Destiny First Look Dark Below DLC Opening cinematic

This is the opening cinematic for the Dark Below DLC out next month. I can not explain how to get access to this video on the game as it was due to an error that i was able to see this. As far as i can tell, this is the first video put on youtube of this… If someone else has posted this clip already, i was unable to find it… Enjoy


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20 Responses

  1. Nocturnal Link says:

    “Great.” “We’ve woken the Hive!”


  2. Andrew Johnson says:

    The severity of symptoms varies greatly, but all people with autism have
    some core symptoms in the areas of:

    – A need for sameness and routines. For example, a child with autism may
    always need to eat bread before salad and insist on driving the same route
    every day to school. Additionally the child/adult may play bungie’s
    ‘Destiny’, which involves repeatedly playing the same five strikes and the
    same single raid over and over to attain useless armour or weapons, most of
    which look exactly the same, albeit minor changes to colour.

  3. Paperman14 says:

    looks epic

  4. Peter Langdon says:

    OMFG (the gamer’s prayer)

  5. latoy perez says:

    everyone reupload this

  6. Harbinger of Chaos says:

    * Form of Crota

  7. jbowman1018 says:

    Can’t wait!!

  8. Dixon B. Tweenerlegs says:


  9. Adrian Casillas says:

    CANNOT WAIT 😀 It’s gonna be pretty great :)

  10. Matthew Deverill says:

    Story you say? Woo 

  11. Nickolas McKenzie says:

    Better storyline please?!?!?!

  12. Adir Iakya says:

    You are not prepared kinda? :)

  13. Prussian King says:

    Give it to me fuckin now i said now!!!

  14. Kamikaze Gorilla says:

    Bungie Developer #1: So what should we make our boss look like for the Raid
    Bungie Developer #2: I don’t know…I don’t feel like working too hard on
    Bungie Developer #1: A gigantic, blown up version of an existing enemy
    character model it is!

  15. lumberluc says:

    Oh, Goody! A bigger dude to kill.

  16. UnKnownLeegend says:

    If only the entire game was like this, shame really, this game was such a
    missed opportunity, could’ve been so much more.

  17. disgruntled1981 says:


  18. thesamuraiman says:

    Okay, this looks really cool. Let’s just hope they shed some light…a lot
    of light on this lore (no pun intended). It sounds cool on the surface, but
    all I got out of the story mode are some names. What is the Traveler?

  19. Jairo Quevedo says:

    >Still playing Destiny
    I was a Bungie fanboy and even I dropped it! And buying On disk DLC that
    was purposely cut form the game? Do you even have a shred of self-respect?

  20. suburbannegro411 says:

    ooh yay a bigger bullet sponge to spend half an hour shooting at!