Destiny 2 Lightfall – My 1st impressions after 24 hours of play time (this… isn’t great)

Destiny 2 Lightfall – My 1st impressions after 24 hours of play time (this… isn’t great)

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has a lore of problems with its story. After about 24 hours I can confirm that the campaign makes some major mistakes and fails to explain basic plot elements. These are my first impressions of the narrative, lore and how the expansion is shaping up.
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50 Responses

  1. Ranchero says:

    Everyone in the campaign: “You must reach the veil before it’s too late!”

    Players: “…what’s the veil?”

    Everyone in the campaign: “You know, the veil? The veil? Yeah, the veil.”

    Players: “No, what’s the veil?”

    Everyone in the campaign: “It’s the veil.”

    Players: “oh”

    • Worldline Zero says:

      @Thurstoid he’s not “defending” it like a fanboy, he’s stating a fact that everybody keeps ignoring. Nobody in the story truly knew what the Veil was. Osiris was just eager to get to it because he knew the Witness was going after it, and Rohan and Nimbus only know a very small part about it solely because it powers the city

    • Eris Morn's Pet Rock says:

      The worst part for me was how excited I was when The Veil was first mentioned in the campaign given its long history in speculative Destiny lore. I was so curious and hyped to figure out exactly what it is, especially with The Witness seeing it as the key to its plan. But no, is weird jellyfish thing that was never even once elaborated or expanded upon aside from “Is important thing, must protect”

    • Yuki Amolinia says:

      Maybe it’s some kind of brilliant comedy bit where the punchline is that nobody anywhere knows how anything works while the camera zooms out of the universe to a top down view of a table where mysterious beings are complaining to their GM that they pulled all of this out their arse.

    • Strafe41 says:

      Too accurate lmao

  2. Mr Chun says:

    A hilarious moment in the campaign was when Osiris said we need to use strand to surprise Calus’ forces and the very next enemy had a strand shield??

    • Thief1178 says:

      Yeah this campaign sucked massive caballs

    • Delta says:

      Enemy Shields having a damage type is just video game mechanics.

      What Characters in game see: Enemy has a Shield.

      What Players see: Enemy has a shield we know means use that type of Weapon or Ability.

    • Sparko da Demon popskul says:

      Lmao I literally Said the same thing when Osiris says we will surprise Calus wit strand then next enemy shield strand lmao I think calus know strand 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Jason Flinn says:

      I agree, but, honestly, enemy shields have never made sense lol No one has the powers of light other than Guardians (and now Lighthive I guess), yet they have ALWAYS had Solar/Arc/Void shields? So I’m not surprised to see Strand shields tbh, as that’s just been the norm. It just seems like a “gamey” mechanic that is handwaved for its combat use.

    • Giovanni Rabitti Filauri says:


  3. Altherot says:

    Calus is also disappointing. We had very little interaction with him before the final boss fight, and the finale is just a giant colossus that turns into gladiator afterwards. Calus. Who had dark mystical powers long before we faced Savathun. I expected Calus to face us in similar way he did in his own raid – using his paracausal powers to snipe us down, while combining them with resonance similarly to Rhulk.

    I expected something flashy and new, I mean, Savathun has her own moveset with spamming her supers. It aint much but it was enough to make her fight exciting and fresh. She was a huge threat and would delete you instantly.

    Calus stands in the middle, shoots at you like colossus and you can safely move around the edges of the arena and chew him off until second phase where you just keep running away from him and hitting him from afar. It is quite unimaginitive and wasted potential. Both narratively and gameplay wise.

    • Arbiter says:

      the first phase of that fight was fine and pretty satisfying to beat, but the second phase REQUIRES grapple and huge melee enemies in a shooter is always awkward. I got knocked off the platform too many times, so damn annoying

    • Cody DeLonge says:

      Gotta leave it for the raids. Campaign bossess have to be super basic and easy

    • Smelee says:

      @Altherot It was less complicated but definitely harder. I saw a lot of people on Twitter and even LFG Discords complaining lmao. Maybe you’re just cracked or lucky but It was harder than Savathun. At least solo that it

    • Blake Vanity says:

      @Brod WQ was not that amazing

    • Altherot says:

      @savageApostle I dunno man, it felt very easy to stay in the back and just keep jogging between the platforms. Ads would not push you there and Tormentors are slow until you proc their aggro state, in which case you can safely grapple around without Calus punishing you for it. With Savathun you had to first gain damage buff from killing wizards and then enter her bubble to deal damage to her, which felt more close and personal and required you to actually dodge her attacks. Calus? you just take cover on those ledges and keep moving between them. I restarted probably just once or twice due to missing my grapple.

  4. Chronicle says:

    One of the things that really pissed me off was, why didn’t the cloudstriders question us at all for our need for the veil, like they knew us as warlords, so warlords just show up and want access to the one thing that basically powers your whole city and you don’t even bat an eye, like tf.

    • dems crazy says:

      @FrostedLogic the quick explanation is that the cloud striders are from osiris’s group the Ishtar collective I think and they made neomuna

    • Senxind says:

      I thought that at some point they would tell us how they see the guradians and that we have to prove them first that we’re not the warlords anymore and that we slowly had to gain their trust. And that the young Cloudstriker would trust us relatively fast and then help us convince the old one to change his view on guardians.

      But nope. Best buds from the beginning ❤❤

    • FrostedLogic says:

      SAME HOLY SHIT i sat there like wait….youre being invaded…and youre trusting these random people who also dropped down the same as these attackers? wtf

    • The Asyl says:

      my honest take during the campaign was that they figured between us and the literal invasion they were facing, we were probably the good guys since we didn’t you know…. start blowing up the city.

  5. Crucible Media Labs says:

    I have to believe that this is going to be some kind of raid-related progressive story thing like the Dreaming City curse was in Forsaken or something like that. There’s no way that the same people that gave us Forsaken and Witch Queen left this many loose ends and this many things completely and utterly unexplained.

    • Arbiter says:

      yeah don’t get your hopes up. I can’t believe they showed the Ishtar facility on Venus in the marketing when we can’t even go there

    • IcarusRising says:

      You say there’s no way the people who gave us the good expansions would give us a bad expansion as though vanilla d2, curse of osiris, wrath of the warmind, shadowkeep, beyond light, and multiple trash seasons don’t exist and outnumber the good additions. D2 writers only give a damn when the game itself is backed against a wall and needs to be good

    • Cody DeLonge says:

      Yeah but thats why it’s annoying and the game isn’t as popular as it should be

    • Julien DiMattia says:

      @Joshaboi Same I’m really just waiting for the raid too. I have an itch that maybe it will have to do with the traveler’s triangle hole and will explain the vail plus a big payoff of nezerec. I’m not sure if anything less than that will redeem the community’s feelings toward lightfall

    • Joshaboi says:

      You might be right, I’m choosing to believe this will help a lot and we’ve only scratched the surface right now. If nothing happens to change the game world after the raid I’m going to be genuinely crushed.

  6. Moonlight Heresy says:

    The fact that you mentioned the 80’s action montage is funny to me – they definitely succeeded. A lot of 80’s action movies, whether big budget or B-movies – do EXACTLY this with the story. They expect you to get some things, some forces are bad and we don’t really know why, some stuff happens and the “good guy” character wins. We know they fought to get there, but we don’t really understand why they went to certain areas, inserted forced characters and so on, and then it just sort of ends.

    Long story longer – yes, this was very much like an 80’s action movie. Fast paced and action packed, but we’re still kind of wondering how it all got crammed together as a movie.

    • Moonlight Heresy says:

      @Sam Where did I say it was good storytelling? How was that your takeaway from my comment? I literally explained how the storytelling was bad but the action itself was fun lmao

    • Sam says:

      Doesn’t excuse it being really bad at storytelling


    Could you imagine Rohan teaching us all year through the seasonal stuff and THEN dropping this on us at the end? “Yeah my decade is up”
    Could have been so many feels…

    • Divinedoodoo says:

      I’d be down for something like this but people would consider it lightfall related, claim a $50 dlc had time gated content, and cry for eternity about it 😂

    • sparta1av says:

      ​@PrettyDamnDandy light. Ghost says it a light artifact. Which adds new question why does the witness a person of darkness have light if he hates it. Or at least ehat does this thing do if its so important. This and the veil were not discussed at all we just are supposed to know.

    • knayvik says:

      Rohan sacrificed himself with zero hesitation you know hes done with nimbus

    • Niklas Rouhiainen says:

      @Christopher Beard I believe they’ve stated that the modifications they do to become cloudstriders shorten their lifespan significantly so it probably is 10 earth years after becoming a cloudstrider. Cant say for sure tho since I dont think they gave an actual answer lol

    • Jim Papadakis says:

      And meanwhile seeing Nimbus mature and learn from Rohan becoming less hot-headed as the year went on and when Rohan dies we see him take on a student of his own (maybe a character already established during that time) and seeing him become the wise, experienced teacher.

  8. FireStorm5713 says:

    Imo, the thing that would have been better than Rohan being the one to sacrifice himself would have been if Nimbus was the one to sacrifice himself. Giving Rohan all the red flags just to subvert our expectations and kill the trainee rather than the mentor would have been a great way to subvert cliches. This would also have big consequences on the fact that Neomuna would be soon to lose both of its protectors since Rohan’s time is almost up, and he likely doesn’t have enough to train a new Cloud Strider.

    • FireStorm5713 says:

      @neverlosepb So what if he is the token NB character. I would rather have the token NB character valiantly sacrifice themself for the greater good than to be just another pretty face. -and in this case, an annoying, pretty face-

    • Jonathan Miller says:

      Nimbus is now the jar jar Binks of Destiny

    • mnil0231 says:

      Agreed- having Nimbus die instead of Rohan would have been the strongest narrative choice. Then you open up parallels between Rohan losing Nimbus and Osiris losing Sagira- imagine the interactions between these two aging warriors facing their ends unexpectedly alone? I feel like this would have been such a no-brainer narrative thread it makes me mad they didn’t utilize it.

    • Ryan ` says:

      Jesus christ you just wrote a better plot point in a youtube comment.

  9. VoidStryder says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt gaslighted about the Veil. I felt like I missed a whole bunch when I got to the end. Aside from that, I hope with the following seasons, it does it SOME justice, because yikes!

    • Just Some Guy says:

      Must be nice to have a gaming studio constantly fumble for going on 8 years and people can really sit there and be like well i hope the next one is great!!!

      This is why things wont change lol….if bungie announced a pre order of the final shape all of the nerds that have such strong opinions about this dlc are just going to insta pre order and cope to the maximum

  10. Alex Hersh says:

    I think Neomuna itself also felt really lacking. I wasn’t as familiar with Ishtar Collective lore so I was really excited to learn more about how this city got there and remained undetected (more questions that are probably easily explained by The Veil). In particular it felt like the Neomuni could have taught Terrans a lot about how to live without the light, but their characterization kind of just boiled down to some flat cyberpunk tropes of “everyone is in VR” and “we have Mods that shorten our life”. Your point about Osiris and Rohan kind of got at this… Osiris is really struggling with mortality and could have found some solace with mortal warriors like Rohan. I also wanted to know more about why the citizens are in VR all the time, it would have helped set up the stakes for why to protect the Veil. Maybe that stuff is in post game questing, but it would have made sense for Nimbus to explain it in campaign.

    • Anwaan Jiimiz says:

      I think a reason for the citizens of Neomuna being in let’s just call it what it is: The Matrix; is that it’s a lot cheaper to not have to animate thousands of NPCs that would have to be seen reacting to the environment i.e. fleeing at certain times, dying…. I think of Ghost Recon Wildlands and how the civilians were wandering about the villages, trying their best to live their lives, and then we show up and they scatter, they cower and beg us to not kill them but those were, for the most part small villages. But if you have a city full of thousands of actual physical people, they can’t just sit there sipping bubble tea as you are fighting a horde of Cabal or Vex outside the cafe.

    • Sacred Lime says:

      Yep, another great story idea. I honestly don’t mean too sound harsh or to say I could do any better…. but did they sit together as writers, look at the peices they have on the board. Shall we kill off another main character, make the stakes really high, make us really hate the witness. Shall we have Eris teetering on the line between light and dark, so going forward, we don’t know if we can trust her. Nope, let’s have a surf dude cracking jokes, and an ending that won’t really make sense to anyone. Wow

    • CrestOfArtorias says:

      @Sacred Lime I mean, just get a replacement for that Ghost? He was once worthy and if Savathun was worthy Osiris certainly still is. What does big T not hand out seconds? Seriously that could have been a story. The old Guardian, with a new Ghost that tries to fill Sagiras shoes but never quite gets it right the way Sagira did.

      Eh whatever.

    • Sacred Lime says:

      @Duplicitous Atemporal Thoughtform Entity Yeah, how the fact Osiris also has to deal with his own mortality, and Rohan sacrificing himself, showing Osiris that he still has a lot to offer, loads of great story to mine out of that. So much a missed oportunity. Painful

    • vlvtmnky says:

      they’re not in VR all the time, they did it when the black fleet showed up, but yeah it would’ve been since to see it

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