Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers | 2022 Week 18 Game Highlights

Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers | 2022 Week 18 Game Highlights

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42 Responses

  1. SlyLancey says:

    Considering how many times the Packers beat the Lions for the Division and Playoff spot over the years, this win to knock Packers out of playoff hunt must’ve been absolutely incredible for Detroit and the fans

  2. Terribly Bad Guitar Covers says:

    Eventhough the Lions didn’t make it into the playoff, as a fan, this has been one of the most special and exciting seasons I can ever recall watching.

  3. Marvic Trejo says:

    I’m actually glad Green Bay lost. Seeing the sequence of events that happened in the 4th quarter, good thing the Lions won that. Great finish for Detroit.

  4. Valerio Barbaro says:

    It was truly a disappointment to miss out on the playoffs due to a loss to the Seahawks on day four, in an incredible game ended 48-45. From that moment the Lions have been incredible. But the time has come. Next year we go straight to the playoffs. With Campbell this team has improved considerably. Go Lions Go!!! From Italy

  5. Colby Neblett says:

    I’m loving this Lions redemption arc they’re going through. Love to see the underdogs finally get their day

  6. Collin Martin says:

    Lions just straight up went in like: “we ain’t goin to the playoffs but we sure as hell takin u with us” mad respect boys, lookin forward to seein u guys next season!

    • BobaBola says:

      @Otto obv

    • Will Seest says:

      Called improvement. They played hard like this most the season. It just all came together at the end. These dudes are rookies

    • J M says:

      And watch the Lions fall on their faces next year. Everyone acting like this was the Lions Superbowl. Cuz that’s as close to a “Superbowl” won the Lions will ever see

    • Brian Keech says:

      @T A It might have something to do with their opponents playing hard, which they are also paid to do. You do understand the concept of the game (and sports in general) – that both teams are trying to win – right?
      Anyway, if you think the Lions were not playing hard in other games – you should direct your question at the Lions players.

    • Nolan Thomas says:

      @BobaBola Division Rivals? Opportunity to end there season in there Home Stadium? Why not?

  7. Spookbuster Stirner says:

    I say this as a Lions fan. It’s disappointing that they didn’t actually get in, but I am so incredibly proud of how they turned it around instead of just writing off the rest of the season after going down 1-6. They gave Lions fans a reason to cheer, and reason for optimism this year, and that’s more than I can say about how they’ve been for most of my lifetime. And they managed to end the Packers season while at it. Next season should be a lot of fun if this was any indication. Go Lions!!!

  8. Abe says:

    Lions were really good at this game. They didn’t let Packers offense to score any more after that one TD. Their defense was amazing and I hope we’ll see lions as one of the contenders. Really happy for you guys.

    • CaptainPhilly!!! says:

      @zbaker330 As a Lions fan, I do think that yes it’s a bit early to crown them as superbowl contenders, but I could see the Lions contending for playoffs in the coming years, especially if Brad Holmes continues to nail the draft, No. 6 and No. 18 picks, I’m excited to see where they go. Dan Campbell is my pick for Coach of the Year, but I know that either Brian Daboll or Nick Sirianni will win it and that’s fine. The future is bright for the Detroit Lions.

    • leen says:

      Seien wir ehrlich, wir erinnern uns alle an dieses Video:-

    • zbaker330 says:

      its a bit early to crown them as “contenders”.

  9. T says:

    The Lions might not have made the playoffs but what they did in the second half of the season is nothing less than spectacular, and to end it by knocking the packers out of the playoffs is the icing on the cake 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  10. Jon says:

    Lions should be proud! What a season turn around. Excited to see the future of this team and congrats to Williams for breaking Barry’s single season rushing TD record.

    • Atomic Monkey says:

      Seahawks are only in the playoffs cuz of their hot start, they got off to a good start and then did nothing while detroit did the opposite of them, it’s an unfortunate set of circumstances that allowed seattle in

    • Flathead says:

      It’s the Lions. Something bad always happens. Don’t get your hopes up.

    • Jon says:

      @tommy tomtomIt’s still one more touchdown and I’m sure Barry would congratulate him.

    • tommy tomtom says:

      Barry Sanders 16 touchdowns in 16 games.
      Jamaal Williams 17 touchdowns in 17 games.

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