Detained In Dubai For Being Transgender | Gigi

Detained In Dubai For Being Transgender | Gigi

My story.

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20 Responses

  1. Fa6ami Alnuaimi says:

    Seer z8 dwaaak ?

  2. N7no7 says:

    Good . Now fuck off and don’t ever come again .

  3. Red Head Guru says:

    I always here of things like this happening but it seems so absurd to me
    that until now it didn’t sink in that they’re actually happening and it
    needs to stop asap

  4. it says:

    Gay for pay lmao

  5. tearsofthelily says:

    I’m sorry you had to go through all of that people over there are stuck in
    barbaric times


    Bravo Dubai!!

  7. Mashael AL says:

    I’m also disgusted about this they have to change this btw I’m Muslim and
    from Saudi Arabia and I’m not happy about this at all

  8. The Potato says:

    Good, transgenders are literally the worst kind of humans on this planet.

  9. joshua patterson says:

    The fucking ignorance of most millennials is crazy! Of course u got
    arrested, the world isnt a beautiful lala land place. Most countries kill u
    for being gay

  10. Rod Neuer says:

    I’m so sorry for you!

  11. It's Emma says:

    It doesn’t matter what some of these people in the comments are saying, it
    sucks that that happened. I’m so glad you’re okay and I hope you never have
    to go through that again. Stay safe!

  12. ZenZory Overload says:


  13. shotgundive caldwell says:


  14. OOFA LOLOOFA says:

    Trans idiot

  15. Brooklyn Pando says:

    I love you Gigi. One day the world will be a better place.

  16. noah luna says:

    you shouldn’t even be Transgender

  17. Carey Hope says:

    Trump wants to kick out Muslims from America we don’t let one person come
    to Dubai everyone gets pissed.

  18. maimansouri says:

    Ur such a bimbo

  19. Camryn Guillemette says:

    My baby ugh :((( I love you so much :(((((((

  20. Linda B says:

    You’re lucky you were treated like you were, which I suspect was due to
    your public image. Dubai hates having a bad image to western countries more
    than anything, because their tourists is their money. If you’d arrived in a
    different Emirate you wouldn’t have been treated as kindly… But when I
    lived in Dubai I obeyed their laws. I didn’t eat or drink in public during
    Ramadan. I covered myself up appropriately, even if in other places you
    have freedom to wear what you want. If I didn’t like that, I could’ve lived
    somewhere else…if you can’t obey Dubai’s laws, don’t go there!