Despite LeBron’s best efforts, the Lakers have no identity – Stephen A. | First Take

Despite LeBron’s best efforts, the Lakers have no identity – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman of First Take react to LeBron James’ public frustration with the Los Angeles Lakers’ lack of experience and urgency. Stephen A. says that the Lakers have lost whatever identity that they once had, and Kellerman explains why LeBron is currently realizing the risk that he took by coming to Los Angeles and playing for a Western Conference team.

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114 Responses

  1. the1kamíkaze says:

    *Will the Lakers make the playoffs? Will Coach Walton be the scapegoat? Who will LeBlame James point too next. Find out in the next Dragonball Z.*

  2. AVI says:

    Lebron always comes up with excuses smh

    • James I suck the refs off before games Harden says:

      +G-man spoken like a true bronsexual who only cares about stats

    • G-man says:

      +James I suck the refs off before games Harden how many times in your life have you written that exact comment ? ill bet you have it on copy-paste lol and we both know you aint calling anybody that in public. grow up buddy.

    • Jerome Martin says:

      Lil LG he said they don’t know. 3 players on his team knows. Javale Mcghee, rondo, chandler all beat LeBron to get their rings so they know. The other guys are young but putting up numbers. It’s the defense that starts with LeBron

    • j c says:

      +G-man i just took a big dump all over lebron

    • Chosen 1 says:

      Well most of them never made the playoffs so ur point?

  3. j0epark1 says:

    If Lakers miss the playoffs, ESPN will crumble.

  4. BenGetItIn says:

    ESPN swings the Lakers pendulum game by game, when they win, they’re a great team but when they lose, they become the doormat of the league.

  5. I_bil23 says:

    Are you kidding??this is lebrons best efforts ever playing no defense and putting up 27 7 7 damn and this the best player?

    • Baron Bolanos says:

      Lmao I’m saying he needs to let the roll players do what they need to do,and he needs to drop 35 or more

    • strawhats100 says:

      +Jacob Wilkie EFFORT…He actually tries on and off ball. He salivates the opportunity to prove people who say he’s hidden from guarding kyrie/harden/cp3/russ, wrong. You can see it when he gets switched unto by Harden and CP3. You can see he so desperately wants to be considered a good defender.

    • Jerome Martin says:

      Jacob Wilkie Steph Curry plays defense. Steph stopped LeBron a few times in the finals and made him shoot bad shot instead of going to the basket. He’s not great he’s just decent but he plays hard on defense. LeBron awful cause he’s not playing defense cause he’s saving everything for offense.

    • Jerome Martin says:

      Jacob Wilkie Curry has led the league in steals one time also.

    • clinton caple says:

      +Vaurie that’s the dumbest thing ever said smh if you believe that I feel sorry for you

  6. Michael Jordan says:

    All this prove that lebron James needs nothing but superstars to bail his ass out and take the credit in the process and saying lebron James is better than me is outrageous

  7. Michael Jordan says:

    LeSoft James will beat in the first Rd if it’s by GS, Denver or Ok3 so lebron good luck to ya

  8. chosenjuan025 says:

    LeCoachkiller is breaking under the pressure of missing the playoffs

  9. Think Tank says:

    “I came to the Western conference for Hollywood not the Lakers!!”

    – LeBron

  10. H G says:

    plot twist: lakers trade Lebron for AD

  11. Adam Leon says:

    As a Lakers fan I’m tired of ESPN talking about them everyday

  12. CaptZepplin says:

    LeBlame James is very difficult to play with.

    • the_shantilly says:

      Not really

    • monte star says:

      When LeHelp win he start saying me me me me me
      When he lose he start saying They they they they
      Funny thing how the media protects him, when IT was speaking facts and got traded last season all the shows were telling him to shut up> But LeTameper get as usual gets a pass after saying that he will carry the team to the playoffs. Praising his team mates than trying to trade them what did you think they will do after he stabbed them in the back.

    • Keith Dennis says:

      monte star um there grown ass men making millions how about man up and stop being weak minded print that

    • Baller_Eli says:


    • monte star says:

      +Keith Dennis There is a different between weak minded and being stabbed in the back and loss trust in your leader. People always talk about millions and how these guys shouldn’t feel. The young guys are playing well and ingurm stepped up, LeHelp is the one who doesn’t play defense and misses open lay ups. But blame the young guys who are playing well defensively without LeToxic.

  13. xilliaz says:

    Yeah, they were a 4 seed before Lebron went down. But also at the time the 10th seed was only 2 games back.

    • Charlemagne Da Fraud says:

      +Chris Fulton They lost by like 40 with bron to Indy

    • Richie Rich says:

      +Chris Fulton They got blown out by 40 by Pacers without their star with Lebron, lost to Hawks with Lebron, c’mon man, no excuses, he is part of problem as well

    • Keith Dennis says:

      Richie Rich and the thunder have lost to kings pelicans without ad and lebron was getting back with those hawks and pacers game then u forgot to mention the Celtics win and the clippers win and the rockets win. After the break don’t act like the lakers haven’t had good moments they are just out of sink right now

    • That Guy Jimbo says:

      Are you implying if Lebron didn’t get injured they would still be out the playoffs?

    • 2 nifty says:

      Lakers don’t go 6-12 or something with Lebron playing we all know that

  14. Nico TheSituation77 says:

    Stephen “the Lakers would make the WCF” A. Smith.

    • Nico TheSituation77 says:

      +Keith Dennis Wow you have like 23 excuses in one comment bruh gg.
      The Lakers are trash this year,plain simple.SAC will make the playoffs this year and thats just FACTS

    • The Notorious Michael Jackson Shakur Prime Infinite says:

      Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl

      Dey lost Rondo & Lonzo tho dummy

    • Keith Dennis says:

      Nico TheSituation77 that’s your dumbass facts u probably wake everyday saying man I wish I hade Lebron’s money but u can’t so u ride his dick and yes there is a side for the haters

    • Nico TheSituation77 says:

      +Keith Dennis So,you not jealous of LeBron and his 3 billion dollars huh?
      What a lad.Your team is just trash.
      10th seed.Next year will see,maybe they can make the 5th seed.

    • Paparazzi Styles Studio says:

      Nico TheSituation77 I know why don’t Max call him out on that?

  15. I am Negan says:

    I never seen a 10th seed team get so much coverage after all star break

  16. Tarantula Guy says:

    The 3-6 mafia got their excuses ready as usual. As long LeCunt keeps padding stats, they won’t see getting L’s as an issue.

    • tyrone parker says:

      +Keith Dennis Na Dwade was not carried by Bron he was best player vs dallas in 2011, in finals vs okc 22.5ppg, 6 rebounds, 5 asst and 2013 vs spurs 20ppg 4 assists that’s not getting carried he had knee issues but still contributed at a all star level. In 2014 he had a bad year tho especially with knee and spurs wanted revenge. Ray Allen did hit biggest shot in game 6 and so did Kyrie in game 7. Kyrie was young on a bad cavs team. Lebron had help.

    • Keith Dennis says:

      tyrone parker Dwayne Wade numbers where slipping and during the regular season wade would miss multiple games making James carry a huge load and Ray Allen hit a shot in game 6 there was a overtime and a game 7 AND lebron brought the heat back in the first place in that game 6 y’all forget those details and kyire Irving is a shot maker then what happened the next year game 3 nba finals kyire goes 0 for 7 from 3 and what did love do so are u sure his teammates showed up

    • tyrone parker says:

      +Keith Dennis right you are talking about regular season I agree wade missed games he was injured. His numbers also declined not only because he was getting older but because LeBron is ball dominant and so was Wade. Wade sacrificed the most because LeBron can’t play off ball. Ray Allen saved the entire Heat in game 6. In game 7 LeBron, wade, bosh, mike Miller, battier all stepped up. Kyrie was great in the finals but Kevin Love was not that good but he had help. Not many players have had more help than Lebron. People have to stop discrediting his teamates that he won with.

    • Keith Dennis says:

      tyrone parker yea his teammates when he wins have done great but there has been a lot of times where his teammates do not show up especially his role players but everyone needs help it’s super hard to win championships

    • Jason Tan says:

      Also don’t forget Adam Silver with his timely stimulus package

  17. Teezy says:

    In 2013 a 34 yr old Kobe led a group full of AARP members to the playoffs.. he gave it his all till his body gave in

    No excuses for Lebron especially since Max says he’s just as good as 2 KD’s COMBINED

    • James I suck the refs off before games Harden says:

      +TheKiid810 isn’t he better than MJ? Isn’t he better than KD and Curry combined? You bronsexuals speak so highly about him so he better make the playoffs.

    • James I suck the refs off before games Harden says:

      +Nyle Winston already have your excuses ready i see? Typical bronsexual move that’s why MJ will always be ontop

    • James I suck the refs off before games Harden says:

      +Kyle Sanders he’s back now isn’t he? 5 straight wins and he’s back in the playoffs you can’t tell me Mr BEST PLAY ON THE PLANET can’t get 5 wins? MJ>LeBron. Btw… when lebron had them 4th they were literally 2 losses from the 10th seed but nice try though

    • Kyle Sanders says:

      James I suck the refs off before games Harden based on your profile pic and name, youre not meant to be taken seriously. You LeBron haters are something else man.

    • OG Antee says:

      Anthony Celestin fuck yea because Kobe came in clutch daily and lebitch is a bitch

  18. Bruskieez says:

    Last week: “Lakers can beat anyone in the West”
    Today: “Lakers have no identity”

    Media having a rollercoaster ride with changing their narratives every week LOL ???

    • joey zapata says:

      “Media having a rollercoaster ride with changing their narratives every week ”

      Uhh, they’re supposed to change their narrative every week. They’re not supposed to have a horse in the race, so to speak. I don’t get why this is hard for people to understand.

    • Derrick Mason says:

      Bruskieez they both can be true there teams who have talent with no identity look at the Celtics. I do think they can beat anyone if they get in the playoffs the problem is there so far behind

  19. Tarantula Guy says:

    LeMaxKellerman got the excuses on deck already.

  20. Seba Rivera says:

    When Lebron wins he can win with anyone. When he losses, he needs more help.

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