Destiny 2: Lightfall | Weapons and Gear Trailer

Destiny 2: Lightfall | Weapons and Gear Trailer

Cloud Strider technology is within our grasp. To battle the Shadow Legion, you’re going to need all the firepower you can get.


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Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.

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54 Responses

  1. Matthew Reed says:

    The tried and true warlock classic of getting other beings to play the game for you.
    I love it.

  2. KROW says:

    it’s really cool that they gave us a first look into Lightfall’s weaponry with Quicksilver Storm but kept it’s connection to Strand a secret until now. I thought it’s an interesting type changing weapon, but now that I know it will have Strand abilities it’s even better

  3. Mr. Fruit says:

    Nothing hits the same like a major Destiny 2 expansion LETS GOOOO

  4. Soul Eater says:

    I LOVE how the Cabal aren’t bound to the drop-pods anymore, just materializing out of thin air at 1:26
    ..combined with their pyramid-tech it makes them feel like a somewhat new Race,
    fingers crossed the guys with the “backpacks” have cool abilitys..

    • the random lanius Edward says:

      @@souleater2978  Royalists of calus was a mix between cabal clone trooper and royalist cabal, and royalist cabal either got fed to egregore or lost their mind, or maybe did “I’m getting the fuck out of here” and ran when leviathan did glychon 2.0.

    • Foxen says:

      @Heaven’s Door we’re really not, we’re just curious on what they plan to do with the new cabal since there will probably be a lot of differences looking at them in the trailers

    • M says:

      they come out of nowhere because the connects are so bad they have been included into the lore at this point

    • Heaven's Door says:

      @Foxen just seems like yall are trying really hard to differentiate these cabal from the rest of them. As if they’re not yet another recolor/asset flip

    • Foxen says:

      @Heaven’s Door we don’t have low standards, we’re just admiring the trailer. are we not allowed to have fun?

  5. Lara397 says:

    I loved the part when the witness looked at us saying “this is time for your second Destiny, your Destiny 2” such a Destiny 2 moment

  6. Chad Antonie says:

    My prediction. That hand cannon in the press release photos is like revision zero. As it upgrades it gets different cosmetic aesthetics. The press release photo is the initial version, then the main lightfall release photo is full crafted version.

  7. billygoods22 says:

    I love the new aesthetic for Calus’ faction. If we can’t get new enemies, at least give the existing ones a new look.

  8. Aincent1 Orochi says:

    Definitely can’t wait for the sidearm I love all the sidearm exotics

  9. Taco Black Man of the Great Chorizo says:

    I like how warlocks have a way to create a small army in most of our subclasses (not solar… yet 🥺)

  10. NanoSmoke X says:

    That glaive design is actually sick, simply magnificent 👌

    • Xavier Lopez says:

      @I T as excited as I am for strand, now my power fantasy of becoming a full blown ice wizard (without the need of a super) can finally happen

    • SarcasticDragon Gaming says:

      @Kenwasused pair it with Stag, Devour, and a Void Soul and you’re basically unkillable. Passive Aggressive Guard for extra ridiculousness.

    • TheHale _ says:

      @SgtSevenSixTwo As a Titan, I love creating stasis turrets, casting well of radiance, making arc souls, casting COTOG, solar grenade spam without effort to build into it, create tracking Strand shits on the ground, and have multiple long-ranged shutdown supers.

      Thanks, Warlocks, for giving us all these abilities we can definitely use.

    • Furion Max says:

      And it’s got one hell of an ability that everyone can use. Definitely gonna try getting it.

      Just wish the other glaives weren’t class exclusive. That Hunter glaive would work wonders for my arc warlock build

    • Kenwasused says:

      @SgtSevenSixTwo we have our supers, you don’t see a hunter cast a well of radiance

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