Developer Update | Competitive Open Queue | Overwatch

Developer Update | Competitive Open Queue | Overwatch

Game Director Jeff Kaplan discusses updates to Overwatch’s Competitive Open Queue, Experimental modes, queue times, and changes to the Hero Pool system.

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Use of Tobacco, Violence.

00:21 Jeff discusses updates to Competitive Open Queue
01:34 Competitive Open Queue planned for arcade in June
02:15 Competitive Open Queue will join Role Queue for Season 23 in July
04:03 Queue times are improved when Open Queue exists
04:40 Experimental Card updated with balance changes
06:06 Hero Pools won’t apply to players under 3,500 SR
06:57 Overwatch League data will determine Hero Pools while in season

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77 Responses

  1. Steven Di Jorio says:

    Jeff looks cozy with his beard

  2. Retunahh says:

    Why nerf Ana when she’s literally one of the hardest heroes to play in the game? Ik her kit is super strong but for you to be able to use it to it’s full potential you have to be very good at her. If Ana is getting nerfed why not nerf widow too since she is the same

    • Skrimiche says:

      @Goddamn Bananas if they were balancing around low skill players then Ana wouldn’t be getting nerfed. She’s a problem at high ranks not low ones.

    • Etsa says:

      @Yelllowjacket they should just let Ana do headshots for more healing and if they must nerf the sleep dart if they need to change anything.

    • Kazper TeH_OnE says:

      @DerGreif2 pickrate means nothing without context. Look at how bad her winrate is.

    • Charlie Richardson says:

      Retunahh they already nerfed widow

    • ImThatOneAsianNamedIan says:

      You all alr dumb cus u sayin Ana is op . I’m an Ana main BTw. And u can’t say her healing is too much or her kit is too OP cus it’s hard to play her unlike Moria or Mercy and you can literally make any kit in the game op if your just good enough

  3. Isaac Lu says:

    What he says: “… competitive open queue…”

    • Yaboi GD says:

      High masters Open Queue rarely ever runs GOATs because of his easily it’s countered

    • ScorchHellfire says:

      @Plasma That and I think it just proves the rationale that was used to enforce it to begin with: It’s the way the game naturally evolves because it’s the ratio people naturally gravitate towards for a balanced comp. It’s just the amount of wannabe dps players that throws it off most of the time.

    • QuantumGargoyle says:

      All I’ve been getting is try hards screaming at me to play goats

    • Skyrocket says:

      First game of open queue, we all selected 2-2-2 and then one guy shouted “GO GOATS” into his mic. Everyone sat quietly for a second and then everyone said “yeah, ok” one after another. I didn’t play another after that.

    • Anton S says:

      yo same

  4. AluminumTinCan says:

    I would like to see Moira’s in my games not playing dps.

    • ktf says:

      @Dante most of the time it’s Moira stealing kills and getting play of the game

    • kNuT TeRRa says:

      moira is good only in lower ranks and in specific maps / comps. higer ranks deal with her easily once she has no fade and her ult is not that great either

    • ThAnOs YT says:

      I think they need to lower the amount of health that Moira gets during her Coal, reduce the range of how far she can use her grasp on enemies, make her fade have a longer cooldown, reduce how long her damage orb lasts (it’s basically on a 4 second cooldown because as soon as it wares off she gets another one in three seconds), switch up the way her damage/healing works, so that she needs to heal her teammates if she wants to do dps, and they need to change how her potg system works, then she’ll be balanced.

    • ThAnOs YT says:

      @ktf no it’s mostly her doing .00000001 percent of the kill credit for a 3k and then healing some teammates and then BOOM, potg

    • Bubbeloo says:

      @ktf and the only reason that happens is because the game bases POTGs highly on fire generated. You generate so much fire with Moira and Brig because you deal dmg, heal, get last hits and contest point all at once while not sacrificing anything.

  5. ScorchHellfire says:

    5:08 Heh. He knows how whiny Blizzard and gaming communities in general are quite well.

  6. Rem Villiers says:

    If open queue isn’t the “official competitive” I only see it as quick play

  7. Atlas says:

    as an ana main, we have a hard time enough. cmon my hair falls out just playing her. im now going to have to fight a heart attack while playing against a whole team ;-;

  8. deepvybes says:

    Zen Discord nerf happened when Goats was too strong. Been waiting for that Goats Nerf to Zen finalllyyyy get reverted!

    • Tenacity says:

      They reverted it at the same time goats is coming back tho (open q)

    • Ben Berrebi says:

      @Tenacity jeff said in the video that they’re balancing around role queue, so goats is irrelevant to the balance team

  9. Hendrik says:

    Jeff: I know many of you are just dying to see more Bastion in your matches
    Me: What have you brought upon this cursed land?

    • Tobi sways says:

      Seriously, I despise bastion. I remember close games where the enemy decided to just put a bastion on the payload and 2 shields…. My gosh were those miserable and then seeing my team comp fall apart with multiple players panicking trying to kill that one single abstion.

    • Etsa says:

      sways  No one likes bastion. At low levels we are destroyed by cheese comps and at high levels he is unviable. Literally has no place in the game.

  10. Ed H says:

    Jeff’s beard out here lookin like yin and yang

  11. andre says:

    “many of you are dying for more Bastion in your matches”

    you mean literally?

  12. Ori says:

    Jeff: ” ..Mercy is getting a buff”
    All Mercy mains: *AT LAST-*

    • v b says:

      @Brian Q yes mercy is very consistent but giving up the abilities and fast healing of ana isnt worth it in most situations although it really depends

    • CherriiSoda says:

      FINALLY. We’ve been waiting

    • C says:

      Sir. LSG she’s ok, could be better, but doesn’t need too much. Just small buffs will do and that’s all we really want ☺️

    • CakCakePARTY says:

      @shotglassanhero i actually just hate moths, mercy is fine, but god do i hate moths

    • zimzimzalabim says:

      He really hates her… notice he couldn’t bear to say buff first… he said “thruput bonus”

  13. Andrew Wilson says:

    Imagine if Hammond had a Pokémon related skin for the anniversary event

  14. The Rainy Day says:

    I personally think that buffing mercy’s healing would be great, maybe even neccesary. I feel like she has very weak healing compared to many other healers. She can barely outheal anything. I’m not saying she should be able to outheal anything and everything, but i just want her to actually be a good support hero.
    (Sincerly, a triggered mercy main)

    • Auvre says:

      @Lorenzo Delicato not selfish, mercy just doesnt fit with other supports as it is
      she either needs a healing buff to be able to fill main healer role or a better ult to justify picking her as off healer
      by pairing mercy with main healer youre throwing if they have any good combo
      by pairing mercy with off healer youre throwing cause your healing is very low
      what do you play her with then?
      Im not saying to revert her to 60hp/s but maybe 55 would be enough to make her a main healer again. Especially since with the mercy healing nerf patch, other main supports got buffed so you cant really see if she wouldnt fit fine without that nerf. Nobody wants her op, we just want her to fit in one of the two support roles so she can actually be successfully paired with any second support.

    • Lunar says:

      I’m not anywhere close to being a mercy main but Mercy’s healing output is incredibly weak for someone considered a “main healer”. She heals about as much as off healers and it just doesn’t make much sense.

    • Kokegota says:

      @Lorenzo Delicato as a non-mercy main, i agree she needs a (slight) healing buff

    • Flaming Phoenix says:

      @Lunar Not to mention how Baptiste and Moira can charge Ult easily twice as fast as Mercy can even when trying her best lmao But Mercys Ult is decent enough because she can actually aoe heal in a way that shes basically plugging her healing stream from one person to the other like an electrician does lul

    • Yuli Weird says:

      Flaming Phoenix her damage boost is fine her heals should be atleast 60 and ult heal should be 70

  15. Nerd Channel says:

    The Winston cup in the back is so cute❤

  16. SecretWeaponF18 :D says:

    5:03 Jeff, did you mean “Many of you are dying when you see Bastion” not ” Many of you are dying to see more Bastion”.

  17. Topias Isotalo says:

    “…to make Bastion more viable”

  18. SecretWeaponF18 :D says:

    5:06 Does being “Vocal” about a Bastion buff count as screaming at my monitor whilst I spectate a Bastion who just pumped 1,000,000 bullets into my forehead 😂

  19. AffirmedJuggler says:

    When we come outta lockdown Jeff is gonna look like Gandalf

  20. Killer Bean says:

    “I know many of you are just dying to see more bastion in your matches.”
    yeaa… exactly

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