Destiny 2 Reveal – 6/9 @ 9am Pacific

Destiny 2 Reveal – 6/9 @ 9am Pacific

Tune in for the next chapter of Destiny 2

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  1. Shelby Gaming says:

    Seeing the Exo Stranger is absolutely fantastic to me. Can’t wait to see her again. Finally after so long she will finally be at D2. Thanks for showing her to us.

    And great! Can’t wait to start this season too!

    • Sir Lemon says:

      @Shawn Kilgore yes, but Anastasia is actually adopted into the bray family

    • 555 Dats mee says:

      It’s VoG for me…but yes seeing The Stranger aka Elsie Bray is very nice

    • King Q says:

      Y’all notice they changed her voice actor?
      D1 Stranger didn’t have a European accent

    • Shelby Gaming says:

      The thing is, I spend a lot of time for finding out everything about her. Watched so many different videos, read lore and all I found about her. I am a fan of the Stranger which makes me excited to see her.

      And yes, lets see if she will have time to explain. I kinda expect that she saw that coming.

    • Shelby Gaming says:

      @King Q new voice actor/actress. Still happy!

  2. Funny Man Ekwnsb says:

    “the exo stranger story is over” well that was a lie

    • Red Lantern's Rage says:

      every story comes to an end…..but with every end comes a new start…..
      why not bring back one of the most interesting side characters from the first game??
      if it means we get another Stranger’s gun I’m all for it…I don’t care for pulse rifles but I liked that one….

    • Felwinter Veritas says:

      NGL, they had us in the first half

    • Liam Odahl says:

      Must have been Felwinter that told us that one.

    • TheLastAdmin says:

      Well, she won’t be a stranger once we get to know her.

    • Marcel Gehrmann says:

      that wasnt they 100% wanted to make a new character but are to lazy to program mand build a new one so they just take an old one

  3. Tee Schlam says:

    The soundtrack sounds FIRE

  4. Tyler Harff says:

    The fact that this game can finally run at 60 FPS on the new consoles makes me happy and to hear that my progress will carry over is also a nice addition. Overall I’m excited to see what else bungie has in store for us in the near future

    • steve gill says:

      Woo ps5

    • Christopher Imperiale says:

      *144Hz has entered the chat*

    • vertonical says:

      @JJ Williams I can’t wait to play it on the PS5. I also can’t wait to enjoy the next generation PlayStation exclusives like Horizon Zero Dawn 2, God of War 5, Silent Hill etc. An amazing experience, only possible on PlayStation. I also can’t wait for Destiny 2 to load at the speed of light on the revolutionary new SSD inside the PS5. Amazing days ahead, my friend 🙂

    • JJ Williams says:

      @vertonical You enjoy that raw speed man.😀

    • Off Jvlone says:

      Markonefifteen we’ll have a dedicated pc will always be better than console ? Im astounded that you find that maddening honestly.

  5. Malfestio Is the best says:

    Wow after all these years they are finally gonna release destiny 2

  6. DrivenToChaos 27 says:

    I lost my sh$t when I saw Bolt Caster. But the Darkness subclasses looked amazing, I saw Hunters with void Scythes and I think the Warlocks get a void staff.

  7. Buckledwheat 629 says:


  8. DrkrZen says:

    Gearbox: ONE new element in 6 years? Hold my beer.

  9. Amanda Heun says:

    I have been playing destiny since Crota, and i was so sad to see the old destinations go. It is awesome to see the cosmadrome come back and all the strikes that came with it.

    • Red Lantern's Rage says:

      I was there for the public beta
      and been on and off again ever since, there’s points where i play for a few months and times when I don’t
      of stuff they bring back I’d love to see some of the Warlock bonds from D1 return, something with more flair…..enough of these weak ass metal rings lolz also armor from D1 would be great, I kinda liked the warlock armor with feathers and stuff eh IDK the names of half the sets honestly

    • Larry Skells says:


    • TheCyclone911 says:

      Yes it’s cool and all but I don’t know how I feel about losing 5 locations and 4 raids in exchange for 2 locations.

    • SIVA mem.2769 SIVA mem. code 6359 says:

      And now Im gonna stay out of the comment Section until AFTER ive finished watching this

    • SIVA mem.2769 SIVA mem. code 6359 says:

      @Shannon Shifflett Is Destiny 2 getting ALL of the Content from Destiny 1? If so I cant wait till I get to explore the Plague Lands from Rise of Iron

  10. Jacobo Menendez says:

    I was on board when they said we getting the cosmodrome back.

  11. Lollipopwaraxe says:

    happy to see bungie doing well godbless them

  12. HouseofOnion says:

    Man destiny has had it rough but it can do it. I love this game

    • Mitch Conner says:

      How much longer can this community keep saying this? Eventually you have to realize nothing is gonna change

    • Wow so Edgy says:

      @Mitch Conner ah yes here we see a native of r/DTG who actively gives people who enjoy and have hope for D2 shit for doing so

    • Blackula 695 says:

      Wow so Edgy I mean can you blame him? This dance has been happening for years. Destiny still always seems to hit rock bottom and then we pay money for a supposed new beginning

    • JasonMLV says:

      OH AND IT WILL…in 2022

  13. Keonte' Anderson says:

    Hopefully in 2 years the og tower will be rebuilt finally

  14. Edward Trowers says:

    Wow, they put three enigmatic characters together. The Stranger, The Drifter, and Eris Morn, who really should I have a ‘The Something name.’

  15. Khailko Moore says:

    I havent had like actual goosebumps from a destiny reveal since that dope TTK soundtrack. I was already hyped when they showed beyond light, but after showing the 2 more expansions theyre working on; holy shit i still have goosebumps and its been an hour

    • Carson Kouts says:

      gotta love how vague everything has been, then in about 50 minutes bungie showed the darkness invading, the 9 basically arriving, us using darkness subclasses, and directly confirmed savathuns arrival. sweet lord

    • Clay Mcg says:

      You might want to prep for disappointment if this does not work out.

    • Liam Odahl says:

      Woah, “Iron Tomb” did nothing for you?

  16. John Gianola says:

    I’m actually excited for destiny again it’s weird but I guess I’ll try it again

  17. Noah Hap says:

    “We are reaching into the Destiny 1 vault and returning some things that you guys enjoyed.”
    Me – 😗😏

  18. AbitBreezy says:

    My relationship with destiny is like constantly going back to my ex I love this game to much

    • Swifter2020 says:

      I couldn’t have described it better 😂

      Only diffidence is I finally decided to let go lol. I just couldn’t bring myself to continue paying hundreds of dollars just to be drop fed mediocre content

  19. Dexter Barlow-Busch says:

    they’re really gonna give us the “You’ve merely forgotten the fear of death” and NOT THE EARGASM “Allow me to reacquaint you…”!??!?!?!

    • Wanna-be Crucible Legacy says:

      Or “so feel free to kill yourself” I want more stuff like that in destiny. To make it feel more alive

  20. Sophia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PIC :* says:

    My relationship with destiny is like constantly going back to my ex I love this game to much

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