Destiny 2: ROOT OF NIGHTMARES RAID FOR DUMMIES! – Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough!

Destiny 2: ROOT OF NIGHTMARES RAID FOR DUMMIES! – Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough!

The Complete Guide to the new Root of Nightmares Raid, added to Destiny 2 with the Lightfall DLC during Season of Defiance! How to beat EVERY Encounter!

00:00 – Cataclysm Guide (First Encounter)
08:03 – Secret Raid Chest Location
09:04 – Scission Guide (Second Encounter)
13:58 – Jumping Puzzle Guide
16:57 – Macrocosm Guide (ZO’AURC Raid Boss)
25:53 – Nezarec Final Raid Boss Guide

New #Destiny2 video, going over the Root of Nightmares Raid Guide in Destiny 2:Lightfall after the release of the new Lightfall DLC (Expansion) and Year 6 of Destiny 2! The new Lightfall DLC is here! It provides a new campaign, new weapons, new exotic quests, and so much more! We have the latest Lightfall updates and news! Season of the Defiance has launched, with the Activity, New Exotic Quests and Exotic Missions and the Root of Nightmares Raid! We have all 3 new Strand subclasses (Broodweaver Warlock, Berserker Titan, Threadrunner Hunter) as well as new Strand Aspects and Fragments to use in new Strand Builds!
But today we’re going over how to beat the root of nightmares raid in it’s entirety! Hopefully you can get the new root of nightmares raid weapons and new raid gear, including the new Conditional Finality Exotic Raid Shotgun!
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40 Responses

  1. KackisHD says:

    Check the Description or Play-Bar for Time Stamps! Hope this helps you get that SICK Raid Loot Gamers! 🙂


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    • phoenix wolfire says:

      @ps4 Master Race exactly like my team I was the runner every one else was focused on tormentors

    • Narf nn says:


    • I am no longer bored so I am no longer dirt says:

      YOU WILL HAVE THE POWER TO MOVE PLANETS! Savathûn was right!

    • Bigbrisk says:

      First encounter can be done in a fatty chain of those ats get labeled, the challenge kept failing whenever someone punches psyons so I assume it’s to do it in 1 go punch 0 psyons and no time extention via tormentor

  2. Ravice says:

    2 things you’re wrong about at the start, the psions do not block the pointer coming out of the light balls, and the tormentor doesnt spawn until the psions are dead

    • KackisHD says:

      That’s my mistake, we thought that because of how the connections kept getting interfered with, but that was the result of multiple people getting the buff.
      Thankfully, the result is the same: Kill those shielded dorks ASAP

    • DreadedxSaiyan says:

      ​@agentnono24kobe yea but we’re not the ones making guides with improper info, are we?

    • Brad Showalter says:

      We did with one runner as well

    • BladesOfTheDeepVODS says:

      @Flare @Caitlin Mould I wanted to have my callouts straight before I help LFGs all day but if the whole video is gunna be this wrong and everyone has seen it then it will make carries a LOT harder

  3. JohnLAwesome says:

    My team was doing a blind run and we got to the final boss and had no clue why the phases were so short. After a while I played your video as a joke and the part about stopping the blast saved my team and helped get us the day one clear.

  4. Mister Morphes Carnoe says:

    Worth noting, for the Nezarec encounter and the first one, the nodes where you trigger either dark / light actually move up to the next activation in the chain in terms of location. Lets say the first node is A, second B, third C, fourth D. When you activate B, location will remain at A -> When you activate C, buff aura will move to B. The movement is not random.

    A* -> B
    A* -> B -> C
    A -> B* -> C -> D

    Something like that, seeing it in-game with this logic will be better than this little diagram.

    • RedJack says:

      Another thing to take note, you don’t go further than the horizontal rows that are not yet lit up. If you are at the start, you go to either left or right first but the next one will always be the opposite one. It’s a semi-linear path and with this, you can also predict where the buff pick-up point will be.

    • De Vante’ Harris says:

      This actually made more sense to me lol

  5. Forcer says:

    Thanks for guide, I’m going to make my whole team listen to the Explicator part since they aren’t the smartest

  6. Potato Sandwich1 says:

    This raid was pretty fun to try and figure out without any help. Interested to see other people’s strategies

  7. Śmieszny Walenty says:

    I liked how the mechanics in encounters 1 and 2 seem to be made speccifically made to make the encounters go as fast as possible. It makes them really fun where you’re physically racing against something in the room

    • JamFilledJars says:

      Those bloody lifts in the second encounter, though. Caused my team so much pain when the lifts decided to send us six feet under. Fun encounter nonetheless. XD

  8. FoxtrotThe1 says:

    A tip for third encounter that my team found: damage planets always alternate, so the easiest way to figure which plate to start on is to see if there are either two light or dark planets. Whichever has two in mid, is going to be the first shield to break.

    Example: light(mid) dark(left) light(right) Light will be the start, so group up on mid, the proceed to left, then right side.

  9. Lightly Fried Fish Fillets says:

    Crazy how worlds first did it all in only 2.5 hours 😂

    • tanya davies says:

      if they genuinely did it not knowing the mechanics then well done to them i say 👏 so much negatively 🙄

    • DurtyJohn says:

      @derekfogle5706  don’t know where you got the idea that I meant the game was easy, the difficulty may have gotten harder but the ability to build craft now versus during Last wish or even back to vanilla d2 on Leviathan, has the potential to circumvent that difficulty. Which is why I put emphasis on the build crafting aspect of the game.

    • TheSkyman says:

      It’s a short raid

    • Andrew Jones says:

      Well those players have no life so they have all the time in the world to get good at the game

    • Nhovi says:

      @A. Bishop absolutely not, don’t disrespect last wish when the only team the cleared it day 1 said they took 6 hours on vault which in case you don’t remember has no boss or “dps checks” this raid was just easier for the pros compared to the others

  10. Jolt182 says:

    As our group hits the final boss for a day 1 clear. I am very appreciative for how quickly you put this content out. No doubt we are getting our Day-1 badge!

    • Jack Walker says:

      @Dank Souls it was probs a mistake chill

    • Dank Souls says:

      @TankMania you enjoy spreading misinformation online?

    • SlumpyMonkey says:

      @TankMania lmao you got carried didn’t you?

    • Ray Gunn says:

      @TankMania You’re completely and entirely wrong.

      The shoulders have nothing to do with “opening” the chest. Breaking both shoulders shows you which buff you need to survive the wipe he does after running around for 30~ seconds. You do this by having the opposite runner shoot one of the orbs that have been completed on the side that Nezarec pulses with when you break his shoulders. You also cannot just create both buffs without shooting the shoulders because he will use a neutral damage wipe instead of a dark or light wipe.

      Shooting the chest is purely to keep his attention off of the buff runners.

    • TankMania says:

      he got the last encounter wrong, you need a designated guy to take aggro from the boss by both shooting his shoulders and chest. one shoulder broken opens up the chest to take the buff and the other one will do the same, once youve shot both your wipe timer is extended.

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