Desperately Trying To Not Touch Our Faces

Desperately Trying To Not Touch Our Faces

Well, here we are. The first day of Quarantannus. In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Mark and Ethan attempt to touch their faces as little as possible.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.

Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.

Memento Mori.

Unus Annus.

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60 Responses

  1. Samantha Brow says:

    Unus Annus: Don’t touch your face

    Me, a habitual face toucher: Well shoot man I’ve already lost

    • Imperial Cub says:


    • Emminy Cricket says:

      I’m eating fruit snacks and Ritz I lost a lont time ago

    • Jude B says:

      Same but I’m at home and I just washed my hands so I think it’s fine… My biggest problem is when I have to go out and touch things other ppl have touched or possibly coughed on or whatever and my glasses decide to slide down my nose, which they do like every five seconds cause my insurance only covers super heavy lenses 😅

    • Haven Brush says:

      I wear glasses I can’t really avoid it lol

  2. Jenna Conlin says:

    St. Judes children’s research hospital is trying to help with the corona virus

  3. GhastDude589 says:

    12:40 Ethan “I am just very close to touching my face.”
    This would’ve been the perfect time for Mark to say “ARE YOU CLOSE?! YOU CLOSE?!”

  4. Caitlin Allred says:

    Ethan: I’ll have horrible anxiety for the rest of my life.

    Dad, why can’t I give you a hug?
    Older Ethan: GERMS 🦠

  5. Fandom Freak says:

    Here’s the problem-
    When I’m concentrated, my face and head get itchy-
    I’m an artist, this is impossible for me-

    However, awareness is something I can, in fact, do.

    • Collin Regner says:

      Fandom Freak what does being an artist have to do with ur face?

    • Memento Argentum says:

      @Collin Regner I’m a writer so I have a similar issue. When you’re concentrating, you do stuff without thinking because all of your focus is on whatever you’re working on. Also, people tend to have quirks when concentrating hard and sometimes that’s as simple as licking your lips repeatedly or chewing on them. Sometimes, however, it can mean that you end up scratching at itches you feel without paying attention to where they are.That’s at least my experience anyway.

    • Collin Regner says:

      Memento Argentum no one ever thinks about touching their face. This whole video I was leaning on my hand and I didn’t realize. Ur hobby is no different

    • Memento Argentum says:

      @Collin Regner …? My focus was more on the quirks that people who do things with their hands tend to have which sometimes involve repeatedly doing to same thing over and over. I didn’t say it was special. You just seemed confused so I tried to explain.

  6. xXIndependanceDayXx says:

    Mark and Ethan: *raising money and awareness, along with doing their part to stop COVID-19*

    YouTube: Did these little idiots just say Coronavirus? HAH! DEMONITIZATION TIME BIIIIIIIITCH!

  7. Abby O says:

    I suggest Feeding America, with all of the schools, closed some kids aren’t getting their normal share of food so they will get food to those kids.

    • Captain Wonder says:

      @Drake` Turcotte the whole point of the charity is for parents who CAN’T afford it? 🤔

    • Parker says:

      Me: home from school getting 2x more food than usual

    • 13thMaiden says:

      @Drake` Turcotte You think every parent is good? That every parent tries to be the best for their kids? There’s alot of kids stuck with parents who could care less if they live or die so long as the parent gets their next high. Even single parents who struggle just to keep a house over their heads, but barely have enough to pay the bills, let alone enough to feed the kids more than one meal. Life is cruel, if you can lessen the suffering of a hungry kid just alittle, wouldn’t you do it?

    • Joseph Skinner says:

      I literally came to suggest this so yeah get this to the top

    • Logan Sanders says:

      13thMaiden you act like every parent is either good or a drug addict. How about the much larger amount of parent that do care about their children but just can’t afford to get their kids those meals. There’s a much higher amount of parents that are like that than there are parents who are literally addicted to drugs and are fine with starving their child.

  8. Elias Stark says:

    Ethan: “I’m so painfully aware, now, of germs. Which is *good,* but I’ll probably just have horrible anxiety for the rest of my life.”

    Mark: “This is gonna fundamentally change people’s mindset about taking care of their hygeine, about handwashing and stuff like that.”

    Me: ~a lowkey germaphobe that highkey already washes my hands too often bc I can *feel* germs – to the point of having skin issues on my hands~ “Ah yes, welcome to my hell.”

    • Dragonstruesoul says:

      but…you cant feel germs, they’re microorganisms

    • Elias Stark says:

      @Dragonstruesoul it was a figure of speech. Metaphorically, my neurosis makes it so that I feel a physical itch when I know I’ve touched something that could have germs on it. I didn’t mean it literally.

    • Joseph Gauthier says:

      @Elias Stark oh, then you may have the same issue with o’keeffe’s. a little goes a long way though, like a sweet pea or so in size, so it might work for you. freshly washed hands have an easier time spreading it. you might also try applying it right before bed, so that you arent awake for most of the time that it is working. heads up though, if your hands are in particularly bad shape, it will probably sting at first.

      your kitty is sooo cute! i have an orange cat who is super attention hungry.

    • lciav says:

      I got eczema flair up for the first time from washing my hands so much

    • Caoimhe Does Stuff says:

      Elias Stark sudocream is good if you don’t like the feel of creams

  9. Sky says:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The incubation time is actually from about 7 days to about a month. There’s a lot of proof against the “it’s only 2 weeks” thing and it’s been very damaging that the truth hasn’t been spread as far.

    • lazy hits says:

      It’s actually 2 weeks some people have not shown sign for weeks, some show signs in days. It’s the most craziest virus ever and doctors can’t believe how much it changes in one day. It also matters what blood type you have. O positive blood is that best blood to have in this pandemic.

    • Rakha says:

      I’d like to see em.

    • Zaku Kaiser says:

      I will definitely look into this because it seems interesting to learn and want to make sure I am not spreading it by accident. Do you have any links you would be up to share so others can look this up?

  10. Samar Greyson says:

    Ethan: “How do I know I can trust you?”
    Mark: “I’m Markiplier!”
    Me: *chokes on M&Ms laughing* “Like you’ve never lied before!”

  11. Leo Sydlik says:

    Ethan: “how do I know I can trust you”
    Mark: “it’s me Markiplier”
    Everyone: It’s a trap!!!! Run Ethan!!!! It’s Darkiplier!!!!

  12. Anna Vasquez says:

    “Don’t touch your face”
    Me with my hand on my face: uh

  13. Tijan Sigin says:

    CDC: “Don’t touch your face”
    Me while rubbing my eye: “Huh?”

  14. Bud Witherow says:

    I like how they are talking to us like we are people who actually leave the house if we don’t have to anyway

  15. Kade Wello says:

    Mark: I’ll give you $200 dollars to touch your face

    *Mr Beast didn’t like that*

  16. Morning Coffee says:

    “Don’t touch your face at all”

    Zits: “allow us to introduce ourselves”

  17. Rachel Kenyon says:

    Guys, I wish I could. Unfortunately I’m an “essential service” in the MidWest and I’ll have to go out; as millions of healthcare/behavioral health workers will.

    Stay home, for us if not you and yours. 💛
    Much love and stay safe.

    • Mr Reapy says:

      Same here! I work with people who have mental disabilities. They NEED their workers. I can’t not go to work. I really truly wish I could participate in quarantine, though! Anyone who can, absolutely should!

  18. Chibi Chan says:

    Mark at the begining of Unus Annus: “Don’t touch me.”

    Mark now: “Don’t touch your face.”

  19. Cherry Clark says:

    Ethan:what is the capital of Texas?

    Mark: isn’t Austin?

    Ethan: I think it is Houston

    *Angry Texan noises*

  20. Norielle Ponollera says:

    Other youtubers: *the virus which cannot be named*

    Mark: *CoRoNaViRuS*
    Ethan: *COVID-19*

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