Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted – Solstice Trailer

Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted – Solstice Trailer

Trade in your scythe for a pair of sunglasses—there’s a party in the Tower, and it started just in time for summer. Automatically unlock the newly redesigned Solstice armor and join your fellow Guardians in the new Bonfire Bash activity. Nightmares begone! Today, we celebrate the bonds that will build a better tomorrow.

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Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.

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57 Responses

  1. Silencer Six says:

    I love the implication that the Witness actually went out of its way to send its Taken forces to stop us from building a bonfire.

    • xx_Abraxis_xx says:

      I thought oryx was the one that made the taken? Did I miss something about it being the witness???

    • goobawhoba says:


    • RocheGinio says:

      Looks like circuses are in town hahahaha definitely not playing this game mode or what so ever

    • RocheGinio says:

      Looks like a circus

    • Jolly Roger Gaming says:

      Xivu Arath controls the Taken now, this was established during Season of the Lost, either way though it is kinda silly when you think about it. Although in fairness you could argue that the Solstice event makes us stronger, and they would obviously not want that. (Solstice could be considered a catch up for New Lights and people who don’t play regularly so the Lore implication here is the Solstice would be making the Guardians stronger.)

  2. Mustard_Guardian says:

    The most unbelievable part of all Destiny trailers is the fireteam working in coordination with each other.

  3. TheKevit07 says:

    Awesome, hope they put in the mechanic that passing the orb makes it more potent so people can ignore it like they do in The Corrupted!

  4. Some Person says:

    I’m excited for Solstice, well, besides the spending the bright dust part.

  5. blackout2189 says:

    There is something so unsettling about these fun teasers just ending with Savvy’s theme creeping in. Like have fun *_E X I S T E N T I A L D R E A D_*

    • Myahster says:

      Thankfully the only threat that’s looming over us right now is the Witness.
      Savathun and Calus are both “dead.”

      Better than Season of the worthy, when we were celebrating Solstice while the Almighty was still lingering overhead.

    • NTT Reaper says:

      Just making sure we stay on our guard

    • Dragon Khy says:

      Yee Yee, and we actually hear the darkness theme a little in “The Man They Called Cayde” (and probably other osts) to tease the arrival of the darkness. Looks like something else is coming

    • scattershock says:

      Hey, what’s a holiday without the unbearable weight of reality pressing in on all sides?

    • Tbox says:

      @Joe Khan-Moss yeah I think it is because we are in the year of the expansion so the trailers are always going to end with the theme of the starting expansion for the year

  6. Saint-14 says:

    That Witherhoard Ornament makes me feel things i never thought i would be able to feel.

  7. CornerCarrot says:

    Solstice was always my favorite event and it’s nice to see a new activity after so many years. Can’t wait to grind out the armor on my Warlock.

    • Effortastic says:

      I miss the solstice event where you had to replay the red war missions.

    • Squidy says:

      What armor ?

    • ShadowNova300 says:

      @monkaS is Life EAZ design is awful: change my mind.

    • monkaS is Life says:

      Not really a new activity. Just a change in how the activity works.

      The whole event should have gotten a Rework. I can’t stand this destination. Not another year. Every year it’s the same freaking destination

    • Flynn Costello says:

      @Mathew exactly what I was thinking, bungie special, reskin activities and weapons. I hate destiny it’s my favourite game.

  8. the chkn channel says:

    I have to say, I enjoyed solstice more than any other events/holidays in destiny.

    • antlaxfe lerl says:

      @the chkn channel haha yeah same area but you throw a ball now… At least runs are shorter than last year but I’m bored already I’m not Grinding this out and I’m jot paying 1000 silver to get better rewards.. Boo to bungie on this one

    • the chkn channel says:

      @antlaxfe lerl I think I jinxed it.

    • antlaxfe lerl says:

      Yeah this one is boring af

    • maeko says:

      @xen Same, but it gets boring pretty quickly when you’re just sat there farming one area with one weapon for a specific ingredient

    • Sebastian Hernandez Gonzalez says:

      I really liked Guardian Games this year, every run gave me a crap ton of materials.
      Solstice is still my favorite tho

  9. Funny Valentine Did Nothing Wrong says:

    “relax, enjoy the summer. You’ve earned it”
    The Leviathan, still looming over the moon and filled with Nightmares: •∆•

  10. Garrett Viewegh says:

    I’d love to see Compass Rose come back with new perks, though I doubt it will.

    • Not Active says:

      It’s your lucky day, it’s back AND can get Incandescent

    • Z-ro0619 says:

      I’m sure it will. As they add more and more weapons to the events,, we also have the old ones along with them which I look very much forward to as they are also making intrinsic trait for the event weapons now like with guardian games.

      The questions is though, What weapon will they add for the Mech ornaments for Festival of the lost and what will be the intrinsic trait???

    • jibanyan awesome JMAX says:

      It should since Dawning and Festival Of The Lost weapons comes back every year.

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