Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted – Solar 3.0 – Developer Insight

Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted – Solar 3.0 – Developer Insight

Burn it with fire.

Operation: Caliente – Solar 3.0 has been designed to increase the spice level.

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Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.

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44 Responses

  1. Tractor cannon says:

    I already know solar 3.0 is going to be insane. So excited for this season.

  2. XXTH3ROOST3RXX says:

    Titan: a powerful behemoth that can dual wield hammers of sol, and crash and rain down fire from above.

    Warlock: an elegant yet deadly combo of fury and support that can burn the entire field with a flame

    Hunter: ductape grenades

  3. Archizombie says:

    As a solar titan main, I COULD NOT BE MORE HYPED ON THIS SEASON!!!!!!

  4. robert2german says:

    From a lore perspective, I personally find it interesting that the Solar Aspects appear to be in the form of physical objects, similar to the the Stasis Aspects, whereas the Void Aspects were more intangible in nature.

    • Cozmic Clockwork says:

      I feel that this is only the case because warlocks also have a physical object for their super. Normally this is less of a dark vs light thing and more of warlocks being so good at welding the finer details of the light they don’t need to channel it through a secondary object.

    • robert2german says:

      The Solar Fragments are officially called “Embers”.

    • robert2german says:

      @Garrett Viewegh It is the Fragments that are called “whispers” and “echoes,” but I get what you are saying.

    • Garrett Viewegh says:

      Another interesting detail? Stasis aspects are called “whispers”. Light aspects are called “echos”. From Witch Queen we now know it was the Witness, not the Darkness itself, that was corrupting Guardians that fell to temptation, like Sola and Tristen. They are in captivity, but the ones most likely to find a way to cure them of the Witness’ hold over them would be the “Dark Vanguard”. It’s a better alternative than Shin hunting them down and killing them, he was only targeting the symptoms, instead of the source, given Eris, Elsie and Drifter know more about the darkness than The Gunslinger would, and killing allies that could’ve fought with us.

    • shooterDisease says:

      Solar has always been about physical solid objects.

      Dawnblade, Hammer of Sol, Golden Gun

      Void has that Bound Weapons feel from Skyrim. The void shield, the dusk bow, the spectral blades. Weapons that feel like they were pulled from the void itself.

      What I’m trying to say is…you’re right lol

  5. The Owl Bard says:

    This commentary feels a lot more balanced imo. I don’t want to give out my feelings on the Hunter class yet, but this looks promising and it may make me want to main solar hunter again.

    • bloodbeast327 says:

      @204random i hate that tho it’s never been the role of hunter and if it’s the role now what the point of deadeye golden gun and nighthawk

    • 204random says:

      hunter = buff fireteam.

    • jerryballstein says:

      Ya after seeing void hunter get the short end of the stick I wasn’t holding out much hope, but it looks like we’ve got some more actually unique tools and abilities this time.

  6. Slayin Derp says:

    All of these look really, really sick! Also the abilities kinda match off of the class they’re on.
    Titan: emphasis on *bonk*
    Hunter: “I needed a bigger boom from a small nade, so I duct-taped 3 together.”
    Warlock: “With STYLE, if you don’t mind.”

    • Andy Aranda says:

      🤣 Spot on 🤣

    • Kiran says:

      Finally I can cosplay Roy Mustang

    • Sean Washington says:

      These powers look straight out of wonderlands

    • Slayin Derp says:

      @Timy Games I think it’s actually pretty handy to have for Titan. The only AoE for Solar was either locked behind your nades, BT’s melee, TT hammer’s explosion during super or MT’s maul during super. With this it looks like it has a decent range and can easily hit multiple targets, which can trigger sunspots and this new “ignition” thing. It may not be the best, but it certainly is not unwelcome.

    • Stavi_Deluxe says:

      I’m really hoping there’s some hitstop when you bonk a strong enemy, the Burning Maul is satisfying but you don’t actually BONK them on the head, you just smash their toes.

  7. FreightTrain54 says:

    I am never going to take this Titan helmet off, and this looks amazing! Can’t wait to play with it in a few hours

  8. Bramd says:

    Ultrakill has made me spoiled lmao, I’d love to see the Hunter Grenade have different radiuses depending on which weapon you shoot it with. Like at the bottom of the spectrum is an Auto Rifle or Sidearm bullet and at the complete other end are like Izanagis or LFR shots

    • kenzi uwu says:

      Golden gun turns it into a solar novabomb

    • 204random says:

      that makes no sense though.. how about if you held the grenade longer the more large the explosive would be?

    • Thatoneguy says:

      @MMandible The catalyst, called “Ultrakill” lets you shoot the coin w/ any kinetic weapon and not just the HC

    • MMandible says:

      @Thatoneguy holy shit yes, have the exotic perk be called “overkill”

    • Thatoneguy says:

      @MMandible an exotic 140 hc
      You can’t ads, but adsing throws a coin w/ a good-sized hitbox, hitting the coin sends it flying more and has the shot hit a nearby target w/ increased damage, that sounds really cool actually

  9. Baron Grimoire says:

    Solar 3.0 looks amazing. As someone who loved Hunter’s Way of the Pathfinder as it used to be with Lockdown/Combat Provision and Heart of the Pack, I had some fun with the new Nightstalker but I really missed the old one. I was scared Gunslinger was going to have the same thing happen to it, losing some of their identity with their buffs in favour of focusing on some debuffing niche or just all fire in some way. But from what I’ve seen new Gunslinger looks like they haven’t lost nearly as much as Nightstalker did and I’m really happy about that. Now I just hope weighted knife is the same as it was or better. Easily my favourite part of Way of the Sharpshooter

  10. Agent MaineGD says:

    Seeing that Hunters basically duct tape our explosives together really feels like a “Random bullshit, go!” moment and I love it

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