Spymooping Ovaltine says:

    Maybe it’s a Tourette syndrome.

  12. AlphaHalo34 says:

    I wonder how much money Kanye paid to get the charges dropped on him ?

  13. Mix It says:

    I died when he started the grrrrrah from far away ??

  14. Parker Family says:

    What is he saying? I dont understand. Im gonna forward this video to my son
    who deciphers codes for the marines. Maybe he can explain me this. ~Richard

  15. Jst sayit says:

    He probably pissed the judge off with his sound effects

  16. Christian Krantz says:

    he said ” you know what time it is” like its some action movie shit lmao

  17. Abdula says:

    Great we’re fucked.

  18. elite4x says:

    What went down at the courthouse:

    Judge: “And what does the defendant plead?”

    Desiigner: “Not guil- GIT GIT GIT GRRRRRRAAAAH- guilty.

  19. leratheminD says:

    I swear this mf was nonstop shooting his adlibs behind bars, thats why they
    let him go LMAO