Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Gamescom Trailer

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Gamescom Trailer

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Gamescom Trailer
You haven’t seen darkness. Not yet.

A great battle approaches. What was once a symbol of humanity’s determination has now become a battleground against the Nightmares of our past.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launches October 1.




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62 Responses

  1. Jorgon01 says:

    “Dawn has not come. It hasn’t been dark enough yet.” – Eris Morn

  2. Fynneas says:

    Boy I love these trailers that Bungie puts together. Gives me bloody Goosebumps baby!

  3. Mitak023 says:

    I am coming to you Bungie at Gamescom!! hype hype I think I preorder or buy the Delux Edition

  4. FireDragon04 says:

    There is some god tier editing happening in this trailer, I love it!

  5. ALPHA says:

    Houndish where u at it’s been 10 minutes

  6. WarriorJ97 says:

    One of the biggest trailers now it see that is a real game by Bungie with no limits great jobs guys I Love you ❤

  7. eli.mp3 says:

    Is no one gonna talk about the creepy ass but also amazingly composed music??

  8. Wolverine2101 says:

    For anyone wondering, the song they used is March with Giants by Black Math

  9. Ghostvirus says:

    This looks really cool. They still aren’t showing the creature Eris touches in the vidoc and developer insight video.

    • RadTheLad says:

      @Chicken Jimmy Exactly. incredible how many just assume that any and all leaks are not only true, but up to date.

    • InitialPC says:

      I watched the vidoc and I have no idea what your talking about..

    • Nick TheParanoid says:

      @Ghostvirus the veil are a thing in destiny lore.

    • Nick TheParanoid says:

      They’re mentionned in forsaken lore entries.

    • Ghostvirus says:

      @Nick TheParanoid When and where are the Veil mentioned??? I can only find two references to the word veil at the Ishtar collective and neither of them explicitly describe a species. The nine card is almost certainly describing a veil between worlds given the context. To the best of my knowledge the first reference to the Veil comes from a leak that has subsequently been proven false.

  10. alaverge1 says:

    Love it or hate it. Can we all just agree bungie knows to make trailers

  11. Joel Widengren says:



    • Witchfall says:

      Not sure that’s a hunter mate looks too bulky but then again I could be wrong

    • James Foster says:

      @Raxeeo Untamed taniks is literally a fallen cyborg and hes been revived like 3 times now

    • FireCloud42 says:

      It’s no Cloak of Taniks but it’ll do

    • Raxeeo Untamed says:

      @James Foster what 3 times?

    • an nguyễn says:

      @Raxeeo Untamed Cayde and Andal went out and hunted Tanniks. This is what landed Andal the Hunter Vanguard position.
      Later Tanniks come back to live and kill Andal, which lead to Cayde taking up his friends place as Hunter Vanguard.
      Sometime later during House of Wolf rebellion we kill Tannik. And during the SIVA crisis he turned into a cyborg and we have to kill him again

  12. Ryker says:

    I had a destiny joke but I phogoth it ?‍♂️

  13. MarioDude32 says:

    Anyone else notice that once Activision leaves the trailer game is fire

  14. Cinyx GP says:

    *Eris: “…Become Legend… Oh Sh*t Wrong Game”*

  15. T0XIC PANDERZ says:

    *Everyone see’s old bosses for D1*

    Aww shit here we go again

    • Boogity Prime says:

      Everyone who played Destiny: *Sees the Moon and the D1 Bosses* Dammit! How many times do I have to kill you for you to stay dead!?
      Everyone who didn’t play D1: *Sees the Moon and D1 Bosses for the first time* They can’t be that cool! Why are the veterans so hyped about it?

    • Hes The Phantom says:

      That’s what they are saying when they see us

    • MrLegatoblue says:

      Infinity Hand
      You:sees zombies or ghost irl
      You: omg! Recycled content again?!?

    • Vladimir Pudding says:

      I can’t wait ?

  16. airecsy says:

    i hope there is some Street Fighter finishing moves like a dragon punch…..ill pay that damn eververse for it….and my soul

  17. TheTha411 says:

    Omingul back… *starts shuddering..flashbacks to arc burn NFs with her. Think it gave me PTSD.

  18. b e e f says:

    *Crota appears*


  19. Joseph Burbank says:

    Everyone: talking about the moons haunted, and other stuff.

    Me: dose anyone not see that new rocket launcher?,!

  20. Jason Kunstmann says:

    The true horror of the moon:

    Having to hear Omnigul’s scream again

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